Friday Poetry ~ Portland



I was going through some old poetry this past week…letting my fingers wander through the pages as my mind swirled and wandered through the memories. So many life moments captured in these lettered words, on white paper now faded and tinged with yellow…their energy lifting off the page in a cloud of nostalgia. I breathed it in, and let my thoughts flow and wrap around me as I succumbed, and stepped out of time for a moment, and whirled and dipped and floated on those delicious memories. One stood out in its clarity, and so I share the poem here today. I remember exactly where I was sitting when I wrote this…at a bay window in my little apartment in an old Victorian house. My very first place on my own, having moved by myself to this city that had called me to its heart. It will always be my home, for it is where I found myself, for the first time. A dear city, I will return to. Someday. Enjoy! Blessings!

PO 2

Portland, Oregon

Oh, I so love the dusk in wintertime
As darkness slowly spills over the city
Lofty clouds hang heavy with rain
Over the lush full trees
As birds chatter one last time from their branches
Lights appear, shimmering in the sleek damp air
And disappear again
As they roll across Broadway Bridge in the distance
And a quiet hush sits about the air, as if
The city is holding its breath
In anticipation of the coming night

I sit suspended in those last moments of dusk
Suspended as if hanging on a thread of time
Captured in the spell of a winters eve
In Portland, the city of my heart

~ MarDrag ~

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