Tuesday Affirmations ~ Mistakes


I have not done an “Affirmation Tuesday” in a few weeks, so here we are reclaiming it for today.  I seek my “Gift of Affirmations” deck by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber and spread the cards before me. I close my eyes and sweep my hand above them until I feel the heat and energy from the card that wished to present its message today.  That card is:

Mistakes 3

The Gift of Illumination: “I Learn From My Mistakes And Grow Wise And Strong”

“Use this gift when you are angry with yourself or other people for having made what you consider a mistake. Expectations are often unreasonable, especially the expectation that you can go through life without making mistakes or having to deal with the mistakes of others. Successful people know that mistakes are valued learning experiences.”

Mistakes 4

from the Desk of MarDrag:

People make mistakes. We ALL have made mistakes at one time or another in our lives. There is, in truth, not one person on this beautiful planet that has not made Mistakes. But we can be very hard on ourselves and others, and unforgiving, for these Mistakes.

Now, you all know I am a wordsmith, and I love all manner of words and I think they all have multiple meanings, if we look for them. So, let’s break this word down:

Mistakes is essentially ~ Mis – Takes.

Mistakes 6

We, or someone else, missed a take on a situation or issue, and made what we might deem an inappropriate decision or choice, based on the Mis-Take, they made a Mistake. As the quote says above, it is unreasonable to think that we, or someone else, can be so knowledgeable and evolved about everything in life that they would not have a Mis-Take and make some Mistakes along the way.

We learn, in life, by experience and gaining knowledge. But, if we don’t make Mistakes, how do we gain that knowledge. If we know something, we choose and behave accordingly. No Mistake. But, if we do not know about something and there is a lesson to be learned, it stands to reason that lesson would be preceded by a Mistake to show us what we need to pay attention to and learn from.

Most certainly, a person can repeat the same Mistake over and over, not getting the message, and frustrating all those around them. But Mistakes are a part of life, and allowing yourself, as well as others, the space to make them without mocking or judgment, then the potential for them to have the focus, energy and self-confidence to overcome the Mistake, learn from it, and move forward, is increased remarkably.

Mistakes 1

If we have to worry about what others think about our Mistakes, or cause others to worry what we think, then the attention gets diverted from the Mis-Take…and the lesson can be lost. This most certainly also applies to how hard we can be on ourselves, berating  and chastising ourselves over Mis-Takes. When we do that, we lose and use up precious energy that should be spent on recognizing and learning the lesson, implementing whatever changes are called for from that lesson, and then moving on to a better place because of it.

Focus on compassion, for yourself and others, and don’t judge those Mistakes. Make them, learn from them, and grow Wise and Strong from them…and encourage others to do the same.


Tuesday Affirmation ~ Using Fear


It has been a few weeks since I have done “Affirmation Tuesday”…so I bring to you a message today from my deck “Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. As I splayed the deck across my desk and waved my hand over them, the heat rose from the cards and one in particular sent a spark into my palm. The card is:

Fear 3

Affirmation of Compassion:   “I Use My Fears As Signs That Guide And Protect Me”

Message:   “Use this gift when your fears prevent you from acting in your best interest. Our fears exist to help keep us safe from harm and from repeating mistakes we have made. If we seek to understand why we are afraid, we can make fear our friend and helper, not our master. It is important to avoid fearing success and the many changes it will bring.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Fear is something we all live with, every day. It is part of our lives for many reasons, and it exists on many different levels. Natural Fear is necessary…that is, that Fear that warns us of danger, or tells us to keep our hand off the fire, or reminds us of a choice or mistake we do not want to make again. Natural Fear can serve us and be productive. It is an important emotion to keep and use to our benefit.

But, then there is the other Fear…that Fear that overwhelms us, can control us, and can keep us from living our lives in the way we want or need to. That debilitating Fear that keeps us from taking action, or venturing into a new experience or relationship, or stops us from living the life we deserve and desire. This type of Fear is not our friend, is not productive, and does not act in our best interest.

Fear can be such a dastardly thing to deal with…because it causes such…Fear. But the thing is…Fear is created, that is…we create it. It is within us and, if we have command of our emotions rather than our emotions having command of us, then we can manage that Fear and master it, so that we are not in its Power. If we create it…then we can uncreate it, for we are masters of our emotions and our domain. It is within our Power to deal with Fear as we see fit…no matter what its false voice would tell us. Use Fear to your advantage before it uses you.

Fear 2

You see, Fear has no Power on its own. It gains its Power by taking ours. But, in order to take the Power…we have to have Power in the first place. Do not believe that false voice of Fear that says you must succumb to it and pay it homage. It tells you this so you will hand it your Power. Say NO…I will not give up my Power to Fear. And watch it fade in the shadow of your authority.

Fear 1

As the affirmation says…Fear can be used as signs to guide us in life. But we cannot live a life well lived with Fear as our commander. Seek to study and enlighten yourself on the source of your Fear, seek to understand it, and make it work for you instead of against you. The more we understand ourselves…the less afraid we will be. Be Brave…and overcome your Fears. Be the Master/Mistress of your life!

Fear 5


How Great Your Power


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  ~ Alice Walker

“Personal power is the ability to stand on your own two feet with a smile on your face in the middle of a universe that contains a million ways to crush you.”  ~ J.Z. Colby

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”  ~ Buddha

“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.”  ~ Seneca

“By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feelings, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through.”  ~ Wayne Dyer

“If it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome.”  ~ E. A. Bucchianeri

“But that’s the challenge – to change the circumstance more than it changes you.”  ~ Michael Pollan

Power 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

This has been a difficult couple of weeks for everyone. I have spoken to so many who are discouraged with the daily news…and with their lives…and are questioning how we can possibly overcome the negative energy sweeping our world. They are questioning the strength of their Power…and whether it makes a difference at all. They ask if they should even keep trying. Blue moods and fatigue are overwhelming. I feel their pain and worry, and my heart goes out to each and every one. If I could take all this away, I would. Gladly.

But, since that is not possible, what I will try to do is bolster you, shore you up with words of support and encouragement. I will be a buoy for you to hold on to, a prop for you to lean on, and help bear your load until you are stronger. I will reinforce for you the truth that you are greater than you think you are at this moment, that you do have a wealth of might and vigor to draw upon, even if you don’t see it or feel it right now. It does not mean it is not inside you. You just have to tap the well a little deeper.

Power 7

But the one thing I want to do most for you…is to remind you that…your Personal Power is greater than anything circumstances can throw at you! The mountains before you may look high…but your Power is bigger, taller and far more supreme than any situation the Universe has put in your path. Will we let those circumstances best us? Or rise up to draw on and utilize our Power as it was meant to be used…as it was given to us. Use your Power to change how you feel about the circumstance even if it is not ready to change in the physical. Stand up to it, collect your energy, and wrap it back around you. It will sustain you. If you give it Power. Don’t give your Power away to the mountain, feeding it to make it bigger. Stand in the face of that mountain and show it how big your Power is. It won’t dare face you down. It will shrink to perspective in the shadow of your authority.

Power 3

We must live everyday as our True Self and shine our Power and Light into the world…even if we are not sure of its affect. We cannot give in…at some point, we will start to recover. And it will be because we did not give up, and that we stood as Spiritual Warriors and refused to allow our Power to diminish for any reason. If we all do this, we can Link By The Light of Our Souls…and that will be a force to behold! Live in the Strength of your Power!

Power 8Power 6