From My Heart To Yours


TY 4

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, fitting in some recreation as well as rejuvenation and you are feeling rested and ready to go. Or…you partied your hearts out and are running late because you did not get enough sleep. Either way…I hope you had the weekend you wanted and deserved.

Usually, in the beginning of the week, I post a message that gives us a bit of wisdom to take into the week…but today I wanted to do something a little different. I want to make this post…ALL ABOUT YOU…

…and say…THANK YOU! When I first started this blog I was not sure anyone would read it. I had been writing an inspiration page for another blog and was inspired to start my own. I did not even tag the posts at first…I was shy!…so I only had a handful of followers. That’s ok. If the messages reached a few and helped, then the purpose of the words were accomplished. When I finally began tagging the posts and following others, my blog began to grow. I was most excited when stats said I was being read in other countries. Pretty cool.

By no means is my blog an overachiever…but I have reached a couple of milestones I am pleased about…and I want to THANK ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL READERS who take the time out of your busy complicated days to come here and read these words. What is even more amazing and wonderful, is that you let me know they make a difference in your lives. THAT…is the coolest!

TY 1

So the message I send you into the week with is….one of GRATITUDE…My Gratitude…for YOU! I do not know how else to explain this, but…I have somehow been Blessed with a huge heart. It overflows with Love and Compassion for people, all people…and this heart needed to reach out and touch others…and this blog is one way to do that. I hope you feel the Love in the words I write…and know that, it is for you that I write them. When I ask for inspiration for a post, I ask…what do my readers want or need to hear today. And the message flows…and I write…and I hope that it touches whoever reads it.

These are tense and often overwhelming times we live in. It is my deep and profound wish and Life Purpose to help people get through it, to find that place of peace within themselves, to be inspired, or to find comfort from the words I write and the work I do. If I could, I would wrap my arms around each one of you and hold you until all your fears and doubts melted away. Since I can’t physically do that…I try to do it with my words…and I hope you feel that.

So, as you move through your life today, know there is one here who is Grateful for your presence on this Earth and knows, without knowing you, how important you are to the Balance of the Tapestry of Life. And know how important you are to me and my little blog…and how much I appreciate you being here.

TY 3

You are Unique…You are Important…You are Appreciated! Know this, beyond any doubt. Doubt does not change this fact, no matter how hard it tries. YOU are MAGNIFICENT!!

TY 2

(If you are interested in or curious about the work I do, please refer to my About Me page above and feel free to contact me via the Contact Page)

My Love and Blessings to You!

Sunday Gratitude


Sunday 1

I have such Love in my heart this morning…I have to share it. I take it in my hands and fling it out into the blogosphere like so many tiny sparks of Light…and I hope it showers all of you and you feel the warmth and brightness of that Love.

I am so Grateful…for all that is in my life. The great things, the challenges, and the people that fill my heart. YOU…My Readers…are a special group that fills my heart and soul. I want to Thank You for coming to my blog and reading my words, and letting me know they fill your life in some way. That fills my life, my soul, so much. The best part of my day is wandering through your blogs too, and finding such wisdom, honesty, courage, and creativity there.

I am so grateful too…for my clients…I am so honored that you put your Trust in me…and that I am one who Gets To walk with you for awhile on your Journey and watch you grow, unfolding like a rare flower. You mean so much to me.





A Special Moment


I have a special moment to share. Two lovely new blog friends stopped by this past week to offer a gift, and I would make their mention here.

Mary at came to say hello and gave this blog the “Shine On” Award.

Shine On Award

Marci at came to say hello and gave this blog the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you so much ladies! Both of these women have wonderful blogs and I encourage you to go take a look and a read.  I am honored and humbled they chose my little blog for these awards. It is important to give each other support here in the blogosphere…and I appreciate receiving such a gift from them.

I know I am supposed to share some things about myself and post other blogs I recommend. The latter I can do…but those of you who read here can get a sense of who I am through my writing so I won’t bore you with any of the more mundane details!

Here are 5 blogs I strongly recommend reading:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

And finally…I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who come to read here, comment and share your wisdom, and find something to take with you through your day. I appreciate everyone…you are all Special and Unique beings…never forget that! Know that I send Love & Light to you all…along with wishes for the best to you in life. You all deserve it!


Memorial Day Blessing

Memorial Day

I am of an age that I grew up with war being fought. I was a youngster then…living on a normal street, going to the neighborhood school, enduring my own family issues…just as everyone else. And, as neighborhoods do flourish, my family knew and was friends with many others on our street. As a young girl, I and my sister had girl friends that lived up and down the block. We were all our own unique selves, growing into young ladies, different hair color, eye color, different likes and desires for who we would be when we grew up. Typical of a neighborhood street in Anytown America.

But, the one thing we young ladies on that street had in common was…the crush we had on the young man down the street. He was the neighbors’ boy…older than we, of course. He was just out of high school…and the most beautiful man any of us had ever seen. He seemed, to us, as tall as a giant. He had a booming but tender and friendly voice. It was the era for long hair…and he had plenty…golden with flecks of red and auburn and brown that glowed in the sun…like a halo we all thought. His family were friends, so we saw him often…many times sitting on his front porch with his parents, talking, spending good time with them. Or washing the cars in the driveway. Or chasing his sister around the front yard, teasing. And he was sweet to us…always waving and talking when we had the courage to steal to the yard and say hello. No matter what he did, we saw him perfect. He was our Golden Man, our image to grow up wishing our husbands to be.

Then, one day, news came that he would be going away for awhile. Everyone was sad, and frightened…and we did not fully understand why. We were told he was going off to war, to fight for our country, for our freedoms, and for the people of another country who had no freedom like we did. And still, we children did not quite understand why people had to fight, let alone shoot guns, for something we all thought everyone should …just have…by right of human nature.

So we watched our Golden Man pack his belongings, say farewell to everyone, and leave…his parents weeping for they worried he would not return. And we wept too.

Two years later…our Golden Man came home. He had been wounded, badly, and needed time to heal and rest…so we were not permitted to see him for a long while. When he finally emerged from the house…it was only to sit in the porch chair, where his parents used to sit talking with him…but now, it was different. Our Golden Man sat, head hanging low, and barely spoke. He did not laugh, or tease, or chase anyone around the yard. When we got close enough to say hello, a sadness came over me as I looked into his eyes…for what I saw there was not what Golden Man had left with. I only understood what that meant a little later in my growth as I became a young woman. And it made me sadder still.

So, I offer a prayer of gratitude to our Golden Man of youth…and to all the men and women who have taken up this cause of fighting for their country…for whether they return or not…they give their lives away, so that we can have ours.

I, myself, if I may say…do not believe in war and fighting and killing for a cause, any cause. It is not what we are put here for. We are here to live and love, not to hate and fight. The killing going on in the world today is senseless. We should be embracing life, not taking it away. There IS a spot for every human here…if we allowed each one to take their spot and grow within it, and help the neighbor in the next spot, and the next…until we are all Linked By The Light Of Our Souls.

I did not understand, way back then, why Golden Man had to go to war…and come back broken. In truth, I do not understand it much better now. BUT…I DO Honor those men and women who give so much of themselves for what they think is right…and for all our sakes. I just wish they did not have to give up so much and suffer so…as do their families.

And so…In Honor of Golden Man, and All Other Men and Women…Thank You…and Bless You…and May You Find Peace In Your Lives In Some Way. And May the Light of Love and Gratitude be with You!

Memorial Day 2