Monday Message ~ Take Action



Good Monday Morning! We begin another week and our march full on into Spring. It was such a beautiful weekend that the animal kingdom called to me this morning for our message of wisdom to start our week. As I shuffle through the cards, one falls from the deck, and I turn to my book “Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson. The animal who presented itself to share its wisdom with us today is:

Action 5

Antelope: “Take Action, Time To Respond, No Procrastinating, Decide and Do It Now”

Message (paraphrased): “Antelope is an animal much revered and honored by Native American tribes. Because Antelope taught the tribes a valuable lesson. He taught them to take action. When they were cold and hungry, Antelope taught them to take action to care for themselves, even if that meant he sacrificed his own life for that lesson. It was all part of the greater Mystery of Life.

Antelope’s lesson for us today is…to Take Action. Antelope taught humans to honor the gifts sent from Great Spirit. Antelope signifies knowledgeable action, and the knowledge of life’s circle. Antelope also indicates a message of Higher Purpose. The only way to know what that is, is to start listening to your inner voice, and take action.

Antelope may also be telling you that a Decision to start is now necessary. The main element to procrastination is lack of conviction. To honor your chosen destiny is to honor your commitment to what you “proclaim” you are doing. Walk your talk. Have the desire to do something, make the firm decision to do something, then do it.

Antelope says, “Do it now! Don’t wait any longer.” Take courage, your sense of timing is perfect. When Antelope has bounded into your cards, the time is Now. The Power is You.”

Action 3

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Well…I think the message is clear here…yes?

If there is something you have always wanted to do, if you have been considering a change, if you have a passion for something, if you question your Life’s Purpose and need to ponder on that, if you need to take better care of yourself…any and all of the above and more…then Begin by making a Decision to do something, anything, start somewhere…and then Do It. Making the Decision is the first, and very important step. But…a Decision with no Action behind it, leads us nowhere.

Action 4

Even if there are sacrifices to make, it will all balance out. The thing is…is to start somewhere…even if we are not exactly sure where to start…start with something. Listen to that Inner Voice, the good one!, and listen for the messages. And then…Take Action. Movement always leads us to somewhere, and most of the time it is where we are supposed to go, or at the very least, somewhere we can learn more about where we are supposed to go.

Action 2

Also, there must be something about this “Timing”. Which sometimes is everything. The text above says…”Take Courage, your sense of Timing is perfect”. That should mean a lot to us because it tells us we can Trust ourselves about this Action we need to take. Great Inspiration for getting started on what may be the most important Decision on our Paths. What will you Decide?

Action 1

Take Action! You have the Power! Go ahead…Do It!


Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts 1

“Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile so the light can shine in.”  ~ Alan Alda

from The Desk of MarDrag:

You know what they say about Assuming. But truthfully, Assumptions are rarely based on evidence or truth. Assumption, by definition, is “a fact or statement taken for granted”. So, we Assume we know this or that, or make Assumptions about life, people, or circumstances. But, the Assumption clouds the Real Truth waiting to come out. So as the quote says, scrub the Assumption away so the light, and clarity, can shine through.

Thoughts 2“The habit of being uniformly considerate toward others will bring increased happiness to you.”  ~ Greenville Kleiser

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I love this quote because I firmly believe it. I believe that being considerate to others opens our hearts, when they would be closed. If we are feeling badly, or having a rough day, the act of being considerate changes our energy, and makes us feel good. It can completely change the flow of someone’s day, ours included. A happy feeling wells up when we do something considerate for another human being, and they are grateful or moved. It is a habit that all the world could do with remembering these days. So let us begin with ourselves. Today.

Thoughts 3

“When the empty spaces show up – if we let them –that is exactly when our lives get quiet enough to make room for what is next.”  ~ Jenny Blake

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Ahhh, the empty spaces. Those empty spaces we all fear and are wary of. We think we need to fill up every moment, every corner, every nook and cranny of our lives. But when we do this, we forget that it is necessary to have down time…to have time that is filled with nothing…empty moments…so that we can take a deep breath, get quiet, and check in with ourselves. And…if we never emptied out any space around us, we would have no space to put anything new coming into our lives. It is a cycle…filling up, experience, emptying out, refilling with the new. Let that cycle be ok. Let the empty spaces speak to us and make room for what is coming to our lives. It is the Cycle of Life.


How Great Your Power


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  ~ Alice Walker

“Personal power is the ability to stand on your own two feet with a smile on your face in the middle of a universe that contains a million ways to crush you.”  ~ J.Z. Colby

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”  ~ Buddha

“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.”  ~ Seneca

“By banishing doubt and trusting your intuitive feelings, you clear a space for the power of intention to flow through.”  ~ Wayne Dyer

“If it can be thought, it can be done, a problem can be overcome.”  ~ E. A. Bucchianeri

“But that’s the challenge – to change the circumstance more than it changes you.”  ~ Michael Pollan

Power 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

This has been a difficult couple of weeks for everyone. I have spoken to so many who are discouraged with the daily news…and with their lives…and are questioning how we can possibly overcome the negative energy sweeping our world. They are questioning the strength of their Power…and whether it makes a difference at all. They ask if they should even keep trying. Blue moods and fatigue are overwhelming. I feel their pain and worry, and my heart goes out to each and every one. If I could take all this away, I would. Gladly.

But, since that is not possible, what I will try to do is bolster you, shore you up with words of support and encouragement. I will be a buoy for you to hold on to, a prop for you to lean on, and help bear your load until you are stronger. I will reinforce for you the truth that you are greater than you think you are at this moment, that you do have a wealth of might and vigor to draw upon, even if you don’t see it or feel it right now. It does not mean it is not inside you. You just have to tap the well a little deeper.

Power 7

But the one thing I want to do most for you…is to remind you that…your Personal Power is greater than anything circumstances can throw at you! The mountains before you may look high…but your Power is bigger, taller and far more supreme than any situation the Universe has put in your path. Will we let those circumstances best us? Or rise up to draw on and utilize our Power as it was meant to be used…as it was given to us. Use your Power to change how you feel about the circumstance even if it is not ready to change in the physical. Stand up to it, collect your energy, and wrap it back around you. It will sustain you. If you give it Power. Don’t give your Power away to the mountain, feeding it to make it bigger. Stand in the face of that mountain and show it how big your Power is. It won’t dare face you down. It will shrink to perspective in the shadow of your authority.

Power 3

We must live everyday as our True Self and shine our Power and Light into the world…even if we are not sure of its affect. We cannot give in…at some point, we will start to recover. And it will be because we did not give up, and that we stood as Spiritual Warriors and refused to allow our Power to diminish for any reason. If we all do this, we can Link By The Light of Our Souls…and that will be a force to behold! Live in the Strength of your Power!

Power 8Power 6


A Matter of Will


I wrote this blog last year, and it came up in a conversation last night, so I was prompted to post it again. May you enjoy it a second time. Blessings!

“Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus. Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.”  ~ William Shakespeare

“Most of life’s actions are within our reach, but decisions take willpower.”  ~ Robert McKee

“So many of our Dreams at first seem Impossible, then they seem Improbable, and then when we summon the Will, they seem Inevitable.”  ~ Christopher Reeve

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of the determined soul.”  ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“Do or do not. There is no try.”  ~ Yoda

“The star of the unconquered will, he rises in my breast. Serene and resolute and still, and calm and self-possessed.”  ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

”When the will is ready the feet are light.”  ~ Proverb

”Nothing can withstand the power of the human will if it is willing to stake its very existence to the extent of its purpose.”  ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Willpower 1

from the Desk of MarDrag:

In the old, tattered and dog-eared pages of the worn hard cover copy of my Oxford American Dictionary that still sits on my desk (collecting dust), the definition of Will is as follows:

WILL: The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action: Diligent purposefulness; determination: Deliberate intention or wish: Self-control; self-discipline: A desire, purpose, or determination

Merriam Webster describes Willpower as:  energetic determination

I like all of these descriptions and definitions, my favorite being; “the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action.” There is also a common word in all of the definitions: determination.

If we put “deliberately chooses or decides” together with “determination”, we have the perfect characterization of the Will. And we all have one. We use it every day in fact (to different degrees), even when we don’t realize it or are not conscious of it. We use it for small things like completing tasks, or getting the hubby/wife to do something we want them to do, or big things like creating businesses or the next great invention. And we use it for all those things in between.

Willpower 3

The thing is….we use our Will frequently, and yet, we may not give it the conscious attention, focus or acknowledgement that we should. It is what we do with our Will, or for many, don’t do, that carries us along our paths in life.

If we would like to craft our lives in the fashion that we want to live, be who we desire and aspire to be, have the things we desire to have, and stop living at the affect of those things that would seem to control us….then we need to change our focus from “why?, I can’t, I don’t want to” or “I don’t know” to “I Will”. And I do not mean the “I will do such and that”. I mean the I WILL which deliberately chooses and makes the decisions of our lives and executes those decisions with determination until the result is to our satisfaction. It is a subtle yet powerful distinction. And one that can change our lives and propel us to realize our potential and that we have the power to overcome our resistance to use our Will in all its positive power.

I am not speaking of Willpower so much as the Power of the Will.

Acknowledge your Will and the influence it has on your life. Then gain command of it by making deliberate choices about yourself and your life, always striving to direct your Will in a positive direction. When we practice letting go of, “Why aren’t things going my way?” to “I will direct my energy in the way I want things to go, and with a strong Will behind it”, then we empower our lives to move in the direction that we wish it to go. If we are honest with ourselves about that direction, and we make sure it is a positive direction toward perfect love and perfect trust, then we need not fear or worry about where it will lead us. Directing the Will from our inner Wiser Self always guides us to the right course on the right road. The one we are truly meant to take.

Willpower 2

Do not be afraid to acknowledge your Will. Do not be afraid to use it, but be clear, honest and good in your choices in how you use it. Choose to be empowered in the name of goodness and love, Will that you live your life in abundance and peace and that the rest of the world rise to the goodness of Will as well. A thousand Wills, and hundreds more, one by one…and we can change not only our own life, but the life of the world.


Tuesday Affirmations ~ Challenges


We are well into another week…but it is a holiday week, so a short one for many people. I hope it is a good week for all! And here we are, ready for another post on “Tuesday Affirmations”. Today, the card I pulled from my deck “The Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber is:

The Gift of Courage ~ “I Invent Creative Solutions To The Challenges In My Life”

Message: “Use this gift when you are confronted with a situation that seems impossible to deal with. Sometimes it is better to study a problem until you understand it well and then put it out of your mind for a while. Many scientists and mathematicians have reported that their inventions and creative solutions came to them in a dream or in the reverie of a daydream.”

Challenges 1

from the Desk of MarDrag:

Courage is a powerful gift, but sometimes a difficult one to cultivate. It takes courage to face down problems and obstacles in life, and to find solutions to situations we must take on that are uncomfortable or painful. And with our instincts usually pushing us to find a solution quickly, sometimes we can act hastily, not thinking things through, and make the wrong choice or take the wrong direction altogether. Sometimes, we do not have the courage to stay our hand, pause, and make the decision in our own time and in the best way possible. Life is in a hurry these days, but sometimes we ourselves should not be.

I like the affirmation card for its message to slow down and study the problems of our lives. Only in doing that will we have a good understanding of all the implications and possible solutions available. I know…we say life is moving quickly and we need to keep up. But…are we moving at the pace of life…or should our life be moving at our pace? After all, it is our life and we are in control of it, or should be. We should not be letting life have control of us.

I believe that it is true that, when faced with a problem, if we spend all our time obsessing over it and wracking our brains for a solution, we find it difficult to find one because all our energy and mind functions are focused on the problem itself. We run it over and over, on a loop, and then add anxiety, fear, dread, anger, and frustration on top of it…and at that point, we have no more space in our minds, hearts or emotions to welcome in the answer. The space is full…of things that will not help us.

So, as the affirmation says…what if we take a productive turn in our problem solving technique? Spend the energy on understanding and clarifying the problem. Write it down if necessary. Make a pro and con list, and add a list of possible solutions, even if they sound unlikely. Writing it down helps to get all those thoughts out of our head and put down in the physical. Because the next step, is to let it go and forget about it for a while. This helps in two ways…first, to let our mind have a break and clear out the energy, and second, to open the space and allow the correct solution to come forward. Or to come to us in a dream or half-sleep state…which is actually a great time as the sub-conscious has the time to speak at those moments while the conscious mind drowses.

Letting Go 4

I know some of you can think of a time when you have said, “the answer just came to me”. And, after all your worry, it seemed effortless. Well, the more you work at retraining your problem solving habits, the easier it gets, and the less effort you will spend on them.

Letting go of something important can be hard. But this method really does work. I can say that from experience. I used to be the best top notch worrier of all time. But all that worry got me nowhere but wishing for a padded cell. LOL! When I stopped using all my energy up with worry, and started actively focusing it toward constructive thought, and then letting go, things changed and difficulties seemed not so overwhelming anymore. I realized I could handle them and there was always an answer, even when I could not see it right away.

There is a saying that, “there is no problem that does not have a solution, otherwise it is not a problem”.

Challenges 2

If we remember that for every problem there is truly a solution, and understand and let go enough to allow that solution to present itself, then we are truly the creative problem solving beings we are meant to be and we have conquered the Challenge.