“Friday Mornings” ~ A Poem


Happy Friday! With the start of a new year, new desires, and new goals to start fresh with…I have come to a place in my journey where I am attempting to crawl out of my comfort zone of shyness with sharing a little bit more of my personal self on the blog. One way to do that is to share my poetry and stories. I am a Storyteller, to be sure, and I love it. I tell you readers a story every day about life. But, I am going to start sharing other stories too. I have posted a couple of poems before, and was asked about more. So, once or twice a month, I will use Friday as “sharing day”, and post something I have written from my countless notebooks of pages over the years. It is my intention too, to be published soon, so I had better get used to people reading my stuff, eh?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these scribblings from this errant writer. Be gentle. And may you find something that speaks to your Soul. Here is a poem I wrote many years ago…but is timeless. Have a great day! Blessings!

Strawberries 1

Friday Mornings

I want to eat chocolate covered strawberries

At 9:00am

On a Friday morning

With you

Whipped cream dripping

From your lips

Full and red

From kissing

I want to bathe

In the heat of your gaze

Swim in the depths of your eyes

Soft cries

Escape me

Wrapped in the velvet spread

Of your touch

Never enough

Too good for work today

A Horse, Of Course


Horse 1

The Horse Gallops In With Renewed Passion in 2014

I went looking for meaning for the year 2014 and came upon the Chinese Zodiac, in which I found some great information. It seems we are coming out of 2013, The Year of the Snake…and many people can attest to how difficult the year was…like a Snake in the grass that pounced as soon as he saw us. However…the Zodiac wheel is turning and we are now to enter…The Year of the Horse. The Wooden Horse or Green Horse, to be specific.

I swept the internet for its meaning as I am not well informed about the Chinese Zodiac, and found some encouraging and wonderful messages. All the sites speak of the Horse as a symbol of nobility, elegance, and determination. The Horse is warm-hearted, intelligent, strong, and able. The Horse is also a symbol of travel, so it indicates speedy success.

Horse is also a strong fire sign, linked to the Sun. Horse is a trustworthy animal who breaks free and runs with Power, Freedom, and a Oneness with Nature. Horse also indicates an expanded sense of self. They say the Year of the Horse will be expansive and exuberant and that people will be more forgiving and cooperative. It is also going to be a year for travel, parties, and community events.

Horse 2

All in all…according to the Chinese Zodiac…the Year of the Horse promises to be significantly better than last year. I just heard a collective sigh of relief! If we are to understand the messages…The Year of the Horse will be full with Passion, Exuberant Energy, Speedy Success, Freedom, Power, Travel, and Parties. Yes…it definitely sounds better than last year! So, take these “buzz words” into the New Year with you, carry them in your basket of wishes.

Horse 3

Harness the Power and Magnificence of the Horse and gallop into your New Year with fresh energy, looking forward to a calmer year, one full of new hope and successes. Ride that Horse barebacked…run through the fields of life, splash through the cleansing rivers, and let Horse take you on that new journey you have been waiting to take with your life.


A Bit of Weekend Inspiration


Good Morning! The weekend is finally here…the hectic energy of the week has calmed…and moments of personal pleasure are on the horizon. The flow of time is different on the weekends, is it not? Even if they are busy days, there is a hush from the rush, and we can let go the stress and allow our thoughts to travel to the shores of distant lands where our joy and comfort is of paramount importance. So…come sail away with me into a lovely weekend…with a little Inspiration to guide our way. Blessings!


I Am Strong

Magic Quote

Passion Purpose

Wild Thing

Magic Believe