Monday Message ~ Change


For our “Monday Message” to start the week with today, I am doing something a bit different. I have vivid dreams. Frequently. I have written about some of them here on the blog, and I have been having many of these dreams these past two weeks. I had been sick a few weeks ago and am just now catching up on sleep I had missed…so my slumber has been full of images and messages. Rather than write about a specific dream today though…I am pulling a card from my “Dream Cards” deck by Strephon Kaplan-Williams to see what they have to tell us. When I pull cards or Runes and such for our Monday Message, I am always aware of the rush of energy as the card reveals itself to be profoundly on the mark. The card I pulled today is:

Change 3

Change: Death ~ Rebirth ~ Causing, Contrast, Newness

Message (paraphrased): “Change is doing. We go from one thing to another. Why do people fear change and giving up what they have for what they do not have? Afraid that what they receive will be worse? We fear change because we identify with our present picture of ourselves and react against becoming something different. Resisting change makes change more extreme when it comes. We change by going with the energy, letting it consume old attitudes and self-images.

Your task is to actively participate in the change process by making appropriate sacrifices and enhancing new possibilities.

Blends of the old create new life. Seek to create new combinations of things. When it is time to end something, do it decisively. Make some real changes by getting rid of old patterns. When things are being destroyed, destroy with them. Get out of those situations. What you see is also what you don’t see. Take a careful look at how you might be creating problems. It is not changing things which counts but sacrificing resistance to change. Follow your feelings when making changes. Often the value of the middle path is to have change become choice. Bring your opposite extremes together. Change your view and you change your reality. Consider your hidden motives for doing things.”

Change 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Wow! There are so many profound statements in this card. To begin…Change is a concept that brings with it many varying degrees, circumstances, and therefore, emotions. At times we are ready for and supportive of Change. Other times we resist it to the point of denial, which ultimately brings hardship to our lives.

So let us begin with Resistance. It is so true that if we resist Change, it makes the Change that comes that much harder to deal with. Fear is the primary emotion that causes us to resist Change. As the quote says…we identify with who we are presently and fear becoming different…or not knowing what we will become if we allow Change to happen. But…we all know that Fear lies. So if we can silence its voice, (and that IS possible)…then we can see the value and benefit of Change and go with the energy rather than against it. It will ease our way into Change rather than force us into it. For Change is inevitable. And, if we actively participate in Change by letting go of what is no longer useful to us and embracing new possibilities, then we enhance our lives rather than struggle in them.

Change 4

Old patterns, situations, and problems need to be surrendered, let go of, in order for positive Change to occur and new and wonderful things to come in to fill the space. When something is breaking down or becoming toxic, let it go. End it, decisively. That is how we regain positive control of our lives. Change does not have to mean we lose control…it can be the vehicle for regaining control. If we do not resist it! If we make the sacrifice of the resistance to Change, then Change becomes our Choice. We Choose to allow Change to come and we use it to make better Choices and move forward to a new and better place.

Change 1

“Change your view and you change your reality”. Nothing could be more true. Rather than looking at Change as something to fear, or disrupt our lives…if we view Change as a vehicle to positive Control and movement to new and good things in our lives…then we see that we, in reality, have nothing to fear. In fact…we can look forward to it all…all that happens to us…because we know it is just a means for transport to another level in our lives that we either want to or are meant to get to.

So, instead of resisting Change, or fearing it, flow with it. Participate in the process of Change and see the possibilities that arise because of it. Make Change work….For You!


Saturday Inspiration

Letting Go 8

A few days a go I wrote a blog about Source…and that, not only is there the Greater Source…but we each of us, individually, have our own Source, just connected to us, and there to fill our lives with what we want, need, and desire. I saw this quote yesterday, and it furthers the idea that…in order to access that Source and open a space for it to flow toward us…and reach us…we must Let Go of anything that we are holding onto….from the past or that is not good for us…so that we can clear a space for that which our Source would give us. If our space is full of what we hold onto that no longer works for us…then there is no room for the amazing things our Source is waiting to send.

Letting Go 6

Do not resist anything! Embrace it all…from the difficulties to the joys…because there is truly something…some nugget of wisdom…in everything that crosses our Life Path. Don’t discard anything as inconsequential. It all has meaning…so if we resist something, it will have to keep repeating itself until we “get the message”. Then it can know it served its purpose and move on…as we let it go too.

Letting Go 4

Source wants to reach us…that is its Life Purpose. Open yourself to the flow. It will be better than OK. It will be magnificent!