Never Enough Of…



I was out in the world this weekend…struck by the negative attitudes and general bad behavior that seems to be such a part our existence these days. It saddens me so much…likely because I am old enough to remember a kinder gentler time when this was not how it was. So I start the week with a reminder to us all…no matter what is going on…there is never a reason to forget to…








Back From The (Moving) Abyss



What is that I see?? A bright shining white light? Is it at the end of this proverbial tunnel “they” keep talking about? The Moving Tunnel has taken me on a long and winding road.

Oh yes…I have finally reached that light at the end of the moving tunnel…and it is good. I do not recommend moving a business and a home at the same time, but it had to be done. At the outset, I thought, no problem…better to pack it all up at once and move all at once. Half way through I started to second guess my decision…and stamina…and suddenly I was in a vortex leading to the abyss of moving darkness where boxes overtake your existence and reams of packing material attack you in your dreams. I had been, living, tasting, eating, sleeping, drinking, and everything-in-between moving for so long I began to forget what normal existence was like.


But…I survived! And out of it came some interesting revelations. First, for an old gal, I can still strut my stuff. Good to know. Second, I can pack! I became a tetris queen of fitting things in boxes and using up space. Awesome! And this brings me to the greatest realization…which was about…”Space”. And how much we think we need…and why.

I moved from a large house with a loft and plenty of room and then some for my stuff. I have gathered meaningful things I like to keep with me, of course. But moving is so great in showing us what we really need to hold onto, and what we can let go of. I decided to downsize my living space because I want to do some traveling…and because I began to realize that…I just don’t need so much “space” around me anymore. And then I started to really think…why? What has changed for me that I feel this now?


You know, we all watch and enjoy HGTV and seeing all those happy people find their dream homes and make them into just what they are looking for. One of the things I consistently hear on all of those shows from the home buyer is…”I want a lot of space”. Or, it “needs to be open”. Or, “it’s a bit tight in here but it might do”. Things of that nature. And some of the rooms they are saying that in are huge rooms with more than ample space. Like a master bedroom…for two people. How much room do you actually need to be comfortable?


And what about “Space”? What is the true meaning of “Space”? Is it just the open air we have around us…or could it mean something else, like the space we have inside us.

It was this I realized…I do not need as much space around me because all the empty spaces within me have been filled, or I am looking at them to determine what they need to be filled. I came to the conclusion that if we are cluttered and messy within…then we feel we need wide open space around us to be and breathe. BUT…I also determined, for myself at least, that having worked on myself/life issues, I have filled those empty spaces inside me and now feel I have as much space and air I need…so I do not need such grand and sweeping space around me to feel free or “open”.

Just like the peeps on these new HGTV shows about “Tiny Living”, finding tiny homes to live in so as not to take up all their money and effort on keeping a living space, but to spend that on traveling, or their hobbies, or some other worthy adventure. You know, filling themselves up with delight, happiness, and empowerment and not needing so much “stuff” to make them happy. They are happy with themselves.


An interesting concept this is…as I spent most of my life definitely not being happy with myself. I am mostly there now, but the journey continues. However, it is nice knowing I have reached a certain…comfortability with myself…and my surroundings now align with that.

It is good to be done moving…it is good to have learned this amazing lesson…and it is very good to be back here with all of you. I hope you have been well and I look forward to catching up on all your blogs!

Love and Blessings!

A Life’s Story…And Moving


Addendum – The …”And Moving” will be added to all blog posts until these two moves are done, LOL! Everything is “and moving” when you are moving! 🙂

So, this post today I actually wrote and posted in 2012, as more pages of my life were being written. It is still more than relevant all these years later as I complete yet another chapter of my story and begin another new one. The final words of a chapter can be bittersweet…but the beginning words of the new chapter are fresh and carry the energy of a new beginning. And this is exactly where I am today. So, I share this post with you and my fervent wishes that you write exactly the chapters you most desire for the book of your life. Much Love and Blessings!


“It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.”  ~ Patrick Rothfuss

“It’s not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it’s what you whisper to yourself that has the most power!”  ~ Robert Kiyosaki

“Human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but … life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.”  ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.”  ~ Aberjhani


from The Desk of MarDrag:

We all have a story. It is the story written on the back binding of our tapestries, pages illustrating the meaning of the scenes that are woven into the embroidery. That is our true story, whose words are written by us, our experiences, our inner voices, the other voices around us in our lives, and the very threads that weave the scenes that are described.


But, we also have “other” stories. These are the stories that spring from our insecurities, our foibles, our needs, and our desire to aspire to be a better “we”. Some stories come from far away in our past and leave us shaken and feeling inadequate. Some stories come from believing what others say to us, when we know it is not the truth, but we listen anyway and write that story to be our truth. Some stories come from the critical eye we view ourselves with every day in the mirror that casts a sheen in the looking glass so we only see the faults and not the beauty. And some stories come from deep within those thoughts that we allow to run amid the fields of our minds that we will never be as good as we want to be, or as everyone expects us to be.


“Think and then think what you have thought. Is it really what you had thought. Think again.”  ~ Amit Abraham

I love this quote. It suggests a picture in my mind of myself, with a far off look in my eye, thinking about what I am thinking. And asking myself…is it MY truth. Because, whatever I am thinking, whatever story I am writing at that very moment…and whispering to myself…is what I will believe, and then create.


So I have to ask myself…is this My True Story. Is this part of the pages that are stamped to the back of my tapestry…or have I written some pages that are taken from places in my mind or voices that I hear that I had no cause to listen to. As another quote says above, we are called in life to “give birth” to ourselves over and over as we navigate through that life and its experiences. And with each birth/re-birth, comes another story.


So, we must make sure we are writing the story of our life in our own truth, from that honest, wiser voice within that tells us who we really are…and not what others, or our insecurities about who we are, would tell us. That takes reflection, and wiping away the haze in front of the mirror…and NOT being afraid of who we will see there…because that person is the story we are writing right now.

And…we have the Power at any given moment to say, this is not how I want this story written, and do a rewrite, or scrap the pages altogether and start over…a rebirth. Critique the work, but don’t be a critic. And believe in the power of words, your words, for they are your thoughts, which turn into you.


Now, write the greatest story you have ever told!


Weekend Inspiration ~ Faith In The Future ~ Repost


FF 8

I think we can all agree…there is a lot going on in the world, and our own worlds, and it has us thinking of how we will manage and get to “our future”. And what’s more…we are not sure what that future holds. Globally, it is not a time of peace and harmony. That makes us wary and unsure, because we have to live in these times and try to pull some happiness and success into our lives out of that lack. It can make our own lives off balance and…combined with our own individual issues…it can be discouraging.

These times take our courage and strength to get through. But consider this…if we allow all these things we worry about to weigh so heavily on us that we stop having Faith in our future…then we have lost that future right there, in that moment. The one thing that will make the future better…is if we have Faith in it now. If we Believe the future will rise up to meet us and be good…then we can Make It So.  We can not give up now! For ourselves, or for the world.

We are all magnificent beings with so many gifts and skills and love and compassion. Who is going to tell us we can not have the future we want to have? And certainly…we should not let that be ourselves who tell us that. Let us Believe in ourselves…in our Future…and have Faith that, for the Belief, Effort, Love, and Strength that we spend now…those are the cornerstones of what the future will hold.

Be Inspired To Have Faith In The Future…

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FF 9FF 10

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FF 12

FF 1

FF 2


Independance Day



Though there is so much strife and tough stuff going on in the world, let us all try to hold our Spirits above it, to fly freely with Love and shining its Light upon the world. Although we may think that is a small thing to do…it may be the only thing that saves us in the long run.





Get Out Of The Way Self-Literally!



I have a new routine for getting my mind, body, and spirit back to optimum health after these last few years of surgeries and unpleasant health issues. Part of that routine is exercising every morning to start the day. I am not crazy about “exercising” (jumping jacks, etc) but I do like to get moving. So…I bought a Wii Sports and Dance…and have been going to town bowling, playing tennis, boxing, baseball, and dancing up a storm. THIS is the kind of exercise I like. It is fun, slightly competitive, and an awesome work out. My “fitness age” when I started was 71!! Too funny…quite a few years older than I am. Buuuut…after just a month my “fitness age” has gone down to 50, ten years younger than I am…and I guess this means I am feeling better. Yeah!

Getting moving doing something I enjoy is great. My mind is clearer, body is loosened up but tightened up where it counts, and no matter what mood I wake up in, by the time I am done with the work out…my outlook has changed and I am ready for the day. (Most of the time!)

But, a funny thing happened on the way to the Wii Tennis Court…


Now, I have written blogs before about The Self, trusting it, and especially getting out of our own way…the way of our True Self. But that concept has never been so distinct until it came bouncing in, crystal clear, in an entirely different way when I got on the Wii Tennis Court.


You see…in the game there is your character on the screen, swaggering around the top of the court, tennis racket in hand, swinging it back and forth showing off dexterity and moves…back hand, forehand…watch me jump to smack the ball! A good time and good exercise indeed. However…at the inside of the court is none other than…another Self! Yes indeed, just what I need, another Self. In theory, it should be a positive…it should help having two of me to tackle one little ball…right?! Not so! That dang little character gets in my way, swings for the ball when it is clearly mine, or distracts me by running back and forth across the court when the serve is coming at me and I have to decide,,,forehand or backhand. My forehand is crap…I have no idea why. I am trying to figure out why I can’t seem to hit the ball INTO the court with my forehand…but my backhand is blistering! I can hit anything with my backhand and send it spiraling waaay across the court in the opponent’s other direction. So I am a fairly good player…

…until that other Self gets in my way. Poignant…isn’t it?


That dang little character trips me up and I end up shouting at her to just move and get out of my way. Something I have said in my head…to myself…oh so many times. Now…here it is, right there before me, in living color. I am literally watching myself get in my way and telling myself to stop it. Oh the irony of life. What a jokester!


So, while I am getting mind, body and spirit into shape…apparently I am getting a very literal lesson on getting out of my own way as I embark on another chapter of my life. It is so perfect. Ya gotta just love how it all works sometimes, right?


Many Blessings!

Thurday Door Post


A few weeks ago, I learned from fellow blogger about a weekly Thursday post tradition that blogger Norm 2.0 had started sharing pictures of unique doors. I became intrigued, so here is my second offering to the Thursday Door Posts.

Wonder where this one leads…..!! Blessings!


The Life of A Problem ~ Repost


I have a bit of “stuff” going on, you know, life’s little (and big) problems that come our way to test our strength and patience. At my age, I have been through my share…and I say this because…after all these years, I should be a pro at it right? Well, maybe not a pro, but I have come to a few conclusions about problems. I wrote about it years ago, and now, it becomes relevant again. I share it with you as I remind myself of the message…Blessings!


“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.”  ~ Steve Maraboli

“The best way out is always through.”  ~ Robert Frost

“Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.”  ~ Anthony Robbins

“Every solution to every problem is simple. It’s the distance between the two where the mystery lies.”  ~ Derek Landy

***“The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution.”  ~ Steve Maraboli


from The Desk of MarDrag:

Problems…we all have them. Life is wrought with them. There is no escape from them. And, sometimes, just when we think we are free of them, another one (or many) crop up to remind us that life is about growth. And as Tony Robbins says above, without problems, we would not grow. If everything was always “all right” and we never had any adversity in our lives, we could not stretch our minds, hearts and souls to see what we are capable of or to hone our life skills.

But, sometimes the problems life brings us are overwhelming, and it is often easy to get buried in them. We are busy in our lives, and when problems arise, it takes energy and thought to work them out and find resolutions. Or so we have been taught. We spend a great deal of thought, energy and worry on problems; thinking about them picking them apart, judging them, trying to come up with solutions, or simply worrying about them and feeling anxiety because we don’t have a solution. By the time we spend all of this effort on a problem, we are exhausted and often discouraged or depressed and feel stuck, or that there is no way out. We spend all this time, effort and energy focusing on the problem…keeping it alive…and very possibly blocking the arrival of the solution.


So, consider this…You can not solve a problem at the level of the problem. You have to rise above it to see the other levels around it. If we stay parallel to the problem, then our focus is aimed only at the issue and the clarity surrounding it stays fuzzy and unreadable.

The trick is to take our focus and direct our attention to attaining that clarity. To focus on the clearing…not the solving. There is always another way to look at a problem, another view, even when our conscious mind says there is not, or can’t see it. We sometimes need to look with our heart and soul, not always with our mind and eyes. God, Spirit, the Higher Powers all already know the solution. If we can stay clear, and step out of the way, then we can receive those answers and Divine thought can reach us.

My favorite quote above is the last one by Steve Maraboli…that the fact there is a problem in the first place gives us proof that there is a solution to it. For, by Law of Polarity in the universe (two sides to everything), there is no problem that does not have a corresponding solution.


Don’t give Life to the problem…make your Life and its Power to overcome bigger than the problem.

Since everyone is different, each must find their own way to “rise above” a problem and seek clarity. But, I do have a little daily mantra that has helped me to change my focus that I will share with you, and perhaps it can help you too. Or, write your own, or search for something you can say to yourself that will change your focus when you find yourself immersed too deeply in a problem and are unable to clear your mind and step away from it to allow the solution to flow to you. Here is that mantra:

Just for today, I release myself from anger and fear

Just for today, I release myself from worry

I give thanks for my many Blessings

I live well, and cultivate my true life with grace and joy

Blessed are my family, friends and teachers

I rise above  (I have had this many years and do not recall where I read it or its author)


If you are facing a problem (as we all are), use this mantra to help clear your mind. Or find what will work for you, and see yourself stepping out of the way of the problem so that its ever present and corresponding solution can make itself known…and you will have the clarity to see it. And you will know the Balance of life in its true form.


The Music of Childhood



I mean this literally. I frequently watch PBS because they show some wonderful concerts of all genres of music, some quite retro or obscure. I love it as I have a brief background managing rock bands and I listen(ed) to a whole lotta different types of artists and music. It was a blast and is now part of my matured (giggle) playlist of current tunes.

The other day, PBS presented a 2hour special about a band that was dear and close to my heart growing up in the late sixties and seventies. This band and their music, in fact, shaped much of my adolescence and teens. I evolved into a rock and roll girl…but during that period I was all about…The Carpenters. I know, I know…but they had some amazing songs and the musical arrangements Richard Carpenter put together were astounding in their complexity and perfection. Karen Carpenter had the voice of an angel. She was my first girl crush. I wanted and got a drum set because I thought it was so cool that a girl could play. While I loved all of their “hits”, I took to some of their lesser known material and would play the songs over and over…my brother banging on the wall of the next room yelling, “How many more times are you going to play that?” Giggle…oh plenty Bro!


Hearing these songs again (I have not heard them for many, many, many…years) washed over me like a gentle but large tidal wave. I hardly expected it. I sat down to watch just for fun and nostalgia’s sake…but I came away moved…and dare I say, changed just a little. It is interesting to note (pun unintended but stays) how much music does affect, influence, and shape our lives. We all hear certain tunes that sway us to recall the times in our lives that these melodies flowed through. So listening to these songs, all at once and together, really formed a vessel to ride that tidal wave of memories…but not only memories…because music evokes emotions, so when the memories come, so do the emotions attached to them. I remembered it all, some good, some not, but it was all Me.


It was moving, but not in a bad way. I just…well, transcended for 2 hours to that time in my life, which I intentionally do not think about every day. I mean, adolescence and teens are some of the most profound years and we all have wonderful and horrid memories of them. But…because this music was so important to me back then, I began to remember parts of me, pieces of things, blips I hadn’t had on my radar…and in an odd way, it filled up a part of me I (now for the cliché) didn’t exactly know wasn’t entirely filled. Like small pieces of the puzzle inched toward the bigger picture and went, oh, that’s where I fit in.


These days afterward I feel altered just a bit, but for a better fit into my whole self. Does that make sense? (she asks shaking her head!).

If you haven’t or never do listen to Music of Your Childhood…I strongly recommend it. Not a song here or there, sit down for an afternoon and “pull out all the old tunes”. (whatever that means in this digital age).  Just sit and relax into the music, let your mind wander and your heart and soul follow. Are there some things there, some feelings, some things that you lost along the way? Would it make you feel better to let them back in again? Would it open any doors that might have been closed? Is there magic in those tunes, words, and melodies that belongs back in your Self?


I can tell you, that is how I felt, and it was good. Have fun with it…and may the Music of Childhood bring you closer to YourSelf and make you fall in Love all over again…with You!