Monday Bucket List!



A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about doing a “Daily Bucket List” to help keep our focus on our own lives, worlds, possibilities, and actions to help us through this difficult time. So today…I am posting my “Monday Bucket List”. What is on your “Daily Bucket List” today? Whatever it is, I hope it makes you happy and positive because that will help the world too. Blessings!


#1 ~ Repeat my mantra when negative or worrying thoughts take over my mind: “No more fight, Peace, Love, and Light” over and over until I have Peace of Mind.


#2 ~ Focus my thoughts to send out Positive Energy to the everyone and the world instead of angry, negative energy.


#3 ~ Tell a joke to make people laugh and feel good.

Wishing you all a wonderful, Peaceful Monday full of Love and good thoughts!


We Made it!



The packages have been opened…the food cooked and eaten…and the messes made and cleaned…or some at least!


This is how I picture Santa the day after…


And how most of us are feeling this morning…


So I send you all a burst of energy…


And wish for you a smooth, happy start to the week!



Monday Message to My Readers


Good Morning! I have been absent a few days and I have missed being here! I have been unwell, and though I am on the mend, I still cannot sit long at computer. In a day or two, I will be right as rain, fit as a fiddle, gay as a grasshopper…and will be back with fresh posts, and of course our Wednesday Humor. Thanks for being patient.

For today, I did not want to leave you without a Monday Message.  This is one of my favorite…and I send it out to you today with all the Love in my Heart…because you are all amazing and should enter your day and week remembering that and living by it. Many Blessings and Love!!

Be Gentle 1

Monday Message ~ New Beginnings


Good Morning! It is the start of a new week, and time for our Monday Message. I turn to the Runes this morning for what wisdom they shall give and, as I draw a stone from its velvet perch, I seek the message from “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum. Here is what they say:

Inguz 1

Inguz: “Fertility, New Beginnings”

Message (paraphrased): “This Rune is akin to the moon, the intuitive part of our nature, with its urge toward harmonizing and adjusting in the sphere of personal relationships, with others as well as ourselves.

The completion of beginnings is what Inguz requires. It may mark a time of joyous deliverance, a new life, a new path. A Rune of great power, drawing it means you now have the strength to achieve completion, resolution, from which comes a new beginning. Above all, completion is crucial here. It may be timely that you complete a project now…and if so, make that your first priority. Perhaps a difficult state of mind can be resolved, clarified, turned around. The appearance of this Rune indicates that you must fertilize the ground for your own deliverance.

Inguz signals your emergence from a closed, chrysalis state. All things change and we cannot live permanently amid obstructions. As you resolve and clear away the old, you will experience release from tension and uncertainty. You may be required to free yourself from a rut, habit, or relationship that was proper to the self you are leaving behind.

Inguz counsels preparation. Be centered and grounded, free yourself from all unwanted influences, and be prepared to open yourself to a new beginning with calm certainty.”

Inguz 5

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Life is a cycle of New Beginnings, Experiences, Completions, and New Beginnings again. We follow this pattern over and over. And today…Inguz is telling us we are ready for the completion of a beginning so that we may have another new beginning. That might make our heads spin…but there is great truth in it.

The main message here from Inguz is that, in order to move forward with clean, clear energy…we must complete what we have already begun to make way for that new part of life, the new path. It is always best, when moving on to new things, to finish, what we had started before, so that we can complete that cycle and leave nothing in the way of a fresh start. We do not want to bring with us into a New Beginning anything that belongs in the past, or is not resolved. It will muddle and confuse us in the Light of a New Chapter. If you think about it…each chapter of a book is, in itself, a complete work…with the end of each chapter having its “last word” which leads us to the beginning of a new chapter, a new work on its own. And those chapters link together to make an entire book, and entire life. If we stand back and observe the book as a whole, much like our lives, we will see that each chapter flows with a new page through to the end, and then begins again anew.

Inguz 6

The other message today from Inguz is one of Strength. It signals the end of a “frozen state”. Leaving this “closed” state, breaking through it, gives us Strength and Energy. There is so much truth to the statement that we cannot live permanently amid obstructions. The good times may pass…but so do the difficult times. There is always passage beyond obstructions. What we need to be aware of is…how do we pass through them? Inguz suggests that we pass through them by releasing the old, letting go of what created them, and cleansing and grounding ourselves in preparation for a new path. When we clear away the old, we relieve ourselves of the stress of holding on to something that belongs to the past, and we free the space for something new to replace it.

Inguz 3

So, we prepare ourselves for a New Beginning. Put our focus on clearing out anything that no longer serves us…an attitude, thoughts, a job, people, old ideas of self…anything that belongs to the old self. In the act of clearing, tension releases, we feel better, and the New Beginning can take root in new and clean energy.


About This Energy! Re~Post


Good Monday Morning! At the request of a few readers, I am reposting this message about the current energy as we begin another week in this crazy mixed-up world we live in. I hope it helps, and gives us some peace as we navigate through our daily lives. Many Blessings to all of you!


E 1

I am writing this post as a bit of a message from me…no cards, Runes, or oracles today. Just me.

The current energy flow is knocking us around…tossing us like leaves on a windy day. We get up in the morning and try to be “normal”…but this energy that is permeating our world seeps in and begins to take over, and we are affected by it. With all that is going on around the world…this flow of energy is dastardly. Everyone is feeling it. And having a rough time managing through it. World events, weather, and personal woes have accelerated with this energy, and it “looks” like no matter what we do, it is difficult to rise above it. In my work these recent weeks, I find myself repeating and reinforcing the same message, reminding people of a few things that will help with this process, and encouraging everyone to stick to these things, to not allow the rampant forces to overwhelm us. I share those things here too, in hopes it will help in some small way.

The most important thing is…we do not have to allow this energy to take over our lives. Even though it is rampant and strong and permeating…we still have command over our Personal and Sacred Spaces…and we must not let this energy lead us to believe anything else. It would have us believe that we have no choice but to succumb to it…but that is not the Truth. And does not have to be “our” truth. Once we take this in and believe it, we can do something to reinforce our energy and personal power.

So, the first thing to do is…Cleanse and Get Grounded. Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, there are processes, prayers, meditations, and rituals for Cleansing and Grounding. Do them. Often. I have just such a process I teach, and do myself, and it helps so much. Just yesterday morning, I did my Cleansing process and felt and saw the sludge of negative energy cleanse from my system and aura…and I felt so much better for having done it. I then Grounded my energy with the Earth Mother, reset my Boundaries, and declared my Sacred Space clean and clear. I was able to go on the rest of the day Balanced and Centered. Even though “that energy” was still near, I was better able to keep it outside my Boundary and not allow it to overtake my day and mood or affect how I felt and related to others.

E 2

Much of the angst we are all feeling is not connected to anything in our own lives. I have heard so many people say, “I don’t know why I feel this way, nothing is really wrong” or “I don’t understand why I can’t get out of this funk” or “I am crying all the time and I don’t know why”. Certainly, we all have issues in our lives to deal with…but with the enhancement of this negative energy, those things seem bigger and harder to manage. But, the real issue is…much of the negativity we are feeling is because of the global negative energy that is rounding this planet. If we can remember that…and Cleanse ourselves of it as often as possible…it will make our own issues easier to handle. And…it will press back on the global negative and help to change the flow.

Each time one person Cleanses, Grounds, and gets their Light shining again….it connects with another who does the same…and that gets the Light flowing again. It is so imperative that we do not let this dastardly energy win by allowing it to take residence in our lives. Yes, we must deal with it and the world’s problems and find solutions, etc….but we do not and must not allow it to become the norm. We must fight it…and fight it by using our Light and the tools we have to keep our own space, our own lives, our own hearts and souls clear. By doing this…we contribute to the collective Balance and Peace we all wish to see become reality. That reality begins with our own lives…and from there spreads and flows into the world energy.

E 3

So, let us each consider and focus on what we can do to keep our own energy Clear and Grounded, which helps us to operate and be in our lives in a better way, which helps the collective. It is a ripple that begins with each individual. This is how we can make a difference right now, in our own lives and in the overall energy.

Stand in the center of the circle of our life as the Spiritual Warriors that we are, raise our swords, and declare that we shall vanquish this dastardly foe…one moment at a time…one day at a time…one Light circle at a time…and as each of those connect…we begin to build a circle of a far different nature…and Balance and Peace become possible.

E 4

(If anyone wants to know about the Cleansing and Grounding processes I teach, please feel free to contact me at the email address on the contact page. There are two blogs about Boundaries posted last week if you would like to reference that process.)

Go out in your life today and be that True Self that you are no matter what is happening around you. Remember…our Core Self never changes…it is always there to support and guide us…even when we feel everything else has overwhelmed us. Be the Light Force that you already are. Be Brave and Compassionate and Steady. We WILL get through this…and we WILL get to a better place. Believe!

E 5

And, from my Heart and Soul to yours, I send you Love, Light, and Support! May each of you be filled with Love and Peace this day!


Monday Message ~ Breath of Life


As I sat this morning and meditated on this week’s message, I had the urge to seek one from the animal kingdom. So I took to my “Animal Medicine Cards” and book, “The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson and asked what they would tell my readers this morning. The card I pulled was the Dolphin. Here is what it had to say:

D 2

Dolphin: “Breathe, Take In Life Force, Accept The Gift of Usable Energy, Touch The Invisible”

Message (paraphrased): “Dolphin speaks to us of the breath of life, the only thing that humans can not go without for more than a few minutes. We can live without water and food for days, but oxygen is the source of our sustenance. Within the breath we encounter the rhythm of energy that all life emits. In changing the rate or rhythmic texture of our breath, we find an easy way to connect with Divine energy as well as with our own personal rhythms.

Dolphin is the keeper of the sacred breath of life, and teaches us how to release emotions through breath. Dolphin creates rhythm, swimming through the water and breathing before submerging, then holding its breath for the duration of underwater travel. As Dolphin comes above water again, it blows its breath out in a manner resembling the popping of a cork. We can use this same technique to pull the stopper on our tensions and create total relaxation.

Dolphin teaches us how to use life force through our breath. It revitalizes each cell and organ, and breaks limits and dimensions of physical reality so that we can enter “soul time”. Dolphin knows that all communication is pattern and rhythm and became a carrier of messages. And that breath is the communication with the rhythms of nature.

Be mindful of your body rhythms and patterns of energy. Breathe and know that you are whole.”

D 6

from The Desk of MarDrag:

As Dolphin says, breath is the sustenance of our lives, and of nature. By becoming aware of the rhythm of our breath, we can tap into our own personal rhythms and change or adjust them. We can also release tension and emotions that have built up because of stress or worry.

By consciously paying attention to our breath, we can help our minds and bodies to release and relax. Haven’t we all been told when we are upset to “just breathe” in order to calm down or relax? And it works. But we do not have to wait until we are upset to use that technique.

D 4

As the message indicates…sometimes we feel we are “just trying to keep our heads above water”…and that if we submerge, we will be overwhelmed. But Dolphin shows us that we can survive those times of traveling underwater…and emerge again, able to release the tension and stress that difficult times create. And we can release it all, through our breath. It is the Life Force that sustains us, that connects us to our inner life force and feeds our cells the precious oxygen they need to flourish and thrive. When we breathe deep, we are nurturing our mind, body and spirit…in one breath.

Deep breathing can also take us through those moments when we would react to life’s difficulties in a negative way. It can help us take that pause we need before we react, and it can infuse us with clarity and calm so that we can have that moment to assess the situation before reacting.

D 5

Breath is the elixir of Life. So feed your soul and take a few moments each day to close your eyes, breathe deeply…take the breath all the way down past your chest and into your belly, your core. Hold it for a few seconds, then let it go, like the pop of a Dolphin breath, and release your tension. See it flowing out of you as you exhale. Do this several times and feel your body and mind relax as well as promoting the blood flow through your cells. There is also the element of connecting to Divine Energy with prolonged deeper breathing.

So, no matter how, when, where or why you do it…take those few minutes daily to breathe life into your mind, body, and soul and tap into the rhythms of your unique being. Feel that deeper connection to Self as your breath flows through you. And be as the Dolphin…go with the flow.

D 1


Monday Message ~ A Journey, Communication


Good Morning! It is time to begin another week and seek our message to take with us and guide us. For that message, the Runes spoke strongly this morning, and so I take the stones in hand, draw close “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum…and seek their words of wisdom. The stone that presented itself for today is:

R 1

Raido: “A Journey, Communication, Union”

Message (paraphrased): “Raido is another Rune in the cycle of Self-Transformation. This Rune is concerned with communication, with the attunement of something that has two sides, two elements, and with the ultimate reunion that comes at the end of a journey, when what is above and what is below are united and of one mind. Moreover, this union is realized from within rather than through the force of circumstances.

Inner worth mounts here, and at such a time, we must remember that we are not intended to rely entirely upon our own power, but rather to ask what constitutes right action. Ask the teacher within. Once you are clear, you can neutralize your refusal to let right action flow through you. Not intent on movement, be content to wait, and keep removing all resistance, As the obstructions give way, all remorse arising from “trying to make it happen” disappears.

As always, the journey is toward Self-Healing, Self-Change, and Union. But the perfect union of Heaven and Earth, above and below, cannot be forced. Trust your own process – that is the essence of this Rune. Keep on cutting away illusions. Innermost feeling, spontaneously expressed is what is called for now. Raido urges you to undertake your Journey, your Quest – and if you have already begun…to continue.”

R 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

And so, steadfastly on our journeys, Raido tells us to continue…to not give up now…that the union within, of above and below, is imminent. That is, our spiritual self and our mundane physical self are within reach of union. And is that not what we strive for? To combine our spiritual life with our everyday life, and make them one, as a perfect union, so that we may live and enjoy our lives, fulfill our life’s purpose and realize our dreams, and assist the world in its healing. Stay with that!

Though we may look for answers or validation of this union from circumstances around us, Raido tells us that the realization comes from within, and not forced through what happens to us. It also tells us that we are not alone in this, that forces are at work around us, and so we must wait at times for those forces to complete their task before we can resume ours. BUT…in that waiting period, we are not idle. This is the time to work on ourselves and clear away all obstructions and resistance, to open the channel, and then ask our inner Wiser Self what is the “right action”. As we listen and continue to clear away resistance to the circumstances we are faced with, then right action can flow through us and we can let go of “trying to make it happen” and allow it to happen as it is meant to be. As it is right, for us.

R 3

So too, communication is of utmost importance here. Communication with the Self, but also in relationships and all matters. We must be conscious and aware of how we communicate with ourselves, those around us, and out in the world. Are we communicating to the best of our ability, and with care? And, what we communicate has power, so we must be clear about what we “put out there”…because it does have impact on our lives, and also on the lives around us.

R 4

Our life’s Journey is always toward the Self and the perfect union of above and below within. Trust that Journey, that process. If you are not sure where that Journey is taking you, stand firm and be patient, remove obstructions and resistance to it, and allow the forces without and within, above and below, to merge into a perfect flow of Power and Rightness to guide you on your Quest. And do not ever give up on that Journey. You are needed, honored, cherished, and loved.

R 5


Monday Message ~ Faith In The Future Re-Post


Good Monday Morning! Once Again, I find myself compelled to re-post this message as so many people lately have been wondering about the current chaos and the future. In my stats, many of you have been accessing this post…so I am re-posting it again today for our Monday Message. May it give you something to take into your week that brings some peace of mind. Hang in there, stick together…and Shine Your Love and Light! Blessings!


Today I felt the call to seek my “Gifts of Affirmations” cards by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber and see what message they have for us today. As always, the card I pulled speaks to us as we navigate through this awkward and difficult time. The card I pulled was…

F 1

Gift of The New: “I Have Faith In The Future I Cannot See”

Message: “ Use this gift when you are worried or anxious. These feelings are usually caused by our attachment to either a particular outcome or to wanting to know exactly how things are going to turn out. We have the power to change our future. How many of our past worries never came to pass?”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

With all that is going on in our lives and the world right now, it is hard not to worry and have anxiety. But consider that…so much of that worry is anticipation about what might happen and how we will be able to handle it. We can spin many tales in our minds and hearts about the “worst case scenario”, and then hold on to it, creating deep anxiety and stress. And sometimes, that energy helps to create what we are most afraid of, because that is what is foremost in our minds.

So, consider the act of staying in the moment and not projecting into the future. In this very moment, are you ok? Is what you are worrying about still just a thought, or has it happened? Is there still a chance a solution can be found? Have you worried in the past about something that never happened? Do you worry to the point of damaging your quality of life?

F 2

There is a saying: For every problem there is an equal solution. A problem cannot exist without its counterpart, the solution, or then it would not be a problem. Believe that. Every problem absolutely has an equal solution. It is called the Law of Polarity. There is an opposite side to everything. If a problem exists…then the opposite of it, or solution, must also exist.

Now, focus on the Belief in the solution, instead of just focusing on the problem, and the channels open up so the solution can flow through. That is where the Power is. And in doing this, we eliminate all those moments, hours and days of anxiety and we retain some quality of life as we go through the difficulty.

Just because we can’t see a solution in the moment…does not mean it is not there. And just because we have a problem(s) does not mean we have to allow it to color every area of our life, or define us, or feel bad about ourselves, or lose our daily dose of joy or peace. Do not give the problem that much Power. Keep your Power for the solution.

Have Faith that the future you cannot see contains what you need and desire…and that energy will help to create those things rather than building on the problem. Have Faith that, just as you have done before, you will pass through your difficulty and thrive.

F 3


Monday Message ~ Boundaries



Good Morning and welcome to the start of another week. For our Monday Message to get us started, I sought the wisdom of the animal kingdom once again…and they have not failed us. The message this morning is an important one, which I will write more about tomorrow, but for today, I dip into the deck of “Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson and the one that comes to hand is:

A 1

Armadillo ~ Boundaries, Respect Your Sacred Space

Message (paraphrased):
“Armadillo wears its armor on its back, its medicine is part of its body. Its boundaries of safety are a part of its total being. Armadillo can roll into a ball and never be penetrated by enemies.

What a gift to set your boundaries so that harmful words or intentions just roll off. Your lesson is in setting up what you are willing to experience. If you do not wish to experience feeling invaded, just call on Armadillo medicine.

If Armadillo medicine has waddled into the cards chosen today, it is time to define your space. You may have been too willing to allow others to define your space, to say yes when you want to say no, or to allow what others say to impact you too much. It is time to ask yourself if you are honoring your own time, space, and feelings.

Setting up Boundaries is necessary. It is your perimeter of what you will and won’t do; what makes you feel uncomfortable and what is comforting to you. How you react in any circumstance has to do with your ability to be objective. You cannot be objective if you cannot tell where another person’s personality (or a circumstance) stops and where yours begins. If you have no Boundaries, you are like a sponge, soaking up all of the energy, thoughts, and feelings of others. It can make you confused about your own true feelings.

Ask yourself if all that you are feeling and experiencing is really yours. Then allow Armadillo’s armor to slice in-between, giving you back your sense of Self.”

A 6

from The Desk of MarDrag:

This message from Armadillo is so profound and timely today. The topic of Boundaries is an important one, and one I have been meaning to write about. I will write more about it tomorrow, but for today, let us take the advice Armadillo gives us and focus on setting our Boundaries around our Sacred Space.

Our Sacred Space is that space we occupy, defined as we choose in this life. It is our right to protect that space and to have it be exactly as we want it to be…because within that space is where we find our power, comfort, and peace. When that space is invaded by other peoples energy, words, or actions (or that of the world in general), then we can feel put upon and overwhelmed and depressed, and rightly so.

A 4This is why it is so important to draw our Boundary around our Sacred Space and protect it, and ourselves, from that which we choose not to experience. In other words, if someone is saying something to us and it is not what we experience or believe, we have a right to keep that outside our Boundary; to hear it and understand it, but to allow it to roll off the armor of our Boundary and not touch us. We do not have to take on everything everyone hurls at us…including the chaos of world issues.

A 2

We are going through tough times. In order to survive them and thrive within them and then change them, we need to remember to protect ourselves…to gather our Boundaries around us and not allow this dastardly energy swirling around to get to us and discourage us. Armadillo tells us to draw the magic of the Light of our Boundaries around us and let this negativity roll off so that we can remain steadfast in our efforts to shine that Light within and not let anyone tell us or convince us that we cannot experience a change for the better in the world…and in our own worlds.

We choose our experiences…and we have the right to choose what we allow into our Sacred Space. It is not that we shut the world out, but that we determine what that world is made of. And that effort begins within our own individual worlds.

So, let us look at our worlds today and let US be the source of what defines the nature of those worlds, and then let us be as Armadillo and set our Boundaries and protect those worlds…which will then Link By The Light of Our Souls…and makes such a difference in our daily life.

A 3

(Tomorrow’s blog will be about how to draw those Boundaries and maintain them).


Monday Message ~ The Self


Good Monday Morning! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend enjoying the summer. For our Monday Message , I turn to the Rune’s today for the nugget of wisdom we will take with us into the week. As I draw “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum to me and plunge into the bag of stones, the Rune that comes to hand is:

M 1

Mannaz: “The Self”

Message (paraphrased): “The starting point is always with the Self. The essence is water. Only clarity, willingness to change, is effective now. A correct relationship to yourself is primary, for from it flows all possible correct relationships with others and with the Divine.

Remain modest – that is the Rune’s counsel. Regardless of how great may be your merit, be yielding, devoted and moderate, for then you have true direction for your way of life.

Be in the world but not of it. That is implicit here. And yet, do not be closed, narrow or judging. Remain receptive to impulses flowing from the Divine within and without. Strive to live the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. Remember at all times what is coming to be and passing away, and focus on that which abides. This is the time of major growth and rectification and, as a rule, rectification must come before progress.

This is not a time to seek credit for accomplishments or to focus on results. Rather, be content to do your task for the tasks sake. This is more of a problem for those whose eyes are always on the goal than it is for those who have not forgotten how to play and can more easily lose themselves in doing the work, for its own sake. Herein lies the secret of experiencing a true present.

Balancing is called for now – the Self is required to balance the Self. Nothing in excess. Know thyself.”

M 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Of all the struggles we have in life, the greatest struggle is always with the Self. We have so many aspects of life that influence our thoughts and behavior, that we are constantly dialoguing with ourselves about what, when, who, how, and why. What Mannaz is telling us today is…that all of that “stuff” is not as important as the cultivating of the relationship of the Self to the Self. That should be our primary focus…because if our relationship to our Self is healthy and in Balance…then all else flows from that relationship, and flows “rightly”.

We are conditioned to think that if we just had “this”, or if “that’ would just happen, we would be content. With that as our focus, we are always looking outside and ahead of ourselves for something to make everything “right”. But that is a fallacy…for nothing can make us happy, content, and balanced…but ourselves and our relationship with our Self.

M 3

Mannaz says, “Be in the world, but not of it”…meaning…seek to know thyself with clarity and willingness to change and progress. Learn from the world around us, but do not become embedded in its confusion. Rise above the mundane and nurture the relationship with the Divine…whatever that means to us. Because it is there that we will find the answers we seek and the contentment too. And most importantly…the Balance. (Take on the task to connect or reconnect with our Spiritual exploration and work to aid us).


And finally…take on this task, and any task in life, for the tasks sake and not for the goal. It is in the doing the task that enlightenment and accomplishment comes…the goal is the reward. It is in focusing and being in the moment with our tasks that we experience the true feeling of being present in our lives…and we will not miss important clues and messages.

So the message today is…be present in every moment of every day, take life tasks on for the sake of the task and what we learn from it and how we accomplish it, and most of all…seek to cultivate, clarify, and focus on our relationship to the Self, which leads us to the Divine and Balance so that we can live our best life. Which is what we, ultimately, all seek.

M 4