Today’s Selfie


This post is a prelude to a blog I am posting for the weekend. For today…a reminder about how important and beautiful and worthy the Self is. Take these messages in today and make them part of you, for you are special just in being you. And then, if you are inclined, come back tomorrow for more inspiration. My Love and Blessings to you All!







Just By Being You!

Blessings and Love!

Weekend Inspiration ~ Freedom of the Self


F 16

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday. For those in the U.S., it was Independence Day for us, a day we honor our Freedom. So I wanted to make that the topic of Inspiration today…but I am talking about a different kind of Freedom.  I am talking here…about the Freedom of the Self.

Some of the strongest chains are the ones we have we put around ourselves. Our Soul, our Hearts, we imprison because we fear, or because we judge ourselves, or because we have been hurt. And when we wrap those chains around us, we take a little bit more of our Freedom…our personal Freedom…away. Consider that, within those chains we limit ourselves. But if we can be brave, and cut those chains away and deal with and heal what is held within, then we give ourselves the greatest Freedom we can have…and that is…the Freedom To Be Our True Self. With no limits. Today, be Free! Blessings!

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Monday Morning


Happy Monday

Good Monday Morning Everyone! I know I usually have a Monday Message post for you to begin the week with…but the message today is that, I will be taking a few days off from posting this week. I am taking a few days of downtime, but I will be back later in the week, so come back to look for more daily posts. For today, I leave you with this…

Be good to yourselves, live your true life, and find your passion and follow it!

Blessings for a wonderful Monday…and I will see you soon!

Happy Monday 2

Tuesday Affirmations ~ Healing Pain


It is time for Tuesday Affirmations and so I have before me my deck “Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. I splay them out on my desk, run my hands over them, wait for the heat and energy to reach my palm…and then ask for our message for this week. Here is the card that came to my hand:

The Gift of Healing:   “I Am Free Of Pain And Suffering”

Message:Use this gift to remember who you really are. Breathe slowly and deeply as you remember that you are a soul moving onward and upward. You are not your name. You are not what you do. You are not your body. Visualize beautiful birds removing your pain and suffering with their golden beaks and flying away to drop them all in the vast ocean.”

Pain 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

I love the first sentence in this affirmation…”…remember who you really are”. We have so much input in our lives, and so many things we have to manage and that happens to us. Sometimes…when we have a lot coming at us…we forget and start to listen to all those voices outside us that tell us things about ourselves, whether they be true or not. We listen to those voices and we begin to believe what they say…and we lose sight of our true self…and turn our ear away from our own inner voices. Our perceptions can become muddled, and we have trouble separating what is true, real, or our own thoughts. From this confusion…is born Pain and Suffering.

I believe pain in the physical body evolves from not being at ease with ourselves and our lives. Disease is just that…dis – ease…not at ease with the Self. It is my belief that pain is the physical manifestation of inner conflict, unhappiness, and a severe outlook on ourselves. It builds, looking for an outlet, and not finding one, uses the body as a vehicle to process through. I, myself, became ill years ago, because of this very reason. As I was going though it all, and my subsequent healing, I became acutely aware of the truth of that. That knowledge helped me heal and get well.

We are here to live this gift of life in happiness and harmony…and when we forget that that is who we are really meant to be…it causes pain. But, as the affirmation says…we are not our name, our jobs, our possessions, our fears or doubts, our troubles. We are Souls, given the gift of life to enjoy and learn and evolve through. We have command over the physical…we just forget that we do.

Pain 2

If you are experiencing pain…seek to find the source of it…not just the physical source, but the soul source…and whether it be birds with golden beaks (as above) or a rushing river, a bright white light, or heat and fire…direct it to take the pain from you and cast it away. It is well known that visualization is powerful…mind over matter…and if you believe you can…you will be able to let go of pain. But too, make sure to work on the issue that caused it and find resolution and completion so it does not continue to manifest within you as pain. (And, of course, seek medical attention where needed.)

It can be done. Keep reminding yourself you are a whole, healthy, balanced soul until you believe it again. Our bodies believe what we tell them. What would you decide that to be?