Friday Poetry ~ Come The Dragons …Continued


D Poem 1

Last month I posted the first installment of this long poem/story titled, “Come The Dragons”. Here is the second installment. If you missed the first one, you can read that here:

I hope you enjoy the story. Blessings…and have a lovely Friday!


His mighty wings flapped
Power surged through the air
It crackled and thundered
As he turned toward his lair
They’d had to wait
Hiding close in the dark
For certain events
And Magic to spark
But now time had come
To reclaim their home
To recover their land
To right a wrong
Land that was taken
Lives that were lost
No one foresaw
How great the cost
Dragons and men
Warriors and steel
The flow of blood
Made them all reel
These memories did swirl
As he pumped through the air
He would sound the call
From the soul of his lair
The wheel does turn
He felt the shift
The changes occurred
And brought with them a gift
Himself, he was certain
No doubt or fear
For the path ahead
Was now crystal clear
He knew they would come
From far and wide
They would gather again
To fight side by side
The Champion would come
The Maiden would too
The Power of Light
Would render them new
With forces combined
The Magic would grow
And the honey of Life
Would once again flow…

…To Be Continued

D Poem 2