Stay Steady And……



Tomorrow is a big day and no matter where you land on the political scope…it is going to be intense and unsettling. So I want to remind us all that…though we may not be able to control what is happening…we CAN still have control of our own worlds, thoughts, actions, and feelings.


We can’t allow all the hype to penetrate so deep that we forget it is our response to it all that makes us miserable or ok.


Even though we may feel we are being sucked into the negative wave…remember…


We can panic and become worried and uncertain when things do not “look” like we think they should and it unsettles our peace of mind…


But we can’t wait for everything to be perfect in order to be at Peace…So…


The one thing we can all have command of is our thoughts, actions, and response to what is happening…so let us make a good choice for ourselves and…



Let us make a conscious choice to “view out there” while we stay Steady, Strong, Positive, and Peaceful within ourselves and our lives and worlds. Remember that things are changing rapidly moment to moment…and that means anything can happen. Let’s make that a Positive thing!



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A Message for the New Year



Well, here we are, on the brink of closing one year and welcoming a new one. This year, 2016, has been a full year to say the least, a tumultuous one, full of a great many ups and downs. We end 2016 in a bit of confusion and uncertainty. What do we put behind us and let go of? What should we anticipate, look forward to, expect…in the New Year and 2017?

I had been pondering this…and then I heard a song from many years ago by the folk singer Cat Stevens, from such a different time and culture so long past. But the words struck me…hard…as the perfect message to go forward into a New Year…a year that we are all wondering how to feel about.


The song is titled: “If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out”, Cat Stevens 1972

I recommend listening to it, it has a great melody…but it is the words that will keep you going through the transition into the New Year and beyond it. Because, I want to suggest that we not allow the circumstances we may be facing to keep us from living our own personal authentic lives as we wish…in Happiness, Love, Compassion, and Unity. It can be easy to let the energy and negativity envelop us and lead us to feelings of hopelessness or defeat or thinking that it has to affect us. But it doesn’t…if we don’t allow it.

Here is the first stanza of the song…

“Well, if you want to sing out, sing out
And if you want to be free, be free
‘Cause there’s a million things to be
You know that there are”    Cat Stevens, 1972

So…what if we believe this…and do it? What if we choose to be Free…of anything that isn’t what we want in our own personal space? This isn’t to say we don’t deal with what is going on. It just means we do not allow it to pierce the circle of Love, Happiness, Peace, and Light that we draw around us and our loved ones. Don’t let the negativity get under your skin and win by entering and disturbing your life. YOU have a right to have the life and energy around you that you want, not what is dictated by circumstances that, for now, cannot be changed.


“Well, if you want to say yes, say yes
And if you want to say no, say no
‘Cause there’s a million ways to go
You know that there are”

“And if you want to be me, be me
And if you want to be you, be you
‘Cause there’s a million things to do
You know that there are”    Cat Stevens, 1972





So if you want to Be Free…





Change and The Catalyst



As I thought about writing this blog, the first one after a major shift in our worlds, I was unsure exactly what to say. Emotions are running high…as well as low…and uncertainty has become our bedfellow. We are faced with a path whose identity we do not know and we are about to take many unsure steps in a landscape we cannot yet see. It is unsettling…and we are not sure what to do with it all.

I wanted to write more of what I and a host of other wonderful and magical blog writers have been saying…which is the absolute truth…and that is to stay Peaceful, come from Love, and have Patience. It is so important that we make these three things our primary focus going forward. Just because what has happened has happened…does not mean we do not have Power in the situation. And we should not give up that Power in despair or loss of hope. There is always Hope and Action.

But then something else occurred to me, and it helped with my own process through this field of emotions.


We have all been saying for a long time we need this world to change, that we are headed for disaster if we don’t, and that we want to see the world living in Harmony, Love, and Prosperity. Things have been going from bad to worse…and we need to find a way out of it. So, what happens when major change needs to occur? When there is a buildup of energy, as in a volcano, or in ourselves for that matter. Think about what happens when we feel frustrated or angry but nothing happens or changes and the energy builds, and builds within us until we feel we can no longer contain it. Then someone says something or something happens and…we release it, or explode. The issue gets out and we deal with it, fix it, handle it and our emotions…change occurs…resolution follows…and it is better for the happening.

So when something needs to change but it is not happening…something else has to come along and nudge it…and then it can blow open to be acknowledged, accepted, and handled and changed. That “something” is called a Catalyst.


And almost no one, almost never, likes the Catalyst.

The Merriam Webster dictionary gives a definition of a Catalyst as: “an agent or event that speeds significant change or action; a person or thing that precipitates an event

When we call for Change, big Change…the Catalyst forms to induce that Change. We mostly never know what the Catalyst will be…and again…we never like the Catalyst…for it is always adverse in order to create movement. There has to be friction to create movement. And a Catalyst to induce movement and Change.


So perhaps we can look at the current situation as the Catalyst that precipitates great change…and make sure that the change is what we want it to be. What needed to Change has been blown wide open by a Catalyst we did not expect. It can be frightening being in the path of a Catalyst, especially at this level. BUT…with the door wide open…this is our opportunity to put into action all of the things we have been talking about and fill that space up with Love, Light, Peace, and Prosperity. In whatever way we can.



Absolutely everyone has their special gift…now is the time to use it, to be your authentic self and pour it into the world. Fill this wide open space with all those things we want and need in our world. This is what we are here for. This is our moment. Who knows what can happen if everyone does this and the energy gets moved by it. Think about it. It can Change! And then…absolutely anything can happen.


There is Hope…there is Love…and there is Action. Let us move forward in Hope, Love, and Positive Action.


Blessings and Love To All!

Tuesday Affirmations ~ New Ways


I have not done a “Tuesday Affirmations” post in awhile, so I sit, this morning, mulling over my deck “The Gift of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber to see what gift they have to share on this first Tuesday of a New Year. I shuffle them, and spread them across my desk, seeking the message for today. The card I pull is:

The Gift of Truth: “I am open to new Ideas, Techniques, and People.”

“Use this gift when you notice that you are resistant to the possibility that new ways of doing things and new people might contribute to your life and to the attainment of your goals. It is not a weakness but a great strength to know your limits and to let others help you.”

Tuesday 1

from the Desk of MarDrag:

As we navigate through life, and we focus on issues, difficulties and decision making, we try our best to do what is right for ourselves, our families and the bigger picture of the Great Tapestry. We work hard at processing information and considering our choices. We have concern for how our threads weave and wind to place our contribution to life within that bigger picture.

But, we have a great deal on our minds and in our hearts on a daily basis. There is so much to think about and focus on…and sometimes, we can miss or not see important information that can make our choices easier or opportunities that would enhance our lives and make us happier. We cannot think of everything. Part of our path in life is to learn and grow and expand our way of thinking to include valuable knowledge that we just have not heard of ourselves, in our own world. It is easy to get caught up in our own worlds and forget that there is help, data and wisdom to be had from other people, places and things around us.

Tuesday 2

In order to gather more space and information and opportunity, we must allow our life parameters to expand to include those drops of knowledge so that we can better understand ourselves and the world around us and take advantage of the vast possibilities that are at our fingertips and that can make life full and exciting as well as make our choices easier to come by.

As the affirmation says, it is not a weakness but a strength to acknowledge that we do not know everything and to engage the capacity to learn from those who might know something different. It is not a weakness to ask for help either. When we look outside our own circle of life for information or help, it shows we are very wise to seek further understanding of ourselves and the world in general. There are so many amazing things to learn, so many spectacular opportunities to grow. There is likely something just outside your comfort zone that would make you happy and that would make you say, “Wow, how remarkable and marvelous and I am glad I opened myself to this!”

Concept image of the six most common questions and answers on a signpost.

Consider opening your life, heart and mind to new ideas, information and people, and see how your life can grow in astounding ways when you do. Dare to be bold, be courageous in your seeking. And be not afraid, you deserve it!


About Letting Go

Letting Go 6

It can be very difficult to let things go when we have strong emotions that are tied to whatever it is we are holding on to. Whether it is a past mistake, something someone did to us, a fault of ours, thoughts we feel we should not have, anger, frustration, something we want to manifest…any manner of things that take up space in our minds and hearts and make us hurt, regret, get angry, worry to the point of distraction or even go into depression.

Letting Go 2

Consider that by holding on to whatever “it” is, we are keeping “it” alive, keeping it in the forefront of our minds, hearts and souls…not giving ourselves a chance to work it out, get over it, or let it go. We keep running the tape about it over and over and over and over again in our minds. But does it go anywhere? Does it help to keep running the tape? Does it change anything about what is on the tape? Does it solve the problem?

Letting Go 9

Think of it this way…You are holding an object in your hand, you curl your fingers around it, feel it press against the palm of your hand. As you hold it tighter, you feel its impression deeper and deeper against your palm, your fingers are becoming stiff with the force of holding this object, your finger nails now digging into your skin. You are holding it so tight your knuckles are turning white and you begin to feel the muscles in your forearm tensing with the struggle. Your elbow cracks with the force as it moves up your arm, into the upper portion and clear up to your shoulder and into your neck, up through your head. Your muscles are tensing and flexing so hard now your arm begins to vibrate. You are holding this object so hard that your entire arm, shoulder and then your whole body reacts to the power of it, struggling with the might that is your own strength. Sense the enormous amount of energy it takes to hold on to this object, to keep it in your hand and not let it fall. It takes all of your concentration, will, strength and power to hold it there, keep it there. You are literally holding your breath with the sheer effort of it all. You are aware of how hard it is to hold onto this thing, how much of your valuable energy it uses up. And you begin to feel like you can’t take it anymore.

Letting Go 7

The lesson here is…It takes far more energy and effort and causes far more pain to hold on, then it does to Let Go.

Letting Go 10

We are the very hand that causes the stress and strain that we feel from holding on so tight and being unable to let go. The hand, arm, shoulder and head signify the heart, mind, soul and body and the damage we do to them.

Letting Go

It takes great courage to Let Go of something we want to fix, change, create, or manifest. When we Hold On…we are taking up valuable space that, if cleared, is ready to receive the abundance the universe has to offer us…the abundance of what is right and good for us.

Imagine opening that hand (above)…uncurl those fingers and allow what you have been holding on to, to go free. Just as we have our own unique place in this universe…so do the things, people, and emotions and feelings in our life that we hold on to. Letting them go allows them to get to the space or place they belong. If they are meant for us, they will stay. If they are not, they will fly free, and we will have the magical opportunity to refill that space with something that is better for us.

Imagine the relief of not having to struggle to hold on…and letting the flow back into our lives. Deep breath now! It is a good thing!

Letting Go 4


A Journey Traveled


“Life is short, and we do not have much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us, so be quick to love and make haste to be kind.”  ~ Henri-Frederic Amiel

“It’s not so much the journey that’s important; as is the way that we treat those we encounter and those around us, along the way.”   ~ Jeremy Aldana

“If life is a journey then let my soul travel and share your pain.”  ~ Santosh Kalwar

“The journey is the treasure.”  ~ Lloyd Alexander

from The Desk of MarDrag:

During my time away this past week, in which I contemplated, pondered, read, wrote, meditated and rejuvenated…I had some marvelous moments of clarity, healing, and receiving profound messages. One of them I wrote about in the last blog. This that I am going to write about now was another such moment.

Journey 1

I believe in the Journey. I believe that there is purpose in the Journey. I believe we should be acutely aware of the Journey, so we do not miss a drop of it, for every moment of it is important and has meaning. Sometimes, more meaning and purpose than the destination. It does not always matter as much where we are going…but how we get there. We should not be in too much of a rush to get from point A to point Z…and miss all the letters in between…for there is substance to be had there…lessons to learn and messages to receive. It is important to be aware of every step we take…to know them so we do not have to repeat them. My belief in this runs deep, and so I make it a purpose in my life to examine each step and glean what is necessary from it so that I may move on to the next step cleanly and clearly. I am not always successful! But it is my intention!

Journey 4

It is so, too, with the people that travel on the Journey with us…and those who we travel with as well. Some people come into our lives for a great length of the Journey…some for short periods. We enter other people’s lives in the same way. Sometimes we stay long with them through their Journey, sometimes it is only for a short while. But…no matter the length of time, it all has profound meaning and impact on our lives, our Journeys. And whether it be a positive or negative influence…we should embrace those that we walk with for a time…and take the gift of their impact as an experience necessary to our growth. It is my belief that people are put in our path for a reason, for both parties, and that there is a greater reason than the one we may only see with our eyes. We should look, then, with our hearts.

Journey 6

I looked back, this week, at all the people I have shared my Journey with through the years, and whether there were bits of anguish still alive for some of them…I took them all and wrapped them in a circle of Love and Blessed them…for it is only harmful to me to house them any other way. My Love is for the imprint they have left on me, because I have grown and because of them I become a better Me. And, then, my Journey is full and ripe.

So…to all those who have been and will be part of my Journey…Bless You!…and I hold you dear in my heart. Whether you bring me joy or sadness…I choose the Power of the Positive and wrap Love around you. And…to those whose Journey I have joined and walked a bit with…I hope you can look at our time together as Positive too, and I hope that the imprint I have made on your life is a vibrant one. That is always my intention…to walk with Love and to shine it on you.

Journey 7

Our Journey’s are paved with many variations of events, people, and lessons. But it is we who hold the Power to determine how those would affect our lives. Rise up…and look through the heart…for it is the Love within that makes the Journey a Blessing.


Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts People

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of being.”   ~ Goethe

MarDrags’ Thoughts:  I like this quote because it encourages us to think about how we treat people. Do we consider and judge them by their weaknesses and failures…and treat them based on that? Or do we consider them, with no judgment, by their strengths and successes, and treat them according to those? In today’s world, I see more people judging others with a negative eye…and would that I could herald this message of Goethe’s…to treat people as if they are already the dream they hold of themselves, and so, help them become that dream, what they are capable of being. It is what we would wish for ourselves, is it not? Something to ponder.

Thoughts Love

“Your task is not to seek for love…but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ~ Rumi

MarDrags’ Thoughts:  It is not Love that is the culprit for being kept from us. It is the walls, barriers and dams that we build along the way that keeps it from reaching us. We think we are being wise by protecting our hearts…but Love is not meant to be harnessed and controlled. Love is meant to descend on us, rush on us like the wind, find the deepest chasm of our heart and invade it. It is a risk…but those stones that we build our walls with are cold bedfellows. Our task is to seek to remove the barriers…and Love, in its wisdom, will then find its way.

Thoughts Blessings

“Everything that happens to us has a blessing built into it.”  ~Wayne W. Dyer

MarDrags’ Thoughts:  This is such a great thought…and one I live every day of my life…and try to share with others too. While it is difficult to find that spark or positive thread within the chaos and miasma of pain or difficulty in our lives…if we can remember that there is something for us to see, to learn, in everything that happens to us…then it gives purpose to even the hardest things we go through. It is not for naught, and makes us grow. Bless them, see the Blessing in them…and they take on an entirely different perspective.

Thoughts Security

“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But, there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.”  ~ Alan Cohen

MarDrags’ Thoughts:  We all want to feel safe, content and secure…to have our lives be a comfortable fit. And we are most comfortable with that which is familiar. This is why change can be difficult…to initiate or manage. Decisions are agony when we are faced with leaving our security for a new adventure. We would rather stay with what is familiar, even if it is no longer serving us, or good for us, or promoting growth. But as the quote says…if it is no longer meaningful…than its security has become false to us, and we are only fooling ourselves so we do not have to move. But…for each false security we are brave enough to let go of…another is created that is better for us. We must Trust ourselves to know that when we let go…there is something else to catch onto. We will always find a place to land.