About Letting Go

Letting Go 6

It can be very difficult to let things go when we have strong emotions that are tied to whatever it is we are holding on to. Whether it is a past mistake, something someone did to us, a fault of ours, thoughts we feel we should not have, anger, frustration, something we want to manifest…any manner of things that take up space in our minds and hearts and make us hurt, regret, get angry, worry to the point of distraction or even go into depression.

Letting Go 2

Consider that by holding on to whatever “it” is, we are keeping “it” alive, keeping it in the forefront of our minds, hearts and souls…not giving ourselves a chance to work it out, get over it, or let it go. We keep running the tape about it over and over and over and over again in our minds. But does it go anywhere? Does it help to keep running the tape? Does it change anything about what is on the tape? Does it solve the problem?

Letting Go 9

Think of it this way…You are holding an object in your hand, you curl your fingers around it, feel it press against the palm of your hand. As you hold it tighter, you feel its impression deeper and deeper against your palm, your fingers are becoming stiff with the force of holding this object, your finger nails now digging into your skin. You are holding it so tight your knuckles are turning white and you begin to feel the muscles in your forearm tensing with the struggle. Your elbow cracks with the force as it moves up your arm, into the upper portion and clear up to your shoulder and into your neck, up through your head. Your muscles are tensing and flexing so hard now your arm begins to vibrate. You are holding this object so hard that your entire arm, shoulder and then your whole body reacts to the power of it, struggling with the might that is your own strength. Sense the enormous amount of energy it takes to hold on to this object, to keep it in your hand and not let it fall. It takes all of your concentration, will, strength and power to hold it there, keep it there. You are literally holding your breath with the sheer effort of it all. You are aware of how hard it is to hold onto this thing, how much of your valuable energy it uses up. And you begin to feel like you can’t take it anymore.

Letting Go 7

The lesson here is…It takes far more energy and effort and causes far more pain to hold on, then it does to Let Go.

Letting Go 10

We are the very hand that causes the stress and strain that we feel from holding on so tight and being unable to let go. The hand, arm, shoulder and head signify the heart, mind, soul and body and the damage we do to them.

Letting Go

It takes great courage to Let Go of something we want to fix, change, create, or manifest. When we Hold On…we are taking up valuable space that, if cleared, is ready to receive the abundance the universe has to offer us…the abundance of what is right and good for us.

Imagine opening that hand (above)…uncurl those fingers and allow what you have been holding on to, to go free. Just as we have our own unique place in this universe…so do the things, people, and emotions and feelings in our life that we hold on to. Letting them go allows them to get to the space or place they belong. If they are meant for us, they will stay. If they are not, they will fly free, and we will have the magical opportunity to refill that space with something that is better for us.

Imagine the relief of not having to struggle to hold on…and letting the flow back into our lives. Deep breath now! It is a good thing!

Letting Go 4


Forgiveness of the Self


“Forgiveness of Self is impossible until you stop longing for a better past.” ~Author Unknown

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” ~Marilyn Monroe

“No amount of self-improvement can make up for any lack of self-acceptance.” ~Robert Holden

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ~Siddhartha

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” ~Dalai Lama

“We are all full of weakness and errors, let us mutually pardon each other our follies” ~Voltaire

from the Desk of MarDrag:

We are Human…in beauty, grace, love, and light…but we are flawed too. We are taught to aspire to be the best human being we can be…but sometimes we fail at that. Because, gasp, we are human. What a conundrum!

We are all our own unique tapestry, events in our lives weaving the pattern that makes us who we are. Sometimes the thread gets caught in the needle, sometimes it snaps, breaks away from the weave and has to be repaired and blended back into the overall picture of the tapestry again. Where it is mended, sometimes we can see the flaw…but each and every thread, each snap, each patch or repair, each flaw…is exactly what makes that tapestry unique, special, unlike any other tapestry. Without them, we would be factory manufactured wall hangings.

Tapestry 1

As humans, sometimes we make mistakes or missteps. They can be hurtful…to ourselves and to others. And we can regret them miserably and feel like we can never forgive ourselves for them. We feel that we should have known better. But, knowing better comes from making mistakes and learning from them. If we had “known better” then we would not have made the mistake. But, how can we know better without making the mistake first? Another conundrum.

When we can’t forgive ourselves for past mistakes or missteps, we can turn our insides into knots of despair over things that have long passed. Most of the time, we are the only ones thinking about it. Everyone else has moved on. But because we aspire to be a better person, we look back and cringe and think, no, I am no better than that mistake. And that is not true. If we look at our mistakes and learn from them, those errors in judgment are no longer a part of us. The cycle gets completion. Mistake – lesson learned – forgive yourself – let it go. Personal growth occurs, and we evolve into that better person we wanted to be. And that mistake, then, is no longer a part of us now…but a part of the person we used to be. Let it go.

Tapestry 4 Forgive

Hanging on to past mistakes by not forgiving ourselves clogs the energy paths through which new and good things come to us. It can only still affect us if we keep dragging the past into the present. Clear the path – let the past go back to where it belongs – in the past. Even if it was just yesterday.

A question to ask ourselves is…”If this is still part of my life, and if it still affects me, why is it still important to hold on to, do I still need to learn a lesson?” If the answer is yes, then set about working on it. Just taking action within yourself will make you feel better. But if the answer is no, and you are just obsessing over something you can no longer change, then Let. It. Go. It harms no one but yourself…and you can’t move forward with a sack of regret and self-loathing hanging on your back.

That is not what God, or the Higher Powers, or the Divine want for us. We humans made this up. And it is not in the Divine Plan. The Divine Plan is for us to be happy, healthy and empowered. Why do we argue with that plan so much?

So, we must forgive ourselves. And know that in the bigger picture, in the full scope of our tapestries, there are many gorgeous, wonderful threads that make up who we are, not just those mistakes and flaws. In the grand picture, those are just imperfections that make the tapestry unique. And when you step back and look at the full picture, they are a small part of its entire scope.

Tapestry 2

At any given moment, you have the power to say, this is not how the story ends.

A quick exercise ~ In the next 15 minutes, if you can do something about that thing that is bothering you, go do it. If there is nothing you can do, for the next 15 minutes…let it go, and do not worry about it. Just for 15 minutes, let yourself have peace. Take a deep breath and put it outside your boundary. And feel the relief and peace. Practice this as mush as possible and then extend 15 minutes to 30 minutes…then an hour, couple of hours, then a whole day. Sometimes we have to retrain our minds to step off a pattern we have been doing for a long time. With practice, it becomes the new pattern, and becomes a part of the person we want to be, which in honesty, is who we already are.


Taking Steps One At A Time


This picture caught my attention yesterday when I was looking for something else, and I was struck by the message I saw here. Life is full of small to large challenges, events, obligations and hopes that we take steps on every day. We may just be starting at the bottom of the stairs, or we may be in the middle wondering if we should continue….and sometimes we get to the top and can claim victory.

But this picture reminded me that, everything is a step by step process, and we always have to begin at the bottom and complete the steps, the process, to get to the top of those stairs where completion, success or victory await us.

So, if you are on a journey on the “staircase of life” and if you are challenged and wondering if you should continue, or discouraged because the end is not in sight for you…just remember that the next step on the staircase is so close…it is right there, waiting for you to “step up” to it and when you do…it elevates you and gives you courage when you find that you can really do it.

Reaching that next step is such an accomplishment, so acknowledge yourself for getting there and be proud of your progress. Then look up, and know the next step is there to receive and support you…and when you get to the top you can raise your arms and dance the happy dance that you believed in yourself and your “staircase of life” enough to keep going.

It may look like a trudge up those stairs, but with each step conquered you gather energy and confidence to keep going…and the top of the stairs is really there, waiting with success and victory. What an achievement! Well done!


Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts Weather 1

“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.”  ~ Frank Lane

MarDrags’ Thoughts: Our lives are so like the weather…there are days of bright sunshine, high winds can blow at times, clouds can gather and hang…and then unleash a fury of rain to soak us and slow us down, and there can be dastardly, debilitating, and dark storms. We can no more change this pattern than we can change the patterns Mother Nature has set down. BUT…we can know that…as furious as a storm can be…the sun and light will always follow…and it will be equally as great as the storm was. So too, we will always pass through life’s storms, stepping into the light again…and we will be stronger and we will know more because of it. Great and beautiful flowers (decisions) are born of great rains (difficulties).

Thoughts Obstacles 2

“Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have.”  ~ Norman Vincent Peale

MarDrags’ Thoughts: Obstacles, I believe, only have as much Power as we give them. If we think an obstacle has more Power than we do…then it will. If we see it for the temporary barrier or hurdle we must pass to get to our goal, its Power shrinks and goes back to where it belongs…within Us. Take your Power back from your obstacles and overcome them.


“It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either.”  ~ Wayne Dyer

MarDrags’ Thoughts: Anger does have its place, and it is important to allow ourselves to feel it, not deny it and process it. Anger can be a great motivator…as long as we do not allow it to take over and lead us into difficulties. But…many times we can choose to let go of Anger when its purpose has been fulfilled…or when it is not necessary at all and will only make us unhappy…and we can choose Laughter. Laugh…in the face of Anger…and choose to feel good.

Thoughts Intuition 4

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.”  ~ Dean Koontz

MarDrags’ Thoughts: This really does not need many more words from me does it? It speaks for itself. If we can remember to listen to and follow our Intuitions, we will always be seeing life from a deeper place…from the Soul…and the Soul will always guide us in the right direction. Trust your Intuition!