Tuesday Affirmations ~ Perseverance


I have been a bit under the weather the last couple of days and did not get a new post written for today. But…it is Affirmation Tuesday, and I did not want to let you down…so I am posting something I wrote a while back that seemed good to bring back, especially with the energy changing this week. I hope you find something worthwhile in it.


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”, and I sit and shuffle my “Gifts of Affirmations” cards by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, feeling the warmth of my hands infuse them as I fan them out before be on the desk. Waving my hand above them, I close my eyes and let my left hand drift and hover over them as it dips, and chooses the card for today, which is:

The Gift of Perseverance: “I Accomplish Anything I Put My Mind To”

Message: “Use this gift when you doubt your intelligence, your memory, or your ability to achieve your goals. Your situation is largely the result of how well you blend your logical and intuitive faculties to direct your actions. Several times a day, focus with relaxed concentration on the mental image of something you would like to see come into being.”

P 1

from the Desk of MarDrag:

The word “Accomplish” seems like a big word, does it not? It encompasses so many things, large and small. We move through our lives with the dialogue that we must accomplish many things….from as small as washing the dishes to as big as establishing careers or caring for family. The array and difficulty of the things we must accomplish can be overwhelming at times, and when we have trouble accomplishing all that we think we should, we can begin to doubt ourselves, our intelligence, and our abilities.  And then, we have a harder time “putting our mind to it”.

In the affirmation above, it talks about blending our logical and intuitive faculties to direct our actions and achieve our goals. I like this, because it indicates that we do not have to rely completely on only one ability that we have. Some people are more logical, some more intuitive…but we all have both faculties within us. The more we use them, the stronger they will become. And using them both at the same time would double our chances to accomplish what we put our mind to.

P 3Also, there are the obvious practical actions we must take to achieve something, but, as I speak a great deal about here on the blog, there is also the intuitive voice that guides us that we must listen to as well. It is, many times, our intuition that leads us to something we would not have thought of practically. In either area, we could look at a situation and say it can’t be done….but put those two faculties together, and we are unstoppable!

P 4

So, as the affirmation says, today, and several times a day, think of something you would like to see come into being. Every action begins with a thought! Create a mental image of it and hold it there as you go through your day. Your intuitive voice will tell you what actions to take to make it happen. Relaxed concentration allows you to go about your other obligations for the day while calmly holding this mental image until you are ready to put into action.

Ease into the idea of “Accomplishment”, using your logical and intuitive natures, persevere, and be amazed at what you can make happen!


Rune For A Monday


Welcome to Monday Morning! It was a rough weekend…so I take to my Runes and “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum to see what message and pearl of wisdom they have for us to begin our week. The Rune that came to my hand is:

Berkana 1

Berkana: Growth, Rebirth, A Birch Tree

Message (paraphrased): “The Rune of life process, Berkana denotes that form of fertility which promotes growth both symbolically and actually. The growth may occur in family matters, one’s relationship to one’s self, or the relationship with the Divine. This is a “leading to” Rune, in that it leads to blossoming and ripening.

What is called for here is going into things deeply, with care and awareness. In this action, be gentle, penetrating, and pervasive.

First, disperse resistance, then accomplish the work. For this to happen, your will must be clear and controlled. In regard to the issue, your motives must be correct. Any dark corners should be cleansed; this must be carried out diligently and sometimes with expert help. Modesty, patience, fairness and generosity are called for here. Once resistance is dispersed and rectification carried out and seen to hold firm, then, through steadfastness and right attitude, the blossoming can occur.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Well, not surprisingly, this is not the easiest of Runes. But its message is timely and profound. It tells us that, the good news in all that is happening is that growth is present and moving. That is a good thing to know and to hold on to as we move through this tense time. It also assures us that the hard work we are doing is going to “lead us” to a blossoming and ripening from that growth. It helps to know that! Just as the mighty oak begins as a seed, so do our greatest accomplishments.  The growth can, at times, be painful and stressful, but there is that promise of blossoming at the end of it.

Berkana 2 Growth

So…while we must go deeper still into the issues and the understanding of them, it is important to remember to be gentle with ourselves. Though we must penetrate the depths to have the level of growth we are looking for, we should not be hard on ourselves or stand in judgment of what we are going through. We must be accepting and compassionate with ourselves, for we are working hard and deserve a soft cushion to fall on.

Berkana 3 Resistance

The last message this Rune has is difficult, yet paramount to growth. We must let go of resistance to the issue and the growth it promotes. Resistance builds a wall that makes it harder to get through. And we do not need anything to make our path more difficult than it is. Resistance can be hard to let go of…but it is necessary. We should look to any dark corners and cleanse them. Examine our motives for doing this work in the first place and make sure they are honest and clear…within ourselves.

And then…stay with it. Persevere, hold firm, and get through it. We must try to keep a positive attitude in that we take this as an opportunity to move past the issue, grow, and blossom. We should not give up. Just when it feels the hardest and that we would give up…that is when we should persevere and push through. It is at that moment that the breakthrough occurs. And it is through that steadfastness…when we realize just how Powerful we really are…that the blossoming happens…and we see what a Magnificent being we really are. We are that blossom on the vine that conquered the depths of the earth beneath us, shot through the surface, raised our bud toward the sun, flourished…and grew into a lovely, fragrant flower.

Berkana 4 Blossom


Tuesday Affirmation ~ Belief In Self


I have been writing about other things lately and have not done an “Affirmation Tuesday” post in a while. The cards called for me this morning…and so, as always, I answer the summons. The card that came to hand with today’s message is:

Tuesday 4

Affirmation of Perseverance: “I Believe In Myself Now, Always, And In All Ways”

Message: Use this gift when you feel like a failure or others seem to doubt your abilities. Your strengths and weaknesses are yours to experience and learn from in your own time. Accept yourself just as you are now, knowing that the mistakes you have made helped guide the direction of your personal growth. It is never too late to change.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

It is always easier to accept ourselves and recognize our abilities when things are going well and working in our lives. We can see the benefit of our fine qualities and skills and feel some pride for having accomplished something good and worthy.

But, let us fail a time or two, and the story we tell ourselves is profoundly different. Often at these times, the story we hear from others is negative also, and we chastise and flog ourselves with disdain and disappointment for having failed, or for not being able to fix what is not working. And then…we doubt those same qualities we were once proud of.

Tuesday 3

But, if we could remember that we all, each and every one of us, have strengths as well as weaknesses, then we could know that success and failure are all just part of life…and if we live life to the fullest…we will all have a helping of both that fills our plate.

The affirmation is so true…mistakes help guide us to knowledge and personal growth. A mistake or misjudgment is what lets us know we need to learn more about ourselves and our circumstances. We always have the option to learn and grow…so we are never truly stuck in one state or another.

No matter what anyone else thinks…and in spite of what you may tell yourself…Believe in your Personal Power and the Power to Change. Nothing ever stays the same. It is the one fact we can count on…change.

Tuesday 2

So, accept yourself, in all your glorious imperfectness…embrace your strengths and weaknesses…and follow the direction that your inner voice of experience guides you to. And too, if something is not working, do not clog your self-worth with words of chastisement. Instead, tell yourself you Believe in the Gift of Perseverance…and coupled with the constant of change…you can be sure that you will, indeed, grow and move forward. Believe!