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A little poem for us all, who find ourselves in this same place every day…Blessings!

Comp 2

On Writing

Slinking up stairs

Shadows still dark

Lighting the candle

With the strike of a spark


Pushing a button

Hear the low hum

A day before dawn

Has just begun


Thoughts come aswirl

Up from the fog

The screen light is staring

Time to write that blog!

Comp 1


Friday Poetry ~ After The Rain


Rain 1


The clouds are gone
The sky is blue
The light shines
Its dusty hue
The ground shimmers
Its aura wet
Drops of rain
Not dried up yet
But colors deepen
Air fresh again
A world cleansed
After the rain

by MarDrag


Rain 3Photo Credit: DeborahTisch.com

Found on Google Images

Friday Poetry ~ The Sword



I have several lovely swords I have gathered over the years. But the first one I acquired is my favorite. I found it in a movie prop shop when I worked for a major studio many years ago. It was one of many that I looked at…but it was the one that called to me, and I was compelled to bring it home. And, of course, it was the only one that was broken. As was I too at the time, and so it was kismet. I asked the sword keeper to repair it, and discovered what the symbols engraved on the hilt meant. Yes, this was the piece for me, and I felt we had had many adventures together. When I got it home, this poem came to me, as I imagined our meeting in another realm, at another time, in a land far, far away…

Sword 1

Sword 2

The Sword

There is a sword
That lay atop the hill
Seeming forgotten
Or cast aside
With no scabbard to clothe it
The sword lay bare
Shards of steel and splinters
Lay about
What tales it could tell, I pondered
As I looked upon it

Oh weary burdened sword
What battles have you seen
How came you
To be so abandoned
To this lonely field

But…What Ho!
I shall take you up
And clean and polish
Until you gleam
And fashion a scabbard
With symbols and colors of strength
With my own hands
To clothe you in the Power
You once did wield

And then
Shall I sling you across my back
And together we shall forge
The path ahead
Two wearied souls come together
Two warriors made whole
Once more

Friday Poetry ~ Searching


I was going through some very old boxes of writing and papers and came upon some very early poetry of mine. This little piece was written in 1997 as I began my spiritual journey. I hope you enjoy it. Blessings!

Poem 1


I take to the streets of my soul
Laboring over cobblestones of the past
Ducking in doorways
Listening for sounds
Or footsteps
Looking for the flicker of a light
Searching for the key
That will open that which is closed in me

(by MarDrag)

Friday Poetry ~ Come The Dragons …Continued


D Poem 1

Last month I posted the first installment of this long poem/story titled, “Come The Dragons”. Here is the second installment. If you missed the first one, you can read that here:  https://fromthedeskofmardrag.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/friday-poetry-come-the-dragons/

I hope you enjoy the story. Blessings…and have a lovely Friday!


His mighty wings flapped
Power surged through the air
It crackled and thundered
As he turned toward his lair
They’d had to wait
Hiding close in the dark
For certain events
And Magic to spark
But now time had come
To reclaim their home
To recover their land
To right a wrong
Land that was taken
Lives that were lost
No one foresaw
How great the cost
Dragons and men
Warriors and steel
The flow of blood
Made them all reel
These memories did swirl
As he pumped through the air
He would sound the call
From the soul of his lair
The wheel does turn
He felt the shift
The changes occurred
And brought with them a gift
Himself, he was certain
No doubt or fear
For the path ahead
Was now crystal clear
He knew they would come
From far and wide
They would gather again
To fight side by side
The Champion would come
The Maiden would too
The Power of Light
Would render them new
With forces combined
The Magic would grow
And the honey of Life
Would once again flow…

…To Be Continued

D Poem 2


Friday Poetry ~ Come The Dragons


Dragon Poem 1




The vast sky is dark
Washed midnight black
Just shadows of stars
Winking back
There are secrets
Deep in the gloom
Some held quiet
By thunders boom
But lightening strikes
For the Light does come
And on the horizon
Arrives a distant form
A speck, a blur
Seeming small and slight
It hovered and watched
Hiding secret its might
The chill in the air
Brought puffs from its snout
Mighty wings beat the wind
As it drifted about
The message had come
Elements were just right
This was the time
He knew on this night
Tomorrow would come
As He took flight
To gather the forces
The future in Sight…

…To Be Continued

Dragon Poem 2

Friday Poetry ~ Portland



I was going through some old poetry this past week…letting my fingers wander through the pages as my mind swirled and wandered through the memories. So many life moments captured in these lettered words, on white paper now faded and tinged with yellow…their energy lifting off the page in a cloud of nostalgia. I breathed it in, and let my thoughts flow and wrap around me as I succumbed, and stepped out of time for a moment, and whirled and dipped and floated on those delicious memories. One stood out in its clarity, and so I share the poem here today. I remember exactly where I was sitting when I wrote this…at a bay window in my little apartment in an old Victorian house. My very first place on my own, having moved by myself to this city that had called me to its heart. It will always be my home, for it is where I found myself, for the first time. A dear city, I will return to. Someday. Enjoy! Blessings!

PO 2

Portland, Oregon

Oh, I so love the dusk in wintertime
As darkness slowly spills over the city
Lofty clouds hang heavy with rain
Over the lush full trees
As birds chatter one last time from their branches
Lights appear, shimmering in the sleek damp air
And disappear again
As they roll across Broadway Bridge in the distance
And a quiet hush sits about the air, as if
The city is holding its breath
In anticipation of the coming night

I sit suspended in those last moments of dusk
Suspended as if hanging on a thread of time
Captured in the spell of a winters eve
In Portland, the city of my heart

~ MarDrag ~

PO 1PO 3

Friday Poetry ~ Absentminded Me


Am 3


Sometimes I forget
Where I put my glasses
Or what I was going to say
Just walking from one room to another
Sometimes I forget
What your schedule is
This week
Or that last hard to find item
On the grocery list
And sometimes I’ll bring something up
That’s better left forgotten
I may not be my best
All the time

But, I will remember that
Birthdays are important to you
What size shoe you wear
Or that your back was hurting today
And you need a massage
I will remember not to tease you
And just how you like your shirts folded
Your way
And I will remember to tell you
I love you even more
For listening to me ramble
And for your gift of loving
Absentminded Me

~ MarDrag ~

Friday Poetry ~ The Forest


Misty 3


Leaves wander restlessly

As they swirl

And fall to the ground

The trees speak

And groan as their boughs

Bend gently in the wind

While the sun dapples through the mist

Coaxing Faeries

From their mushroom huts

Wood nymphs scamper

Fireflies slumber

And Harmony dances

With all creatures

Magic glides through the foliage

Around and about

In sweeping circles

Touching the tip

Of all that lives

In this

The lush green Forest

“Friday Mornings” ~ A Poem


Happy Friday! With the start of a new year, new desires, and new goals to start fresh with…I have come to a place in my journey where I am attempting to crawl out of my comfort zone of shyness with sharing a little bit more of my personal self on the blog. One way to do that is to share my poetry and stories. I am a Storyteller, to be sure, and I love it. I tell you readers a story every day about life. But, I am going to start sharing other stories too. I have posted a couple of poems before, and was asked about more. So, once or twice a month, I will use Friday as “sharing day”, and post something I have written from my countless notebooks of pages over the years. It is my intention too, to be published soon, so I had better get used to people reading my stuff, eh?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these scribblings from this errant writer. Be gentle. And may you find something that speaks to your Soul. Here is a poem I wrote many years ago…but is timeless. Have a great day! Blessings!

Strawberries 1

Friday Mornings

I want to eat chocolate covered strawberries

At 9:00am

On a Friday morning

With you

Whipped cream dripping

From your lips

Full and red

From kissing

I want to bathe

In the heat of your gaze

Swim in the depths of your eyes

Soft cries

Escape me

Wrapped in the velvet spread

Of your touch

Never enough

Too good for work today