Weekend Inspiration ~ Meditation


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We live in a very noisy world,  our minds assaulted daily with the clatter of life and the commotion of chaos. Sound comes at us from everywhere, and with technology as it is, we have the diversion and distraction of multiple sources at a time…be it phones, computers, music players, television…and so much more. We live in a time of constant communication…yet we have forgotten how to communicate…in Silence.

With all of the stimulus and racket coming at us, it is so important to carve out time to go into the quiet, to experience silence…so that our inner voices can once again be heard. If we are always only listening to the voices and sounds outside ourselves, our equilibrium of life tips and stumbles. For, it is within those quiet moments that our wise inner voice can speak to us and guide us. It is the Soul we need to remember to listen to, it speaks the words that would aid us and show us the way of our life.

As busy as we can be…if we take just 10/15 minutes a day to go quiet, clear our minds, and seek the “Sounds of Our Souls”, it can and will make such a difference in the quality of our daily life and the Peace we seek…and it contributes to the overall Peace of the planet. Take a few moments today to meditate in silence…and see what the quiet can bring to your senses.


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Weekend Inspiration ~ Meditation

Meditate 7

It seems the messages that came through for inspiration for my blog posts this week spoke a great deal about potential, space, and going quiet to look into that space to see the potential of possibilities that are close at hand for us. “Going Quiet” can mean many different things to all of us…and they are all good and right…but one of the best ways to go into the quiet, or space, is to Meditate. Whether it be simply sitting with eyes closed in silence or in full on Meditation…these moments help us get back in balance and stay cleansed and grounded so that we can be in optimum form to handle our lives. And also, in Quiet Meditation, we connect with the Divine and are able to hear and feel those wispy voices of wisdom that have so many wonderful things to tell us. Intuition speaks in that silence. An important voice to hear.

So…this weekend inspiration is…to find a few moments to Meditate, or Go Quiet, and listen for the whispers of wisdom that come to you. Or, simply quiet your mind and enjoy the peace that silence and space bring with them. Relax…and feel the calm sweep over you, and know that…it will all be OK.

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Meditate 4

I love the following quote because it sends a timely message that…if we remember to consider every action we take, every chore we do, every care we take with others, every meal we make…is an action of our inner spirit…and if we perform each act with grace and harmony, our lives will automatically be full of love and peace. Put love, grace and harmony into everything you do and it will stream back to you.

Meditate 2

Enjoy your weekend in the Quiet of the Soul…

and may you find Peace, Love and Harmony there.


National Relaxation Day

Relax 4

I have an amusing book called “The Bathroom Trivia Almanac” and, yes, it sits in a prominent place in one of my bathrooms…there for reading material when needed. 🙂 It actually has some interesting facts and fun information in it…just like a regular almanac. It has a pretty maroon hardcover too, with bright gold lettering!

Yesterday, I happened to pick it up and looked ahead to today and was surprised to see that today, August 15th, is National Relaxation Day. How about that? A designated day to Relax! I have no idea who declared August 15th the National Day to Relax…but let’s take what we can get.

Relax 2

Now, most of us do not have the luxury of taking the day off…but if you can…you have a good excuse. Take the day and let yourself Relax and Rejuvenate. Maybe change your plans and spend the day in dial down mode…give yourself that gift.

For the rest of us, if we can’t take the day off…we can still get some Relaxing in, which is good for the soul. Take a lunch break and go sit at a park instead of eating at your desk. Take a walk around the block, or even sit in your car. Take some long deep core breaths and let the stress and tension within flow out with the breath and feel yourself Relax. Those deep, core breaths where you breath in, take the air in past your chest, all the way down to your belly, even push it out a little with that breath…and then release it in a long, slow exhale. Feel all that pent up stress just flow out of you and give you relief. Even a few minutes of this can change your entire day and/or attitude. And, even if you can’t “get away”, sit at your desk, or in the bathroom stall, close your eyes, and imagine you are on a sandy beach listening to the waves kiss the shore, and take some of those deep breaths, releasing your stress and worry, if even for a few minutes.

Relax 1

You will be amazed at the difference it will make in your day. And remember too…you don’t have to wait for National Relaxation Day to do this. Do it every day, and increase your quality of life a little bit each day. It adds up!

Relax 3


Our Source For This Life


I have been out of my office this week, taking some necessary time for myself, a break to rejuvenate and reconnect with myself. I do not do this very often…certainly not often enough…but that is a condition of this current age, is it not? We are busy and our lives are full of a great many things to manage. But…I write and teach about taking time for oneself…and so, I took myself at my own word…and arranged some time for me.

As I was spending time in Meditation, something very profound came over me, and I wanted to share it.

We are all called daily to give of ourselves…and though we likely do not do so enough…we should remember to give back to ourselves and do/think those things that fill us back up and Rejuvenate us…so we do not become overwhelmed, depleted, and ultimately empty. As I was doing these things for myself, one of them being Meditation, a new clarity started to open up about WHAT it is that we fill ourselves with. We all have our personal interests and spiritual food…but I began to ask a different question. From where does that come?

Source 1

And the answer that came booming over me while deep in Meditation was…SOURCE. Our Source. Our own individual Source. That is…we as separate individual beings have a Source…our own direct Source. We learn about THE Source…whatever that means to each one of us, whether it be God, Goddess, Higher Powers, Universe, Earth, Spirit, etc…or all of the above! But in this Meditation…the meaning of Source presented itself in an absolute condensed focus…and I was shown my own individual line of Source…that was my connection and only mine. In other words, we pray to and draw from the Greater Source…but there is also our own personal Source, just for this life. Every being has their own unique Source, the point of energy where we begin and end. That line of Source is only for that individual, for that life and that life alone…and it is what feeds us.

So, when we look to be Rejuvenated…whether we can “get away” or not…all we need do is call to “Our Source” to flow into us and fill us up. The “doing” of that which revitalizes us is a pleasure, and we need to do that…but, it is the opening up to our own particular line of Source that truly fills us…and we need nothing, no one, and nowhere to access it.

I feel like I am hopelessly stumbling on the words to convey these thoughts…excruciating for a writer! So let me try a visual with an analogy! The Earth is filled with people, the sky with stars.

Source 4

For every person on the planet, there is a star in the heavens that is their own individual point of light. Visualize that there is a thread connecting each person to each star.

Source 3

The threads run smoothly through the heavens, never getting tangled, because at the Source, there is always balance and harmony. Through that thread runs our energy, vitality, spiritual nourishment. Our star is our own star, and feeds no one but us. The Greater Source feeds everyone, including our own star/source…but this one particular star…is just for us. Our own Source…always ready and full to send us what we need. It is never depleted. It can never be broken. And it will never leave us or fail us. And it knows exactly what we need. We need not fear to Trust it.

So…we have prayed or asked or begged of the Greater Source, and we all have, with differing results. But think of the possibilities once we realize, in absolute Knowing, that our own line of Source is there too. It confirms our place in the world, the universe. Even if we are lost within ourselves…our place in the universe is not lost. So we are always connected to and anchored in…our Source.

Source 5

Just as Nature is the Greater Source for a river…it still springs forth from it’s own Source point of rock, stream, or pond, etc. And so too…though we are all part of and can draw on the Greater Source…we still have our own individual Source of this one Life we have to live. Perhaps it is time to remember and become more aware of and reclaim that Source. For that Source embodies our Destiny, our True Life Purpose, and the Essence of who we Truly Are.

Call to that Source, Receive the flow, and see what happens.