Take A Mental Rest


I did not used to be too much of a worrier. I took things in stride and realized that life is full of ups and downs and in order to manage them, I had to look at the bigger picture when uncomfortable things happened. I wrote a bit about this here on the blog. The idea that, even though things are rough at the moment, they do not stay that way, and we always move back up the hill from the valleys and stand in the sun again.

My recent health struggles have changed this concept for me a bit…and I started to worry more, which caused me stress, which elevated my blood pressure, and made me even more uncomfortable. So…I am on a mission to change this and regain my mental balance. One trick I use when I find myself tripping over thoughts and worries is to visualize those things marching in a straight line right out of my head, leaving my mind open, quiet, and peaceful again. What tricks might you have to help yourself back to mental balance?

So my message today is…Take A Mental Break. Whatever is troubling you or causing your thoughts to obsess…let it go. March it out of your mind and take a break from it. We must not let our fears take control…and it is through our thoughts that they do.

So join me this weekend in Taking A Mental Break…find your Peace…and do something you really enjoy. Everything else can wait. And with a clear mind, we can see further to a time when these worries are not part of our existence any longer.

Enjoy your weekend! You deserve it! Blessings!

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Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor

Happy Wednesday! It is time for our weekly break from provoking deep thought…to provoking belly laughs! I hope you all find a hearty chuckle in today’s pics and that it lightens up your mood and puts a smile on your face for the day. Wishing you Many Giggles and Blessings!


Lose Mind


Be Here


Grey Hair


Shit Pot


Ruff Day

Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor

Good Morning! I am sorry I missed you yesterday…My Internet Company Had An Outage for 6 Hours! By the time it came back up again, it was too late to put up a post. Since today is Humor Day, I will post it on Thursday…so come back and check in for a really good topic that I hope will speak to you all. Meantime…there are some good chuckles here, so I hope it helps you get past the hump and gives you a reason to smile! Blessings…and Have  A Great Wednesday! 🙂

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Conceal With Humor

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