Thoughts For The Day


TH 1

“For every negative experience that enters our lives, there is an equally positive experience that has or will enter our lives.” ~ MarDrag

“Try to remember this: to live, you need every experience. Some will come in glory and in beauty, and some in pain and what seems like ugliness. Life consists of opposites in balance.” ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

TH 2
from The Desk of MarDrag:

When searching for quotes for today, these appeared together and made a pattern I could not ignore. So I am posting them together, as they follow each other so perfectly.

Experiences…and Balance. It is what Life is made of. But, when we are going through difficult experiences, it is often hard to remember that they are just temporary and that we have equally positive experiences that happen as well. It is called the Law of Polarity, and if we can put this law into practice, it creates a greater Balance in our lives. For it is true that, for every negative experience, there is the exact opposite positive experience that has either already manifested, or is going to come to be. So, we can know that we are never stuck by our experiences…and this helps us to manage through the difficult times. And promotes a Balance that makes our lives easier to enjoy through the good times and deal with the bad times.

TH 3

So too, the last quote fits here because…those very negative experiences that cause us pain impact us by the energy and attention we give them. If we see it as a crisis, then so it is. If we see it as a mere problem to solve, then so it is, and we can get back to Balance more swiftly. As the quote indicates…it is within our own Power of Reaction to decide whether a problem is insurmountable or the level of impact it will have on us. There is no problem without a solution. It is within our Decision and Reaction that it is determined how long or with what difficulty the solution comes.

We are Deciders. Once our Decision is made, life experiences can be managed and balanced with ease. So we must Decide how we choose to look at and react to Life Experiences. And know there is Balance, even when we do not see it.

TH 4


Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


I can hardly believe it is Wednesday again! Time seems to be flying by…and I need to catch a ride! 🙂 But, while we are all trying to catch up…let’s have a laugh or two..and make the ride fun. Have a great day and Be Good To Yourself! Blessings!


Out Of Bed


Mood Swing

Without Stuff


Joy Day

Bathroom Break


Dust Bunnies



Socks and Snow

Responsible Dog

Lost Dog

Dog and Cat

Glow Worm

Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Good Morning, Good Morning! It IS that day again…and with this crazy week…I bet all of you are looking for a bit of comic relief and a good laugh. I have some great ones today…but I must begin with a special funny:

When I saw this cartoon, I laughed all the way to my toes. You see. when my (adult) daughter was about 5 years old, we were having dinner when, of course, she came to the vegetable portion of her meal. Suddenly, she was not hungry anymore, she told me with as straight a face as she could. So, I replied to her that, if she was too full to eat her vegetables that meant she was certainly too full for dessert. That little curly haired brilliant 5 year old turned to me with the most earnest look on her face and said…but mom, it is my dinner compartment that is full, my dessert compartment is still empty so I can still have that. I wanted to laugh so hard, but contained myself. However, I had no good argument back…and they say to pick your battles…so the girl won out on that one. (Payback for the “gumball machine incident” little one! YOU know!) Anyway, I had to share this and the cartoon because since then I had never heard anyone other than my daughter refer to the “stomach compartments”. Does this work on Weight Watchers? 🙂 Have a Happy! Blessings!

Dessert Stomach

And Now…on with the jokes…

Snoopy Morning

Nap Tomorrow

Coffee and Wine

Lime Coconut





Mixed Drinks


No Boy

Pet Smell Flower


Cat Bath


Weekend Inspiration ~ Laughter


Laugh 15

They say Laughter is the best medicine…and I believe that to be true. And the quote on Thursday’s “Thoughts For The Day” post tells us to, “Do handstands. Dance. Bound up a hill. Sing with your child. Write something with a light and lifted heart. Be love, and compassion, and joy. Live life just for fun.” ~ Leo Babauta. So, let us listen to these messages and take them into our weekend. No matter what is going on in our lives, being Happy is a choice…so go out and find something to Laugh about today. Forget our troubles for a while, and give ourselves the gift of humor to relieve our stress and let our Spirits soar on the wings of mirth. It is our Purpose, to enjoy this Life…so here…I will get us started…and may your day be full of Light, Laughter and Love. Blessings to You!

Laugh 11

Laugh 8

Laugh 4

Laugh 17

Laugh 9

Laugh 16

Laugh 12

Laugh 3

Laugh 1

Business people-showing teamwork

Laugh 10

Laugh 18

Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Good Morning! And welcome to your friendly neighborhood humor post where we put aside deep and profound thought for a few minutes…and laugh our heads off. It’s ok…they snap back on! 🙂 So…take a moment for some comic relief. And may your day be Blessed with joy and laughter. Peace!


Coffee Poop



Fall from Heaven

Inner Demons


Green Cookies

Suck Life

To Funny


Funny Dragon


Dogs Nose Art

Cat Minions

cat stupidity

Cute But Psycho

Egg Smile


Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor

Hey, hey, hey…what day is it? Hump Daaaay! Time for funnies galore, so put those deep thoughts on hold for a few minutes and let the sunshine of laughter spread its warm light over you and brighten your day. Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday. May Many Blessings cross your path. Peace!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Coffee 1

Getting Ready


Clouds Idiot

How Land


Wisdom Highlites


Fountain Soap

Cat Door

Dog Alone

Dogs Chicken

Dog & Cat


Monday Message ~ Joy and A Burst of Energy


Happy Monday! It is that time again, for our Monday message post to take us into the week. And an auspicious week it is…with the New Year arriving. So today’s message is not only for what the week will bring, but for what the start of the New Year will be about. For this, I looked to the power and wisdom of the animal kingdom to guide us with this important message. So, I took to my deck, “Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jami Sams and David Carson…and the card I pulled for us is:

Hummer 2

Hummingbird:   “Embrace What Makes You Happy; Be Joyful; Count Your Blessings; Open Yourself To Pleasure”

Message (paraphrased): “The song of Hummingbird awakens the flowers. Hummer sings a vibration of pure joy. Flowers love Hummingbird because nectar-sucking brings about the reproduction of their families. Plants flower and live because of Hummingbird.

It is said that Hummingbird conjures love like no other medicine does, and that Hummingbird feathers open the heart. Without an open, loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. To Hummingbird, life is a wonderland of delight – darting from one beautiful flower to another, tasting the essences, and radiating the colors.

If Hummingbird has flown into your cards today, get ready to laugh musically and enjoy Creator’s many gifts. Drop your judgmental attitude and relax. Hummingbird will no doubt give you a flash of the spirit, darting here, there and everywhere. Get ready for a strange new burst of energy which may send your senses reeling.

Hummingbird hears celestial music and is in harmony with it. Hummingbird energetically embraces the highest aesthetics. Beauty is the target, and its mission is to spread Joy. Follow Hummingbird and you will be filled with paroxysms of Joy, and experience a renewal of the magic of living.”

Hummer 3

from The Desk of MarDrag:

What an absolutely surprising and splendid message for this week! It is interesting too, as last Monday’s message was also about Openness, but Hummingbird takes it so much further.

As we all acknowledge…there is a great deal of difficulty in the world, in our lives, and our minds and hearts. BUT…Hummingbird is here to tell us that, just because that is true, it does not mean that Joy and Beauty are not to be found there too. When things are hard, we tend to shut down, close our energy and our hearts, and lock ourselves away because we think it will be easier to deal with things. But, this is not true. Because when we lock ourselves to negative and difficult, we also lock ourselves to positive and joy. As Hummingbird says… Without an open, loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. As scary or challenging as it is to open up, it is what we must do to allow life to come to us. And, if we open our hearts with Love instead of fear…we will inevitably see the Beauty of life instead of the dread. Look through the eyes of Love…because all the other “stuff” is just that…and Love is the most important thing to live for.

Hummer 5

Hummingbird lives Love and Joy. Its entire vibration is of Pure Joy…darting from one blossom to the next, fulfilling its destiny of bringing Life and Joy to the world. Its entire existence is about Beauty. And though we, as humans, cannot live our life entirely as the Hummingbird…we can certainly take a valuable lesson from her and seek to be as much like she as we can be. By seeing the Love and Beauty in all things…we bring it about to Be. We make it so. We bring it to Life. We feed it the nectar of our sight and our enchantment…and we cause Beauty to Live.

Hummer 4

And with that…Hummingbird also tells us to get ready for a new burst of energy this week. YES! She tells us to get ready to laugh and embrace gifts that are to come. How wonderful that she appears to lead us into the New Year…giving us a taste of the blooming of Spring…of new energy rushing in…and of good things to come.

This message could not have come at a better time for many of us…and I am Grateful for its appearance today. I hope it brings you comfort and delightful anticipation, and gives you courage and hope for the New Year.

Hummer 7

Opening our hearts is a risk…but a risk well taken when Beauty, Joy, and Love are the gifts to be had for the Opening. I open my heart to all of you…and wish you all these things for the week and the New Year.

Open Heart


After The Holiday


After 5

Well, we made it! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!

But…if you are waking up like this…

After 1

Or you haven’t woken up yet and are like this…

After 3

And after all that hard work, your house looks like this…

After 4

Then, as soon as you can, put those feet up, take a couple of aspirin, and have some of these…

After 2

Then take one of these…

After 8

Because this is waiting for you, dontchaknow…

After 6


After 7


Wishes For A Happy Holiday!

HH 1

Good Morning! The wait is over, the anticipation spent, and now merry wishes, can be openly sent.

My wish for all of you in this Holiday Season is that you find Joy, Love, and Peace around your table and in your heart. Stay cozy and warm in your home with family and friends near by, to share in the merriment, and a piece of pie.

HH 3

With the Religion or Spirituality you embrace, may it bring you comfort, reflection, and awakening as the wheel turns again and we move into a new phase and a New Year.

Know that my Heart is Full of the Spirit of the Season and I am sending it on to You. Take a bit…and then pass it on and share it from Your Heart!

I will be away from the blog for two days…but may those days be wonderful for you…and I will see you back here Thursday.

HH 2

Many Blessings and So Much Love to you All!

Weekend Inspiration ~ Gratitude


Happy Weekend! This weekend’s inspiration is brought to you by Gratitude. I firmly believe that Gratitude is important to remember and cultivate into our every day lives. It is often hard to be Grateful when we are going through difficulties or we have not achieved or received what we want out of life. Or if the road to that achievement is strewn with rocks and potholes. BUT…Gratitude softens those blows, it softens the heart, and it reminds us that…even though our lives may not be perfect, if we look closely, there are many small things to be Grateful for that, strung together, make up a fine tapestry of joy and peace.

Go into your weekend looking at all those things you can be Grateful for…and to help get you started, here are some lovely and profound quotes:

G 9

G 1

G 2

G 3

G 6

G 7

G 5

G 8

G 10

I am so Grateful for the people, every day joys and lessons, and dreams if have…and most assuredly, I am Grateful for all of you who come to read my blog and find something worthwhile here. 

Blessings to All of You!