Weekend Inspiration ~ What To Do With Worry



I decided to write this post because I heard this word a great deal this week…Worry. There is a plethora of things to be Worried about today, isn’t there? We not only have our own personal Worries, but now we have major global Worries too and all that Worry does not allow us very many moments of Peace, does it? It sounds like Worry has become a prevalent thing, something that has become a part of daily life. And that bothers me…because Worry is not the natural state we human beings are supposed to live in. Yet circumstances have led us here.

So…I wanted to share a little trick I use to help me stay out of the ”Worry Whirlpool”. I have used this trick for a long time and taught it to others…with great success and results. It is simple and makes sense.

Here’s the thing…in any given day, there are some things we can change, and some we cannot. But we Worry about them all, which can stop us from living life. So try this…if there is something we can and is possible to change in the next 15 minutes, go do it and make that change and move on. But, if there is no solution to be had in that 15 minutes…then just for those 15 minutes…let go of it and do not Worry. It’s only 15 minutes…and if nothing can change…then why Worry about it. What good would Worrying do in that 15 minutes if that Worry could not change anything.


And by the way…Worry NEVER changes anything. It can’t…so why do we give so much Power to it?

Now…when that 15 minutes is up…look to the next 15 minutes. Repeat. And so on…until we can retrain our brains out of the Worry Whirlpool and teach it that Worry is useless. It only takes our energy that we should be spending on finding a solution or being happy in our lives until the thing can be resolved.


Nowhere is it written that we have to suffer through our problems. We suffer through Worry…we solve the problems. Make sense? And too…how many of the things we Worry about happening actually ever come to be? Think about it.


Without all that Worry playing out…we have energy and time to actually be present in our lives and experience it moment to moment no matter what that moment holds. We spend so much time Worrying about the past, and what the future will hold, that we miss the enjoyment of just being ourselves in the now. Which is the best part of us.


I hope you will try this bit of a trick and allow yourselves a break from Worry. Start to imagine what you could do with all of that time and energy used up by Worry…15 minutes at a time.



Weekend Inspiration ~ Why Worry


Worry 1

If we really think about it…how many moments, thoughts, and energy do we spend on Worry? Also, if we think about it, how much does that Worry serve us? Does it help solve problems? Does it make us feel better? Does it bring solutions or peace? Most likely, the answers here are no. Because Worry is a rather useless emotion. It burns up energy, takes our thoughts away from creating, and makes us feel wretched about whatever it is we are Worrying about…instead of helping us.  So, what if we stopped Worrying so much…and started Trusting.

Here is a trick: In the next 15 minutes, if you can fix what you are Worrying about…go do it. Get it off your mind. But…if in the next 15 minutes you can’t do ANYTHING to solve, fix, or get rid of whatever you are Worrying about…then for that 15 minutes…do not Worry about it. For 15 minutes, allow yourself the break from Worry, because Worry will not fix it…and if you can’t in those moments, than how is Worrying going to help? All it does is tie us up in knots and rob us of our quality of life.

So try this trick today. For 15 minutes, do not Worry. Then try 15 more. Then turn that into an hour…and so on. Nothing will change or go wrong if we don’t Worry.  I think we tend to believe that if we are not Worrying then we are not taking problems seriously.  But, we can give them due energy without burning up that energy with Worry. AND…consider the abundant amount of extra energy to put towards a positive solution you will have when you funnel all of that Worry energy into something productive.

And one more thing…how many of those things we Worry about and imagine ever really come about or happen?

So, go ahead, give it a try. And have a Worry free 15 minutes…couple of hours…half a day…all day! You deserve it! Blessings!

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