Thursday Door Post


Her is my contribution to this week’s Door Post challenge, started by and promoted by Norm2.0. Take a look at their blogs, there are wonderful posts there.

This week, I am posting a door that, to be honest, I do not know where it is or what castle it belongs to…but I ran across it and was intrigued. Who doesn’t love an awesome ornate red door with magnificent hardware? Enjoy! And Blessings and Love to All!

Castle Door 3.jpg

Thursday Door Post


I have come to look forward to these Thursday Door Posts that I came across on and Norm 2.0. They have some wonderful posts on their sites so go take a look. Here is my contribution for this week…a unique door in the Salse-le-Chateau in southern France. I am particularly enamored with the castles in France and England, and planning a castle hopping trip for next year actually. I can’t wait! Enjoy!

Blessings and Love!

Salses Door.jpg



Thursday “Door Post”


A few months ago, I started joining a Thursday challenge I happened upon over at fellow blogger Norm 2.0’s blog…posting amazing pictures of unique doors. I collect pictures of castles and their fantastic doors, so it was a pleasure to join in. Here is my contribution for this week.

Such a simple door in such curious surroundings…imagine the wonder beyond! Enjoy!


Thurday Door Post


I am enjoying this Thursday tradition of posting pictures of interesting doors started by Norm 2.0. I am passionate about castles…I know I have lived in one or two in some lifetime or other…so I had been collecting pictures of castles and their unique and wonderful doors for a long time.

Here is my contribution to this weeks tradition. It is a fantastic door in the Vysehrad Castle in Prague. Just spectacular! Hope you enjoy. Blessings!

castle Door 5 Vysehrad Castle Prague.jpg

Thurday Door Post


A few weeks ago, I learned from fellow blogger about a weekly Thursday post tradition that blogger Norm 2.0 had started sharing pictures of unique doors. I became intrigued, so here is my second offering to the Thursday Door Posts.

Wonder where this one leads…..!! Blessings!


Thursday Door Post


I recently found out about a cool Thursday tradition started by a fellow blogger and became intrigued. Every Thursday, this blogger does a post about the amazing art and uniqueness of Doors. Now, I became interested because I have a similar passion for castles…and they always have awesome doors. So, I am submitting my contribution to Thursday Door Post day with the following picture of a door in Cotswold, England…a most enchanting and beautiful place. Enjoy!

Visit the blog Norm 2.0. who is the one who started this tradition. I found out about it by reading another stellar blog at I recommend them both…they are wonderful reads! Blessings!

Cotswold Door