Thoughts For The Day ~ Repost



“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.”  ~ Viktor Frankl

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

Something happens to us…then there is a heartbeat…and then we respond. Within that heartbeat, that minute space, there is a vast reservoir of freedom and power because, in that instant, lives our gift of choice. We pass over that moment in a rush to respond…but if we can strengthen our awareness to expand our focus of this moment, it opens up a great potential for growth. As the quote says, there is freedom in knowing we have that choice of how to respond…and that can change everything. Because it is in how we respond that sets the tone of how what happens to us plays out. And that gives us so much more command over our lives, rightly so. It also gives us more responsibility for our lives…but what is responsibility…but the ability to respond.


“We tend to be held back from our goals by the simplicity of our comfort zones…but just how comfortable are we? Wouldn’t we be more content living in our dreams?”  ~ Michelle C. Ustaszeski

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

“The simplicity of our comfort zones”…This really caught my attention. Because I never thought of comfort zones as simplistic…but it makes sense. It may be “simpler” to stay in our comfort zones than it is to take the risk to break out of them. But as the quote says, how comfortable are we really within those zones? We create them because we are uncomfortable with something in our lives, but we are either afraid or unmotivated to make a change. So really, they do not offer us as much comfort as we would think. The question is ~ comfort vs. content. Should we settle for a comfort zone or aspire to be content by living in and following our dreams?


“Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.”  ~ Oprah Winfrey

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

We are fortunate in that we do have the ability and the right to choose our own path. We might think that circumstances force our path, and indeed, they do influence our progress. But…we are always at choice about what path we decide to follow. If we can remember that…even when it does not appear so…there are unlimited possibilities at our fingertips, then we will see that those paths are fluid and we can choose how and where those paths flow. Acknowledge this privilege, and honor your path by knowing it is a sacred gift and following its truth.


Monday Message ~ Compassion


Good Morning! In keeping with our tradition here, to seek guidance and wisdom for a message to begin our week with…I turned to my set of “Angel Cards” by Kathy Taylor and Joy Drake to see what message they had for us today. As I closed my eyes and ran my hands through the cards, the one that surfaced and stuck to my fingers was:



I long ago lost the book that went with these cards, but it is not difficult to ascertain the message this one is sending us today. The world, and many of those in it, have turned hard. There are so many who judge, ridicule, and hate…too many…and it seems that Compassion and Kindness have been put in the background. So too, when we forget to have Compassion for others, we forget to have it for ourselves…and it creates a pattern that is not easy to change. We have to actively desire to change this pattern…and that begins with ourselves.

Compassion 4

Today, let us carry this word Compassion in our minds. Carry its meaning in our hearts. And let it work through us in action. Begin by looking in the mirror and letting our Self know we have Compassion for our own paths and the trials set forth on that path, the struggles we overcome to continue on that path, and then endeavor to show ourselves Kindness and Gentleness, nurture ourselves with Love and Understanding…for we are Warriors trying to make a difference and find some Happiness to live too. We deserve to show ourselves Compassion, rather than judgment, fear, or disappointment. Our paths are what they are for a reason.

Compassion 2

So too, are the paths of others. So we are called to take that Compassion out into the world and Shine it brightly. Look to our neighbor, co-worker, stranger…and know they have their story too, their road strewn with pebbles obstacles too. And as we share that Compassion with others, it grows within us, and spreads out like a great lovely mist, sprinkling sweet gentle energy over us and others to balance and transform those negative energies that would think they have the power.

Let us show them just how powerful Compassion can be…and change the world, our world, a bit today.

Compassion 3

My own heart reaches out to All of you, in deep Compassion as you manage your life and path. I know it is not always easy, and sometimes downright painful…but know you make a difference in this world…simply by being you. So I turn my heart toward you and let my Compassion flow to you. May it envelope you in a warm, loving embrace of nurturing and support.


Monday Message ~ Movement


Good Morning! Here we are at the start of another week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are feeling refreshed. I come with our message to begin this week…and for that I turn to the mystical Dragons for their wisdom. I have always loved Dragons, since I was a small child. And so, over the years, I have gathered many fine depictions of them. I have a small deck of cards that have beautiful drawings of Dragons accompanied by words of wisdom. Today, I draw a card with a magnificent blue, green, and gold Dragon streaking across the sky and its message is:

D 1

Blue Dragon:   Movement

Message (paraphrased): Oftentimes, when on a life journey, one feels as if they are in a bottomless void, with no direction to guide them out of the situation. That is the time to call upon their personal guardians, look within for spiritual direction, and use their willpower to find their way to their goal.

Today, know that, barriers fall and events begin to move quickly. Messages of a positive nature come your way. Pay close attention, and listen.

D 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

There has been much talk in our weekly messages lately…about receiving Messages. Have we been alert and paying attention? Here is one more, letting us know that messages abound, and today’s are of a positive nature, so we must raise our awareness to listen and hear them. Sometimes they come from unexpected and unlikely places…and these are the places where miracles and solutions and resolutions come from too. This is good news for us…for as the card says, oftentimes, this journey we call life can be confusing, difficult, and arduous.

But, those are also the times to delve even deeper into our Spiritual beliefs and seek our guides, or pray to our deities, or do whatever our particular path calls us to do. Live every moment within that Spiritual blanket, knowing that everything we do contributes to that Divine energy that moves through us…every candle we light, every prayer or ritual we recite…it is in every move we make, every spice we use, every touch to others, every step we take at work, every report we submit, every tear we dry for another…every heartbeat we take…make it filled with the Spirit of our paths and the Spirit of Love. It is within that living that we find our direction…when it would seem we have none. If it appears there is a bottomless void…go deeper into Spirit. It is there we find our way.

D 3

And today…the Dragons tell us to be ready…to prepare as barriers fall, and there is Movement. And when things begin to move, it can be swift…so be ready with open ears, heart, and mind…and sneakers on! Most welcome news to us all!