This post continues the message that…though adversity can do its best to change us and make us sad and bitter…it cannot change the inner core of who we are if we do not let it. ALWAYS be Yourself! Stand in the truth of who you really are deep within, and the adversity does not stand a chance.

Love Yourself, Trust Yourself, and Be Yourself. Nothing else matters or wins.


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Be Yourself

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Thoughts For The Day

Sunday H 1

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.”  ~ Francesca Reigler

MarDrags’ Thoughts: Would that we could remember to pour our energy into the attitude of happiness and understanding rather than allow it to run in the river of misery. Either action takes energy and work. We of free will have the choice where to funnel our energy. We can choose where we would spend that effort…knowing that the hard work we put into it will reap what it is spent on. The choice…is what matters most. The rest…takes care of itself.

Sunday S 1

“To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it.”  ~ Confucius

MarDrags’ Thoughts: We have all been “wronged” at some time by people in our lives…and it can cause us pain or sadness. But, if we stop to think a moment…does it not say more about the person who wronged us than it does about us? The person doing the wrong is the one that should question themselves…not the one who is wronged…for it is the one who is doing that is perpetrating the offence. If we continue to think about it and remember it…we give it power. Once forgotten…it is gone and can no longer have any power over us or affect us. Let. It. Go.

Sunday B 1

“As you walk, eat, and travel, be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss most of your life.”  ~ Buddha

MarDrags’ Thoughts: BE PRESENT. Be present for every moment of your life. We spend so much time in anguish or longing for the past or in anxiety or fear of the future…and thus we miss the gifts or lessons in the moment. So as Buddha says…be where you are. Right now…look around you…see where you are for all that it is…the colors, the smells, the feelings you have this minute…NOTICE it all…and revel in it. If it is happiness, joy, pain or anguish…BE present for it. Don’t miss a single drop of the elixir that is your life…drink it in and let it flow through you and fill you up. Get drunk on the magic of this very moment. THAT…is how not to feel empty.