Dazzle The World With Your Light ~ Repost



Everyone has a Light within their soul that Shines. It is connected to the Universal Light…the Divine Light…the God Light…the Goddess Light…the Earth Light…the Celestial Light…it reflects and is a reflection of the Light…however you define it for yourself.


The thing is…..we are full of Light….we shimmer with it…and if we look deeply, we can see the glow of that Light that sparkles within us, warms us, and illuminates our beauty.


We need to focus our attention on this Light now more than ever, bring it forward and let it shine upon this world. Let the Light gleam from your heart. Dazzle the world with your unique radiance. Let it stream over your loved ones, friends, neighbors and into every corner of the world.


Direct that beam of stunning love and compassion as you go about every day, and let it illuminate the gloom and glitter in the shadows. It WILL make a difference, in your life and universal life. We need your Light to shine so….


Dazzle The World With Your Light!