Weekend Inspiration ~ Personal Power ~ A Gentle Reminder

PP 6

Personal Power…we all possess it. In abundance. But, we can forget we have it, or take it for granted, or neglect it, or deny it and think we are powerless.  In the face of difficulties…it is easy to forget that we have Personal Power and can move things, shake them up, and change them.

This quote says it so eloquently…

PP 4

And this too is true…

PP 1

Take action to retrain your mind so that…

PP 5


PP 7

Use this opportunity to recall and reclaim your Personal Power…

and take it out there with you into your life.

Live your Power!

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Tuesday Affirmations ~ Mistakes


I have not done an “Affirmation Tuesday” in a few weeks, so here we are reclaiming it for today.  I seek my “Gift of Affirmations” deck by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber and spread the cards before me. I close my eyes and sweep my hand above them until I feel the heat and energy from the card that wished to present its message today.  That card is:

Mistakes 3

The Gift of Illumination: “I Learn From My Mistakes And Grow Wise And Strong”

“Use this gift when you are angry with yourself or other people for having made what you consider a mistake. Expectations are often unreasonable, especially the expectation that you can go through life without making mistakes or having to deal with the mistakes of others. Successful people know that mistakes are valued learning experiences.”

Mistakes 4

from the Desk of MarDrag:

People make mistakes. We ALL have made mistakes at one time or another in our lives. There is, in truth, not one person on this beautiful planet that has not made Mistakes. But we can be very hard on ourselves and others, and unforgiving, for these Mistakes.

Now, you all know I am a wordsmith, and I love all manner of words and I think they all have multiple meanings, if we look for them. So, let’s break this word down:

Mistakes is essentially ~ Mis – Takes.

Mistakes 6

We, or someone else, missed a take on a situation or issue, and made what we might deem an inappropriate decision or choice, based on the Mis-Take, they made a Mistake. As the quote says above, it is unreasonable to think that we, or someone else, can be so knowledgeable and evolved about everything in life that they would not have a Mis-Take and make some Mistakes along the way.

We learn, in life, by experience and gaining knowledge. But, if we don’t make Mistakes, how do we gain that knowledge. If we know something, we choose and behave accordingly. No Mistake. But, if we do not know about something and there is a lesson to be learned, it stands to reason that lesson would be preceded by a Mistake to show us what we need to pay attention to and learn from.

Most certainly, a person can repeat the same Mistake over and over, not getting the message, and frustrating all those around them. But Mistakes are a part of life, and allowing yourself, as well as others, the space to make them without mocking or judgment, then the potential for them to have the focus, energy and self-confidence to overcome the Mistake, learn from it, and move forward, is increased remarkably.

Mistakes 1

If we have to worry about what others think about our Mistakes, or cause others to worry what we think, then the attention gets diverted from the Mis-Take…and the lesson can be lost. This most certainly also applies to how hard we can be on ourselves, berating  and chastising ourselves over Mis-Takes. When we do that, we lose and use up precious energy that should be spent on recognizing and learning the lesson, implementing whatever changes are called for from that lesson, and then moving on to a better place because of it.

Focus on compassion, for yourself and others, and don’t judge those Mistakes. Make them, learn from them, and grow Wise and Strong from them…and encourage others to do the same.


Friday Inspiration


The week comes to a close as we look forward to a break come the weekend. There were good moments this week, some not so good, and some surprising and wonderful. Embrace it all! And, to help you through this last day of the week…a bit of Inspiration to feed your Soul. Wishing you a lovely, peaceful, and restful weekend! Blessings!

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