An Energy Shift



Yesterday we had a rare Full Moon called a Super Moon, and it came in the sign of Aries. I won’t go into all the details about Super Moons and the Aries connection…you can look all that information up on that there Google thingy. 🙂 But I did want to mention it today because…it is the beginning of a major energy shift…into the Positive Energy phase.


Whether you believe in this type of thing or not…it still lends a wonderful message to begin our week with. Whether any of this is “true”, I personally believe in the power of the universe, planets, our suns and moons and how they relate to our energy flow. It is all connected as we are all connected and then connected to all things in the universe so…well, you get it.


Soooo, let us take this opportunity to Believe that we can harness this shift in energy to the Positive phase…because we really need it now. AND, it is said that what we believe we create.


Let us move into this week Believing we are in a Positive Energy Phase and draw that into ourselves, our minds, our hearts, our souls and, at least, change our negative thoughts to positive. It DOES make a difference, in our own lives…and in the world.


We must Believe this negative energy right out of our existence and Believe Positive Energy back in. We CAN do it. We MUST do it. Stay Steady, Compassionate, and Strong!!





Weekend Inspiration ~ About Love


Love 10I Believe In Love. I Believe Love changes everything. Corny…I know. But I believe it to be true. As we move through our days, we experience many different emotions. And depending what is going on in our lives, negative emotions can take over and we can find ourselves trapped in a carousel of feelings that do not promote our well-being. And I believe Love can change that.

Rather than staying in the anger or frustration or sadness…choose Love. Not that you have to love the circumstance or even the person involved…or that you deny your emotions. But…return to Love. It is the only thing that will make anything better. Send Love to the person or circumstance with the idea that you would rather have a solution born of Love than Anger.

And the first step toward this…is through Self-Love. The first person you send Love to…is You! Love yourself enough to do the right thing…for You. And then…all else falls into place. Blessings!

Love 3Love 7

Love 2

Love 6

Love 5

Love 9

Love 4

Love 11

Love 8

Love 12

Unconditional Love Day


I woke this morning with such a powerful sense of well-being…I wanted to share it with you all. Not every morning is like this…so I shall take advantage of it…and pass the feeling on to you. The phrase that keeps going through my mind is…Unconditional Love…and how little we have this in our lives. So, what if we make a day for it. Just today…just for one day…we practice Unconditional Love…with ourselves, and everyone we meet.

First…look in the mirror at the beauty that is Your Self…and Let Go all the fears, worries, judgments, insecurities and anything else weighing on your mind. See yourself for the worthy being you are…and give yourself the gift of Unconditional Love. Just for today…you Love yourself completely and without conditions. You see your Inner Light grow and glow at the thought of it. And then, you take that Light with you wherever you travel today…and share it with others as you look on them with Unconditional Love…offering them this gift, one they are like to rarely get as well. Let us touch people with our hearts today, and feel how different, how lovely our day becomes. Feel free to share your moments in the comments.

And to help get the day started…here are some quotes to inspire us and get us…in the mood…

ULove 1

ULove 3

ULove 5

ULove 6

ULove 8

ULove 7

And Then Remember That…..

ULove 4

I Send My Unconditional Love Out

To Each and Every One Of You

And Wish For You

A Spectacular Day!