Independance Day



Though there is so much strife and tough stuff going on in the world, let us all try to hold our Spirits above it, to fly freely with Love and shining its Light upon the world. Although we may think that is a small thing to do…it may be the only thing that saves us in the long run.





Weekend Inspiration ~ Meditation


M 16

We live in a very noisy world,  our minds assaulted daily with the clatter of life and the commotion of chaos. Sound comes at us from everywhere, and with technology as it is, we have the diversion and distraction of multiple sources at a time…be it phones, computers, music players, television…and so much more. We live in a time of constant communication…yet we have forgotten how to communicate…in Silence.

With all of the stimulus and racket coming at us, it is so important to carve out time to go into the quiet, to experience silence…so that our inner voices can once again be heard. If we are always only listening to the voices and sounds outside ourselves, our equilibrium of life tips and stumbles. For, it is within those quiet moments that our wise inner voice can speak to us and guide us. It is the Soul we need to remember to listen to, it speaks the words that would aid us and show us the way of our life.

As busy as we can be…if we take just 10/15 minutes a day to go quiet, clear our minds, and seek the “Sounds of Our Souls”, it can and will make such a difference in the quality of our daily life and the Peace we seek…and it contributes to the overall Peace of the planet. Take a few moments today to meditate in silence…and see what the quiet can bring to your senses.


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Weekend Inspiration ~ The Week End

WE 8

Even for a Holiday week where we get to celebrate in the middle of the week and have time off, it seems like no time off at all. So, we still count the hours and the minutes until the weekend arrives and we have “permission” to rest, relax, rejuvenate, have some fun, get in touch with our spirit, or just do nothing. So…today’s post is in honor of the sacredness of the Week’s End…and I wish you a lovely one full of whatever you wish it to be. Many Blessings to You!

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A Bit of Weekend Inspiration


Good Morning! The weekend is finally here…the hectic energy of the week has calmed…and moments of personal pleasure are on the horizon. The flow of time is different on the weekends, is it not? Even if they are busy days, there is a hush from the rush, and we can let go the stress and allow our thoughts to travel to the shores of distant lands where our joy and comfort is of paramount importance. So…come sail away with me into a lovely weekend…with a little Inspiration to guide our way. Blessings!


I Am Strong

Magic Quote

Passion Purpose

Wild Thing

Magic Believe