An Energy Shift



Yesterday we had a rare Full Moon called a Super Moon, and it came in the sign of Aries. I won’t go into all the details about Super Moons and the Aries connection…you can look all that information up on that there Google thingy. 🙂 But I did want to mention it today because…it is the beginning of a major energy shift…into the Positive Energy phase.


Whether you believe in this type of thing or not…it still lends a wonderful message to begin our week with. Whether any of this is “true”, I personally believe in the power of the universe, planets, our suns and moons and how they relate to our energy flow. It is all connected as we are all connected and then connected to all things in the universe so…well, you get it.


Soooo, let us take this opportunity to Believe that we can harness this shift in energy to the Positive phase…because we really need it now. AND, it is said that what we believe we create.


Let us move into this week Believing we are in a Positive Energy Phase and draw that into ourselves, our minds, our hearts, our souls and, at least, change our negative thoughts to positive. It DOES make a difference, in our own lives…and in the world.


We must Believe this negative energy right out of our existence and Believe Positive Energy back in. We CAN do it. We MUST do it. Stay Steady, Compassionate, and Strong!!





Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice was yesterday, June 21, 2013…the official beginning of Summer…the longest day of the year. The time when we soak up the sun and daydream about lazing summer vacations, forming them like castles in the sand. And it is the change in season where we turn to the Sun and reap its warmth…to carry with us into the cold of Winter. The Solstice turns my thoughts to how seasons change within us…and how it is a time to rejoice, for a moment, our emergence from the cold into the Spring, when seeds are tossed, to sprout in the Summer Sun. To celebrate our growth and reward our weary souls…with a pint, perhaps? Here’s Wishing Everyone A Dazzling Summer!

In honor of Summer Solstice, and the annual Supermoon that follows it, I have posted some groovy pictures for your enjoyment. The Solstice, when the sun sits longest and highest in the sky, occurred on June 21st. The Supermoon…which only occurs once a year, will peak on June 23rd. The Moon will be it’s closest to the Earth…so go have a look. I think it is a glorious site, I enjoy every year!

Summer Solstice:

Summer Solstice 1Summer Solstice 4

Summer Solstice 6

Sunner Solstice 3

This Solar Flare happened just before the Solstice hour. The sun having it’s own celebration!

Solar Flare

The Supermoon:

SuperMoon 3

Summer Solstice SuperMoon SuperMoon 2

Summer Solstice 5

…Friend (S)!

That should be plural for all you lovely beings out there in blogosphere!