Weekend Inspiration ~ Life Force


LF 14

Life Force…that spark of fire and energy that lives at the Core of our being. From where Strength, Courage, Vitality, and Peace of Mind flows. Our Life Force can take many hits in a day, and it can become depleted when we face difficulties, or even just managing the negative energy that filters through the world right now. But…just like our Core Self, our Core Strength…our spark of Life Force never goes out. It is that thing that will always burn inside us…but is up to us to fan into a brilliant fire. Today, let us focus on replenishing our Life Force. Do what feeds our souls today, our Life Force. And know that, no matter how tough things get…the flame of our Life Force can never be vanquished. Let us Feel our Life Force, see it vibrate and grow, and flow through us, reminding us we are Empowered in our lives and we can rise above…anything.

Each of us has a Life Force that is Unique, Individual, and Special…there is no other like it…and it is an Important Force in the world. Without it, the Universal Fire would be missing a Valuable Flame.

Here is some inspiration to help us draw that Life Force up in full bloom. And may it be a wonderful weekend for all! Blessings!

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Tuesday Affirmations ~ Unique


We are, each one of us, Be-You-tiful individuals, unique in our differences as much as we are the same. But, within each one of us is a spark that shines like no other, a Light that no one can duplicate, a Unique Soul that is one of a kind. Acknowledge who you are today…and revel in your specialness. Be that Unique You to the best of your abilities. Show the world what you’ve got…because you are needed, loved and cherished…for just who you are right now. Remember this:

Unique 1

The world would not be the same without you in it, so claim your space, and live your true life, Be Your Unique Self…and know you make the world a better place by doing so.

Blessings and Love to you All!

Thoughts For The Day

Thur 1

“Every thought creates form on some level and all that our physical experience is – is a reflection of our thoughts.” ~ Marianne Williamson

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

We have all heard this quote in one form or another – that our thoughts manifest in the physical and become our reality. That our lives are a reflection of our thoughts. Which I believe is true. But consider, that a reflection is the thing turned around, flipped over, so it is the perception of the reflection that we see, not the original thought. That is why some manifestations do not look like what we “thought we thought”. And too, if our thoughts are not clear and true…if we are not completely honest with ourselves through our thoughts…then the reflection might be of a buried thought we deny, in an effort to make something happen. (i.e. Trying to manifest success and wondering why it does not happen, when the deeper thought (that manifests) is that of failure. The true belief is that we will fail, and that is what manifests).

Now, if we hold up a mirror to the reflection of the original thought and to ourselves, we will see with clarity what the true thought that manifested is and why. So, hold up that mirror to your thoughts, and make sure they are the ones you want manifest. And look in that mirror to your True Self for the thoughts you would have become your life. Does this make any sense? ::Looking in the mirror…::  😉

Thur 3

“Love does not obey our expectations, it obeys our intentions.” ~ Lloyd Strom

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Expectation is, simply put, one person’s version of what might happen, or what they want to happen. Expectations bear no power on the reality of the outcome…which is why Expectations are seldom fulfilled exactly as we perceive them. Let Love be the Intention…and Expectations will disappear…because the Love is already there. Expectation only gets in the way of the manifesting of what we want to create. So don’t Expect Love, BE Love.

Thur 4

“We all have the extraordinary coded within us…waiting to be released.” ~ Jean Houston

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Each and every one of us…ALL of you…are Extraordinary and Unique. For what is Extraordinary but…Ordinary with a bit of Extra mixed in. And we ALL have a bit of Extra within us, waiting to be released and used to make our lives, and the world, a better place. What is that Extra thing within you? Take a look…and Unleash your Extraordinary!


Tuesday Affirmations ~ Being Unique


It is that time again…time for “Tuesday Affirmations”. The cards practically jumped into my hands today, so ready were they with a message for us. The card that came forward (from the deck “The Gift of Affirmations by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber) is:

The Gift of The New:   “I Love and Accept Myself As A Unique Individual”

The Message:   “Use this gift when it seems that you are not being accepted for any reason, but especially if it is because you are different from other people or you want to be different. You do not need the acceptance of ignorant or intolerant people. You cannot change anyone else. What you need is to love and accept yourself for being a good person.”

Unique 3

from the Desk of MarDrag:

Being accepted. From the time we go on our first “play date”, we experience the feeling of wanting to be accepted by others. Then pre-school and fights over Play-Doh invade our lives…and the push is on. The questions that will play in our minds for the rest of our lives begin. “Will they like me”…”Why don’t they like me?…Why do they like them and not me?”…”What do I have to do/be to be liked?”…and a myriad of other questions and thoughts that plague us. Because, all we really want…is to be accepted…as we are and for who we are.

Unique 4

As we grow up, we learn the hard lesson that not everyone accepts and likes everyone. There will be some who…for whatever reason…just do not like or accept us. It is easy to allow that opinion to impact us and leave us wondering why…am I not good enough…am I different…and what do I need to change so I am accepted “just like everyone else”.

The things is…”accepted just like everyone else”…is a thought that is really only in our minds. Because everyone experiences these same emotions of feeling unaccepted. Even the most popular and well-liked people have their insecurities. It just doesn’t “look” like it from where we stand because we are captured in a cloud of our own dissatisfaction with ourselves. We tend to think the hardest about ourselves…and that, surely, everyone else feels ok. And that makes us feel “different”. Which becomes another reason not to be accepted. A vicious circle.

But what I find, and believe…is that virtually everyone feels this way most of or at some time in their lives. So…we are all really not that different. With respect to our emotions that is! Yet we are each Unique in our individuality, so special that there is no one other person who is just like us…and that is what makes the world such an interesting place. Would we want it any other way?

Unique 2

Yes, there are those that criticize and chastise and ridicule…but this (I believe) is because their own insecurities are so great that they must put others down in order to raise themselves. Most of the time, however, that “raise” is just in their minds as well.

So…if we are all Unique…yet experience the same emotions…what matter is it if we are not accepted by someone else? The only person that should matter…is US. The most important person in our lives to accept and love us…is US. If we fall in love with ourselves, and accept ourselves for the whole of who we are…who could possibly resist doing the same? We would give off that energy…and it is catching!

Unique 5

Love and Acceptance starts within. When we Love and Accept ourselves…then we are far more likely to Love and Accept others. It is a chain reaction.

You are Unique and Wonderful and Brilliant and Lovable…just being You! Love and Accept your Amazing Self…and the world will follow your lead! And if they don’t…it won’t matter! The people in your life who Love and Accept you as your Unique self are who matter…not the ones that don’t.

Unique 1