Weekend Inspiration ~ Possibilities


Possible 2

Life…Ohhhhhh the Possibilities. They are limitless and always there, waiting for us to see the magic of their potential. Even when we think we have used them up, turn around, find a different perspective, and a whole new set of Possibilities come about. See the beauty of the Possibility of a moment, and make it the best it can be. Have a lovely weekend! Blessings!


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Thoughts For The Day

TH 1

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

With every difficulty, with every challenge, with every hardship, we learn more about how strong we are and how deep we can dip into our own resources within to manage those difficulties. Acknowledge that strength and courage, make it important that you focus on those abilities. Realize your power. Where you focus, is what grows.

Take a moment to reflect on yourself and all the qualities that make you who you are. And accept them. If there are things you want to change, then set about changing them. But the essence of who you are is your life blood. Learn to be comfortable with your essence, accepting your limitations while honoring your strengths. Put your attention on those strengths and they will grow. Just as putting attention on your weaknesses will make them grow. When you feel your mind stray to the chatter that keeps negative energy alive, consciously switch your mind to focus on one of your strengths and remind yourself of your genius in that strength. Remember, no one does it like you do! Celebrate all that you are. Be grateful for what you are blessed with in life, focus on what does work, and build on that.

And then take that moment, and accept who you are, right then and there, and if just for that moment, be good enough, know that you are the greatest you, and that you are growing all the while. Be grateful for all that you have, and for the challenges that make you more than who you thought you could be.

TH 2

There is a Divine and Infinite potential within every soul, an intimate access to the mind and the passion of the Universe.   ~ K. Allen Kay

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

The possibilities are endless. Only our “vision” can be limited. The truth is, potential has no bounds…it goes on forever….budding with possibilities. If the potential of our soul is limitless, then we have the power to make a different choice and see it succeed at any given moment of our lives. And the Universe supports that whole-heartedly.

TH 3

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”   ~ Albert Einstein

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

I love this quote…it is one of my favorites. If the fish cannot climb the tree, does that make it stupid? We should not judge ourselves for what we can not do, or what we are not, or what our limitations are….but embrace ourselves for all that we CAN do, and exactly what and who we are. Focusing on what we do not know makes us feel stupid….and takes away the courage to learn. We end up feeling inadequate, when there are so many things we DO know.  Acknowledge that you do not know everything….but that you are a genius at what you do know!


Monday Message ~ Unlimited Potential


Good Morning! We begin another week today…and, as usual, to send us all into that week with a powerful message, I look to inspiration and turn to the animal kingdom for its wisdom. I take up my deck of “Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson and here is the card that found its way to my hand this morning:


The Blank Shield:   “Unlimited Potential ~ Open Your Eyes! Pay Attention! Trust yourself to recognize the gift being offered at this time.”

Message (paraphrased): “The Blank Shield acts as the Great Smoking Mirror to reflect your inner desires, goals, dreams, power, or personality. Sometimes the emptiness of the Blank Shield will bring a vision of what lies below the surface of consciousness. Enjoy the journey of emptiness in this process, and the fulfillment that comes with pure creativity.

Use your creativity and talent. Meditate on the Blank Shield and see what comes to you. You may be surprised.”


from The Desk of MarDrag:

Sometimes, we look out into life and we do not see anything. Or, we are looking for a solution to an issue, and we cannot see it, or how it will turn out. We can become fearful of this “blank space” and we worry about what will fill it up. Or what is to come, and what will become of us if we can’t find what we are looking for.

The Blank Shield tells us today to use that blank empty space to Create. Rather than fear it…Use It. It is blank, so we can fill it with whatever we desire. Allow that Blank Shield to reflect your life back to you…filled with your wants, needs, power, and creativity. A blank space means Unlimited Potential because it IS blank and it is within our Power to draw and write in that space the story we want our lives to read as.

Go into this week looking at your life as a Blank Shield…and pull your Power around you and Create the life you want to have. See it as a gift to open your eyes to the budding promise of Dreams Fulfilled. Toss Fear aside and feel the wonder and amazement that comes from owning your Blank Shield, your Unlimited Potential. You may be amazingly surprised at what comes to you when you really look at the possibilities, and the Strength you have to make them happen.


We ALL have Unlimited Potential. Look into your Blank Shield…and See.


Weekend Inspiration ~ Meditation

Meditate 7

It seems the messages that came through for inspiration for my blog posts this week spoke a great deal about potential, space, and going quiet to look into that space to see the potential of possibilities that are close at hand for us. “Going Quiet” can mean many different things to all of us…and they are all good and right…but one of the best ways to go into the quiet, or space, is to Meditate. Whether it be simply sitting with eyes closed in silence or in full on Meditation…these moments help us get back in balance and stay cleansed and grounded so that we can be in optimum form to handle our lives. And also, in Quiet Meditation, we connect with the Divine and are able to hear and feel those wispy voices of wisdom that have so many wonderful things to tell us. Intuition speaks in that silence. An important voice to hear.

So…this weekend inspiration is…to find a few moments to Meditate, or Go Quiet, and listen for the whispers of wisdom that come to you. Or, simply quiet your mind and enjoy the peace that silence and space bring with them. Relax…and feel the calm sweep over you, and know that…it will all be OK.

Meditate 1

Meditate 3

Meditate 6

Meditate 5

Meditate 4

I love the following quote because it sends a timely message that…if we remember to consider every action we take, every chore we do, every care we take with others, every meal we make…is an action of our inner spirit…and if we perform each act with grace and harmony, our lives will automatically be full of love and peace. Put love, grace and harmony into everything you do and it will stream back to you.

Meditate 2

Enjoy your weekend in the Quiet of the Soul…

and may you find Peace, Love and Harmony there.


Monday Message ~ Unlimited Potential


Good Morning! In keeping with my recent pattern of seeking a message to begin our week with, I am turning to the animal kingdom this week for our words of wisdom. I have my “Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson before me…and as I spread the cards across my desk, my hand hovers over them and is drawn to one, which revealed is:

Empty 3

The Blank Card: “Unlimited Potential”

Message (paraphrased): “Open your eyes! Pay attention! Trust yourself to recognize the gift being offered at this time. The blank card may act as a mirror, reflecting your inner desires, goals, dreams, power, or personality. Sometimes the emptiness of the blank card will bring a vision of what lies below the surface of consciousness. Enjoy the journey of emptiness in this process, and the fulfillment will become pure creativity.”

Empty 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

The Blank Card…is so timely! Last weeks Monday Message was about Change. This week, we have a Blank Card that indicates the vast and “Unlimited Potential” there is as Change comes and goes. With a Blank Card…you can fill up that space with absolutely anything we wish to…it is our choice. By allowing Change to take place, we clear our space, and can therefore create and fill it with any and all that we desire.

Empty 4

And so we must pay close attention. What is it that we REALLY want and desire? We must allow the blank and empty space to be as a mirror, reflecting to us our deep inner dreams and power. Then draw those into the Blank Card ourselves…it is blank for OUR purpose.

Empty 2

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of difficult circumstances, we spend a great deal of time looking at the circumstance, turning it over and over, trying to find a solution or a way to change it. BUT…often the answer is not within the circumstance itself, but outside it, in the empty space below the surface…where there is room for it. Look deeper than the circumstance…look beyond it…into that blank space and see what takes shape. Look in the blank spaces around the issue or circumstance for the potential and infinite possibilities that are available.

Empty 5

Creative fulfillment is at hand. You have Unlimited Potential. Create your life just as you would like it…and go live it!