Weekend Inspiration ~ Turn “It” Off!



There is no doubt things are happening, ramping up, and getting intense just about everywhere we look today. I do not believe there is any place on this planet right now not going through “change chaos”. And we are being bombarded through the media, etc…as well as our own minds and hearts becoming overwhelmed with a vast array of emotions. It can be exhausting and discouraging. That is why…I am making the suggestion for this “Weekend Inspiration” post to…


Take a break from it all and let go of the need to keep up with it. We are headed for a tough week. So, just for this weekend…


We need to give our minds and hearts a little down time…


And turn our Focus back onto ourselves, our own lives, our homes and loved ones and just let…


We need now, more than ever, to take care of ourselves, our hopes, our dreams, and our Inner Peace and Power…




Allow this weekend to be about YOU…as you “turn it off” out there…and turn it on within you…Do something from your everyday bucket list…or just concentrate on being peaceful and creating joy in your house, heart, and family…


Turn the negative noise away with the decision to…


Let Yourself have this time to replenish your Mind, Heart, Soul, and Body…we are going to need it!


And remember that the most important thing to know this weekend is…



And Again…Just Breathe and Release



After the wonderful New Moon in Aries bringing in some positive energy a couple of weeks ago…the energy of this past week has been odd and wonky. While the undercurrent was still positive…everything just felt “off’. And no wonder…with intense and life changing things going on all around us. It is, indeed, an unsettling time, one in which we are not sure what to believe in, count on, or hope for. With the answers and changes still coming…the one thing we can be sure will help us through, the one thing we can depend on…is The Breath of Life.


So when there seems there is nothing else to do…Again…Just Breathe…And Release…


Over and over again…just focus on that Breath of Life…feel it as you take it in through your mouth and it flows down through your body and breezes through your mind. Let it blow away all the confusion, frustration, and worry…Let It All Go to the wind…


Release through the Breath that which does not resonate with your True Soul…And inhale the Breath of Peace and Empowerment…


For the Breath of that moment…Release and Let Go…


Over and over…as many times as it takes, as many days as it takes…one moment at a time…


And we WILL get there…one Breath at a time.



Making Room for New Life


“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.” ~ Jeanette Winterson

“The moment that judgement stops through acceptance of what it is, you are free of the mind. You have made room for love, for joy, for peace.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

“Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities.” ~ D.T. Suzuki

MR 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Yesterday’s blog was about the Breath of Life and how remembering that deep breath can be useful in helping us connect to the rhythms of our lives and restore balance, connect to Divine energy, and clear our mind, body, and spirit. Today we expound on that a bit because…as we use our Breath for these purposes, it also aids us in the clearing of our space and thoughts so that we can overcome confusion and overwhelm and allow new energy and thoughts to come through.

The thing is…in our daily quest to carve our lives into the gem we wish it to be, there must be a process of filling up, letting go, and then filling up again. Just as we do when we are focusing on our Spirit Breath. We take in Breath, hold it, then release it and with it allow tension, stress, and old energy to flow out with that breath and clear our inner space.

So too, this is what we need to do in our lives. We ask for and pray for new things to come to us, new energy or wishes or dreams, material things, money, success, love, and all the things we wish for to fill our lives and make us happy. But, we forget that we need to “clear the space” in order for the new to have a place to come into. We forget that we must clear out the old outmoded ways or beliefs or thoughts to have a clean and open space for the new and fresh to occupy.

MR 3

My belief is that we are afraid to let go of too much because of the fear that we will not be filled up again. What if what I wish for never comes? Then I will be empty and have nothing, so I will hang on to all that I have even if it no longer serves me because I do not want to be empty and alone. BUT…that may be the perspective that keeps us stocked full of outmoded ways or thoughts, or stuck to relationships and things that do not work for us any longer, simply out of fear. If we can turn that perspective over to the other side and see that…it is in that empty space that there is the potential for everything we have always wanted to manifest…then we can see that it is ok, even necessary…to let go of the past, and let go of those things that clutter our lives and just “take up space” because we are afraid to let go of them.

MR 4

Empty space is good…it is crisp, clear, and ready to be filled with whatever we choose to fill it with. Let us not be afraid to blow the Breath of Life into our space, and when we release it, let go of all the energy within and without that impedes us, holds us tethered to what no longer fills us with love and joy, and wafts the winds of change into our lives…as we have asked for.

The idea is…if we want the new and fresh to come into our lives, then we must release the old and stale in order to make room. Something has to crumble and be taken apart to make space and material to rebuild in a new way. Much the same as what is happening globally right now. Some things are falling apart, but if we change our perspective, we may see that it is necessary so that we will have a clear space and material to build again, in the true way we wish life to be.

Breathe, Cleanse, Ground…and clear your space as you Let Go to Refill. And know that, by doing this in our own lives, we contribute to the global energy aimed toward healing and changing for the better.

MR 7

The Winds of Change come…let us use that Breath of Life to make the best possible world for us all.


Weekend Inspiration ~ Recreation


R 2

Happy Three Day Weekend! This is a holiday weekend, and for a lot of folks, it means three sweet days off work. For those who do not get a full weekend off, there is still some room for leisure, as holidays always bring the energy of play and recreation. And these two things are so important on our roads strewn with pebbles and bumps. For…the very reason we work so hard is to have what we want in our leisure time. BUT…we can not forget to take that leisure, or what is all the work for. Recreation rejuvenates us…it brings back the innocence of our youth…and it reminds us that we have a fun, playful side. When we let that side out to frolic, we relieve the stress of our most adult and serious side. And…we create Balance.

So, on this long holiday weekend…Have Fun! Have adventures! Create recreation! Laugh, giggle, and play…and let your worries fade away. You deserve it! Blessings!

R 15

R 1

R 4

Layout 1

R 7

R 11

R 10

R 8

R 14

R 13

R 12

R 9

What Of This Misery ~ An Epiphany


“I’ve learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.” ~ Martha Washington

“There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy.” ~ Dante Alighieri

“Happiness is a garden walled with glass: there’s no way in or out. In Paradise there are no stories, because there are no journeys. It’s loss and regret and misery and yearning that drive the story forward, along its twisted road.” ~ Margaret Atwood

“If there’s one thing I’ve discovered, it’s that stifling yourself will only lead to more misery. I polluted all other happiness because I was afraid to let myself create and change. You have to have courage. Real courage to explore, to fail, and to pick yourself back up again.” ~ Siobhan Vivian

Misery 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I have been talking to people lately about Happiness and Misery. About positive and negative. And about the focus we put on one or the other, and what grows from that as a result. So many are experiencing some level of Misery in their lives and are finding it difficult to step out of it, or turn their attention to the positive and good things in their lives or in the world too. It is very easy to succumb to Misery…its tentacles reach deeply within us, and it knows just where to clutch to reach the deepest…and then twist.

Misery 3

I was in meditation the other morning, when some profound thoughts about Misery made their way into my mind. And they were this:

Misery is the sum of negative or hurtful things that have happened to us. As pain or regret or all the myriad of emotions that come from hurt, betrayal, and fear take up residence in our hearts and minds…they form a cloud of Misery. That cloud hangs above our heads and follows us, raining down on us and making us Miserable…until we can work through or break free of whatever had caused those emotions. Sometimes it is easier, and we move past it back into Happiness. But, sometimes, the path is long and arduous and full of reasons and circumstances that feed our Misery.

It is here that a revelation came to me. Misery…is our Proof! It is proof that what we went through meant something, or still does mean something. It is proof we felt something, experienced something profound and deep. It is proof of our reasons to be unhappy. It is evidence that we have suffered. And, if we let go of the Misery…are we afraid that it will negate our suffering as if it never happened? If we allow ourselves to be happy, does that mean we never suffered, or that it was not as bad as we thought? If we let go of our Misery, will it render no more meaning to that which we went through that led us to that Misery? And, if it did render our suffering meaningless…what would that mean for us? That all the steps we take toward growth and happiness in the name of pain are unfounded? And ho!…would that make us frustrated, angry, and upset to think that the rough times we have been through would end up meaning naught.

Is this why we hold onto Misery? To Prove, and have Evidence, that we have Suffered, and that it meant something, and had profound impact, on us, someone else, or the world?

Misery 4

That is a tangled web…is it not…if it be true?

For, in order to be Happy, we must relent and let go of Misery. Not that we can expel it completely, for Misery IS a part of life’s experiences…but that we live with Misery…rather than in it. And in order to do that, we have to stop wanting to prove how bad our lives have been, and start looking at what is good now, and what good we can create for the future. Nothing and no one can ever erase the circumstances we experienced or the hurt they created. And they will always mean something, because they are part of what has made us who we are today. So…they can never be negated. We…and our suffering…can never be negated as long as we have acknowledged what has transpired and the feelings it caused. But then, we need to let go.

Misery 2

We cannot escape occasional Misery. But, we can give it a different perspective. And ask ourselves…How long do we want to have to prove how bad it was/is and how right we are by living in Misery? And how soon do we want to move on and open our hearts, minds, and souls to showing how well we survived it all…and how much good we are making in our lives.

The best revenge they say…is Living Well.



Weekend Inspiration ~ Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone 1

Happy Weekend! I hope you are enjoying this last weekend of the holiday season. I wanted to post some inspiration today that will help you carry the energy of the New Year into next week, and the weeks to come. In keeping with the New Year theme of new beginnings, new energy, letting go of the old, and embracing the new…there is one thing we need to do in order for that process to begin. And that is…stepping out of our Comfort Zone. And what better time to do that than at the beginning of a new cycle, a new year, a turn of the wheel. With Time ahead of us so open and ready for us to shape it, now is the time to take that risk outside our Comfort Zone and see just what we are made of. So Gather your Power around you, Draw on your Strength, Revel in your Creativeness, and Be the Success that you are.

And here are a few wonderful quotes about Comfort Zones to get you pondering how and what to do to get out of yours and into that magical space around them. It is time to get into A New Zone. Have a great weekend! Blessings!

Comfort Zone 4

Comfort Zone 7

Comfort Zone 6

Comfort Zone 3

Comfort Zone 2

Comfort Zone 8

Comfort Zone 10

Tuesday Affirmations ~ About Fear


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”, so I took to my “Gifts of Affirmations” Cards (by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber) for our quote today. An interesting card came up…as we have been talking about Change, Potential, and New Beginnings…which can bring out the Fear in us. Here is the card and the message:

Fear 1

Gift of Compassion ~ “I Use My Fears As Signs That Guide And Protect Me”

Message (paraphrased): “Use this gift when your fears prevent you from acting in your best interest. Our fears exist to help keep us safe from harm and from repeating mistakes we have made. If we seek to understand why we are afraid, we can make fear our friend and helper, not our master. It is important to avoid fearing success and the many changes it will bring.”

Fear 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

So, Fear is a two-sided coin. On one side, Fear is our helper. It keeps us safe from harm and lets us know when something is in our path that we should stay away from, or alerts us to danger or harm. It also helps us to remember past mistakes that we are “afraid” to make again, and if we listen, we make better choices and decisions because of that Fear.

Fear 4

But, there is the other side of the coin of Fear also. That Fear debilitates us if we allow it to. That Fear can take command of our lives and cause us to shut down and stop living the life we are meant to live, and enjoy. It can keep us from new experiences, growing, and having loving people in our lives. It can also, as the affirmation says, keep us from moving forward to success and the changes being successful can bring. You have heard the saying…it is easier to be a failure than to fear success.

You have also heard, I am sure, the saying that the only thing to really Fear is Fear itself. And I do believe this is true. So, if we seek to understand what we Fear and why we Fear, then we can either release it and let it go, or master it, so we can function in spite of it…rather than allowing it to master us.

Fear 5

The thing is, Fear is inside of us, so we have created it. And, if we create something, we can “uncreate” it. Knowledge is power, so if we gain knowledge about our Fears, then they become less powerful, (as our power grows), and they have less and less impact. In addition, those things we Fear “will happen” most of the time don’t happen…and we have spent all that energy on the Fear instead of on taking action, or on being happy.

So, ask yourself this question…what purpose does Fear have in my life? Write it down, make a list of pros and cons (like a two-sided coin). Writing brings clarity, and a list will show you what to keep and what to discard. Draw a line through the Fears that do not serve you. Put the list somewhere you can see it and, when you feel a Fear taking command, look to the list to see if it is one that helps you. If it is not, and it has a line through it, remind yourself you have crossed that one “off your list” and discarded it…and it has no power over you anymore. And let it go. The more you do this, the more your mind will retrain itself to recognize a healthy Fear, or one that keeps you hindered in your life, and soon, you will not be controlled by it any longer. YOU will have the control back.

Fear 3

Seek to be the Mistress/Master of your life and all things in your mind and heart. You are the commander…steer yourself in the right direction!


Monday Message ~ New Beginnings


This week, our Monday Message comes from “The Book of Runes” by Ralph Blum. The Rune wisdom is always timely and appropriate…and this week proves to be no different. The Rune that presented itself in its wisdom this morning is:

Uruz 1

Uruz: “Strength, New Beginnings, Manhood, Womanhood”

Message (paraphrased): “The Rune of termination and new beginnings. It indicates that the life you have been living has outgrown its form, which must pass away so that life energy can be released in a new birth, a new form. Uruz is a Rune of passage and self-transformation.

Positive growth and change, however, can involve passage into darkness as part of the cycle of perpetual renewal. It is a natural progression. Remain mindful that the new form, the new life, is always greater than the old.

Prepare for opportunity disguised as loss. It could involve something that has an intense emotional bond, and through which you are living a part of your life. A part that must be retrieved so you can live it out for yourself. Seek among the ashes and discover a new perspective, and a new birth. Your soul, and the universe, support the new growth.”

Uruz 4

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Termination and New beginnings. Just as in Nature, our lives progress in a circle of gestation, birth, manifestation, realization, breaking down, re-seeding, and re-birth. That is…everything new, at some point, becomes old…and it is necessary to “empty out” and reclaim the space for new things, re-birth.

So, if we have outgrown the life we have been living…and this happens to us all…then it is necessary to let go of the old form so that a new form can be constructed. And this can come in the form of loss in our lives…or a dark passage through some difficulty that we did not expect. The key is to recognize that the cycle of growth and change has to include the concept of loss…or there would be no clearing away of the old and opening the space for the new. There would be no transformation.

We are challenged at times with loss…the loss of a job, of income, of a person, a dream, an expectation, a way of life we had come to depend on. BUT – it is our “perception” of the loss that really counts here. For every loss makes way for something new. So…if we can focus on “the space around the loss”, that is, “the potential of possibilities that are now open” because of the loss…then we can transition, transform, and create into growth and the birth of something new and magnificent.

Uruz 3

How many times have we looked at something we had to let go of and thought we could never manage without it, or feared the change it represented and dreaded what it might bring…only to be transported into something new and wonderful we had not anticipated?

We must be mindful of our perspective and see with our heart and soul as well as our eye and mind. Just in this, we expand the limited vision of only seeing with the eye and mind. There is so much more to the story, our story.

So…though things might “look” bleak at the moment, know it is only a necessary passage to go through as transition takes place, clearing of the old way manifests, and space for a re-birth is made. It is the natural way of things. Believe…and Trust.

Uruz 2


Monday Message ~ Change


For our “Monday Message” to start the week with today, I am doing something a bit different. I have vivid dreams. Frequently. I have written about some of them here on the blog, and I have been having many of these dreams these past two weeks. I had been sick a few weeks ago and am just now catching up on sleep I had missed…so my slumber has been full of images and messages. Rather than write about a specific dream today though…I am pulling a card from my “Dream Cards” deck by Strephon Kaplan-Williams to see what they have to tell us. When I pull cards or Runes and such for our Monday Message, I am always aware of the rush of energy as the card reveals itself to be profoundly on the mark. The card I pulled today is:

Change 3

Change: Death ~ Rebirth ~ Causing, Contrast, Newness

Message (paraphrased): “Change is doing. We go from one thing to another. Why do people fear change and giving up what they have for what they do not have? Afraid that what they receive will be worse? We fear change because we identify with our present picture of ourselves and react against becoming something different. Resisting change makes change more extreme when it comes. We change by going with the energy, letting it consume old attitudes and self-images.

Your task is to actively participate in the change process by making appropriate sacrifices and enhancing new possibilities.

Blends of the old create new life. Seek to create new combinations of things. When it is time to end something, do it decisively. Make some real changes by getting rid of old patterns. When things are being destroyed, destroy with them. Get out of those situations. What you see is also what you don’t see. Take a careful look at how you might be creating problems. It is not changing things which counts but sacrificing resistance to change. Follow your feelings when making changes. Often the value of the middle path is to have change become choice. Bring your opposite extremes together. Change your view and you change your reality. Consider your hidden motives for doing things.”

Change 2

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Wow! There are so many profound statements in this card. To begin…Change is a concept that brings with it many varying degrees, circumstances, and therefore, emotions. At times we are ready for and supportive of Change. Other times we resist it to the point of denial, which ultimately brings hardship to our lives.

So let us begin with Resistance. It is so true that if we resist Change, it makes the Change that comes that much harder to deal with. Fear is the primary emotion that causes us to resist Change. As the quote says…we identify with who we are presently and fear becoming different…or not knowing what we will become if we allow Change to happen. But…we all know that Fear lies. So if we can silence its voice, (and that IS possible)…then we can see the value and benefit of Change and go with the energy rather than against it. It will ease our way into Change rather than force us into it. For Change is inevitable. And, if we actively participate in Change by letting go of what is no longer useful to us and embracing new possibilities, then we enhance our lives rather than struggle in them.

Change 4

Old patterns, situations, and problems need to be surrendered, let go of, in order for positive Change to occur and new and wonderful things to come in to fill the space. When something is breaking down or becoming toxic, let it go. End it, decisively. That is how we regain positive control of our lives. Change does not have to mean we lose control…it can be the vehicle for regaining control. If we do not resist it! If we make the sacrifice of the resistance to Change, then Change becomes our Choice. We Choose to allow Change to come and we use it to make better Choices and move forward to a new and better place.

Change 1

“Change your view and you change your reality”. Nothing could be more true. Rather than looking at Change as something to fear, or disrupt our lives…if we view Change as a vehicle to positive Control and movement to new and good things in our lives…then we see that we, in reality, have nothing to fear. In fact…we can look forward to it all…all that happens to us…because we know it is just a means for transport to another level in our lives that we either want to or are meant to get to.

So, instead of resisting Change, or fearing it, flow with it. Participate in the process of Change and see the possibilities that arise because of it. Make Change work….For You!


About Letting Go

Letting Go 6

It can be very difficult to let things go when we have strong emotions that are tied to whatever it is we are holding on to. Whether it is a past mistake, something someone did to us, a fault of ours, thoughts we feel we should not have, anger, frustration, something we want to manifest…any manner of things that take up space in our minds and hearts and make us hurt, regret, get angry, worry to the point of distraction or even go into depression.

Letting Go 2

Consider that by holding on to whatever “it” is, we are keeping “it” alive, keeping it in the forefront of our minds, hearts and souls…not giving ourselves a chance to work it out, get over it, or let it go. We keep running the tape about it over and over and over and over again in our minds. But does it go anywhere? Does it help to keep running the tape? Does it change anything about what is on the tape? Does it solve the problem?

Letting Go 9

Think of it this way…You are holding an object in your hand, you curl your fingers around it, feel it press against the palm of your hand. As you hold it tighter, you feel its impression deeper and deeper against your palm, your fingers are becoming stiff with the force of holding this object, your finger nails now digging into your skin. You are holding it so tight your knuckles are turning white and you begin to feel the muscles in your forearm tensing with the struggle. Your elbow cracks with the force as it moves up your arm, into the upper portion and clear up to your shoulder and into your neck, up through your head. Your muscles are tensing and flexing so hard now your arm begins to vibrate. You are holding this object so hard that your entire arm, shoulder and then your whole body reacts to the power of it, struggling with the might that is your own strength. Sense the enormous amount of energy it takes to hold on to this object, to keep it in your hand and not let it fall. It takes all of your concentration, will, strength and power to hold it there, keep it there. You are literally holding your breath with the sheer effort of it all. You are aware of how hard it is to hold onto this thing, how much of your valuable energy it uses up. And you begin to feel like you can’t take it anymore.

Letting Go 7

The lesson here is…It takes far more energy and effort and causes far more pain to hold on, then it does to Let Go.

Letting Go 10

We are the very hand that causes the stress and strain that we feel from holding on so tight and being unable to let go. The hand, arm, shoulder and head signify the heart, mind, soul and body and the damage we do to them.

Letting Go

It takes great courage to Let Go of something we want to fix, change, create, or manifest. When we Hold On…we are taking up valuable space that, if cleared, is ready to receive the abundance the universe has to offer us…the abundance of what is right and good for us.

Imagine opening that hand (above)…uncurl those fingers and allow what you have been holding on to, to go free. Just as we have our own unique place in this universe…so do the things, people, and emotions and feelings in our life that we hold on to. Letting them go allows them to get to the space or place they belong. If they are meant for us, they will stay. If they are not, they will fly free, and we will have the magical opportunity to refill that space with something that is better for us.

Imagine the relief of not having to struggle to hold on…and letting the flow back into our lives. Deep breath now! It is a good thing!

Letting Go 4