And Again…Just Breathe and Release



After the wonderful New Moon in Aries bringing in some positive energy a couple of weeks ago…the energy of this past week has been odd and wonky. While the undercurrent was still positive…everything just felt “off’. And no wonder…with intense and life changing things going on all around us. It is, indeed, an unsettling time, one in which we are not sure what to believe in, count on, or hope for. With the answers and changes still coming…the one thing we can be sure will help us through, the one thing we can depend on…is The Breath of Life.


So when there seems there is nothing else to do…Again…Just Breathe…And Release…


Over and over again…just focus on that Breath of Life…feel it as you take it in through your mouth and it flows down through your body and breezes through your mind. Let it blow away all the confusion, frustration, and worry…Let It All Go to the wind…


Release through the Breath that which does not resonate with your True Soul…And inhale the Breath of Peace and Empowerment…


For the Breath of that moment…Release and Let Go…


Over and over…as many times as it takes, as many days as it takes…one moment at a time…


And we WILL get there…one Breath at a time.