With Power…Still



I, like everyone, go through moments of insecurity, doubt, fear, and feelings of unworthiness. It is human to go through these emotions…and completely natural and normal. Even if we work on ourselves, build self-esteem and confidence, and see ourselves as successes…we still go through these moments of insecurity and questioning our abilities and self-worth sometimes. It is part of our structure, and always will be. It is what we do with these feelings and how we choose to live that makes the difference.

But…something else came to me in a meditation the other day to add to this.


Before this meditation, I was having one of those days of insecurity and doubt. I sat down for a meditation to explore it and move myself out of that cloud. And an interesting message came from my guides. Everyone (and me) probably already knows and accepts this…but it came as a new thought to me for some reason, and I heard it anew. I was feeling low, and low energy, and apologizing for not “being myself” and operating at optimum power and strength. I felt sorry that my energy level was not at its brightest, even in meditation. And then…a lovely message spread through me…and the light bulb went on. This was the message…


That, no matter how we feel “in our heads”…that is, no matter how low, insecure, or defeated we can feel at times…under those emotions…we are still the Person and Soul we always are…this does not change. It is only our negative issues and feelings that take over our minds…but in our heart and soul…we are still the Powerful Spirit we have grown into, that does not change just because we feel insecure.

Our lovely minds can go so many places with fear and anxiety…and try to convince us we are not who we really are. But that is just the mind. It sends us in circles up there…but down in the depths of our heart, soul, and character…those things do not change just because we think or feel insecure. We are still the Powerful Being we have always been.


For me, it helped realizing that…even if my Power felt low, or I had a moment of insecurity or doubt, that it did not mean I had lost all my gifts. Unless, of course, I BELIEVE my own insecure voice.

Of course, having those feelings over time can chip away at our heart and soul, and we can lose a sense of our true selves…BUT, even then, it still does not change the fact that we are who we are and we have our own Power, Strength, and Purpose built in to our Being, our unique Self.


So, for those moments, or days, when we feel insecure, low, defeated, or unworthy…go ahead and feel it, process it, and move it out. BUT…remember all the while that…no matter what our feelings or troubles are…our Core Self which holds our Power, Strength, and Purpose, and Gifts is still there, living inside us, supporting us, and waiting for us to process through these human emotions and get back to being who we really are…our True Self…which is the real success.


So actually…we‘ve got this kids! We basically have our own backs. We have the best support we could ask for. While we ruminate in insecurity, our True Powerful Self sits patiently waiting for us to process…and is there, exactly where we left them when we went on our tangent…and nothing is diminished. Truth cannot be destroyed…it just is. So, the True Self will always prevail.


Lends a bit of comfort to these old bones.


Tuesday Affirmation ~ Belief In Self


I have been writing about other things lately and have not done an “Affirmation Tuesday” post in a while. The cards called for me this morning…and so, as always, I answer the summons. The card that came to hand with today’s message is:

Tuesday 4

Affirmation of Perseverance: “I Believe In Myself Now, Always, And In All Ways”

Message: Use this gift when you feel like a failure or others seem to doubt your abilities. Your strengths and weaknesses are yours to experience and learn from in your own time. Accept yourself just as you are now, knowing that the mistakes you have made helped guide the direction of your personal growth. It is never too late to change.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

It is always easier to accept ourselves and recognize our abilities when things are going well and working in our lives. We can see the benefit of our fine qualities and skills and feel some pride for having accomplished something good and worthy.

But, let us fail a time or two, and the story we tell ourselves is profoundly different. Often at these times, the story we hear from others is negative also, and we chastise and flog ourselves with disdain and disappointment for having failed, or for not being able to fix what is not working. And then…we doubt those same qualities we were once proud of.

Tuesday 3

But, if we could remember that we all, each and every one of us, have strengths as well as weaknesses, then we could know that success and failure are all just part of life…and if we live life to the fullest…we will all have a helping of both that fills our plate.

The affirmation is so true…mistakes help guide us to knowledge and personal growth. A mistake or misjudgment is what lets us know we need to learn more about ourselves and our circumstances. We always have the option to learn and grow…so we are never truly stuck in one state or another.

No matter what anyone else thinks…and in spite of what you may tell yourself…Believe in your Personal Power and the Power to Change. Nothing ever stays the same. It is the one fact we can count on…change.

Tuesday 2

So, accept yourself, in all your glorious imperfectness…embrace your strengths and weaknesses…and follow the direction that your inner voice of experience guides you to. And too, if something is not working, do not clog your self-worth with words of chastisement. Instead, tell yourself you Believe in the Gift of Perseverance…and coupled with the constant of change…you can be sure that you will, indeed, grow and move forward. Believe!