Sunday Inspiration


I have been talking to people, and hearing from them, about Trust this week…a lot.  Not so much Trust in what is outside them…but Trust in themselves. This is, perhaps, the hardest thing for we humans to do…to Trust ourselves. So, today’s Inspiration post is brought to you by…Trust.

Because it is so true that…

Trust 3

And by developing and learning from the negative aspects of life, we can remember that those things that happen to us do not define the whole of who we are…

Trust 5

When we realize we always have a choice about who we are, then…

Trust 6

So have Faith in yourself and…

Trust 10

And Trust that, no matter how things go…

Trust 11

You will always be ok as long as you listen to that inner voice…

Trust 4

And that path will lead you to…

Trust 2

And when you strive to do all of those for yourself, you can…

Trust 1

Believe this…Trust this…Know this…And Remind yourself that…

Trust 9

For it is WE who know, deep down, what is best for us…and it is only WE who can discover what our True Purpose is. WE must Trust in ourselves…listen to our deep inner voice, and give ourselves the gift of Unconditional Love. Drop any judgment on where we think we are on our path and Trust that we are where we are supposed to be…and that our Inner Wisdom will guide us each step of the way.

When we can Trust ourselves, then we can truly get out of our own way, and allow the river of life to flow, as we ride the current, to true happiness and fulfillment.




Sunday Inspiration

Sun. 4

Good Morning! Just a little inspiration to start your Sunday on good note. It is a lazy day full of coffee, good books, good food and good naps! Whatever your Sunday is filled with…may it be just what you need! Blessings!

Sun. 1

Sun. 5


Sun. 2

And Me? Well…….LOL!

Sun. 3

Sun. 6


Sunday Inspiration

Sunday Inspiration

Good Morning! It is Sunday and the coffee is brewing, breakfast is cooking, and loved ones are around us or in our thoughts. As the day begins, here are some thoughts to turn our minds to pondering and embracing the gift of life on a languid Sunday Morning. Have a beautiful day!!

Remember to…

Speak To All

And then…

Tell Yourself Everyday

If you are experiencing a difficult time…

Hold On

It is so important to hold on, because just as you think you can not go on another moment, that moment passes, and you DO go on…and it makes you ever stronger. Gather power from every moment you “go on” from, and know that you will, in fact, move forward.

Sometimes, we have a vision or images about how we expect or want our life to be. But…

Life Planned

Most of the time, the life that is waiting for us is so much more amazing than the life we could have ever planned. Let it come!

And also…


When you have done that…Listen To…

Voice Inside

And believe that…

Your Life

Just by being YOU, you make a difference in this world. Be the best you, and strive to find out just who that is by listening to the story your thoughts have to tell you. You were meant for this life, you have a purpose…Live It!


Tranqil Sunday