Thoughts For The Day



MarDrag’s Thoughts:

This “thought” is so important right now. With the current state of the energy as it is…we are having to bring ourselves to the base point of our Beliefs, our Faith, our Light…over and over again, day after day…to declare it over and over…to bring it forward into focus time and time again…for that is what is called for now. That we state…again and again…this will not change me from who I truly am and will not dampen my Light or  strike out my Flame.  We must run this over and over in our heart, mind, and soul…to remind us, to make us believe it, and to declare it in the face of the darkness.

Even as the storm rages around us, we will stand firm in the Peace of our Inner Self, and we will radiate that, and share it with the world, and make a difference. And we will have Peace…one Heart, one Soul, one Mind at a time.

Cleanse, Ground, Set Boundaries…and be at Peace.