Weekend Inspiration ~ Flit of Fantasy


F 20

As children, we live in fantastic worlds of our imagination. Everything real has a film of fantasy and wonder laid over it, so that everything we experience is new, fresh, and magical. As we grow up, we are told and taught not to live in those fantasy worlds and to adapt to the reality of life, and the harshness of it. As adults, we forget to play in our imaginations and to take a break from that harsh real world. But…we should not forget that there are other worlds, other places to visit, other “realities” to enjoy. And…it is by way of these imaginations that great and healing things come to manifest in this real world.

So, do not forget to carve out a time for Fantasy…to daydream…to inhabit those peripheral worlds that are full of Magic and Wonder…to create fantastic dreams and make believe. For, it is in those places that we find the strength to carry on, rejuvenate, and where our tortured souls break free. And, it is also in those places…if we bring that energy back to the real world…will nurture and heal us and this damaged place we live.

Today…let it be ok to spend it in your Fantasy world. Spend it in the joy of creating and imagining…and give yourself that time to wander down the pathways of another land. Be refreshed…and giggle! Blessings!

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