Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


I can hardly believe it is Wednesday again! Time seems to be flying by…and I need to catch a ride! 🙂 But, while we are all trying to catch up…let’s have a laugh or two..and make the ride fun. Have a great day and Be Good To Yourself! Blessings!


Out Of Bed


Mood Swing

Without Stuff


Joy Day

Bathroom Break


Dust Bunnies



Socks and Snow

Responsible Dog

Lost Dog

Dog and Cat

Glow Worm

Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor

Good Morning! I am sorry I missed you yesterday…My Internet Company Had An Outage for 6 Hours! By the time it came back up again, it was too late to put up a post. Since today is Humor Day, I will post it on Thursday…so come back and check in for a really good topic that I hope will speak to you all. Meantime…there are some good chuckles here, so I hope it helps you get past the hump and gives you a reason to smile! Blessings…and Have  A Great Wednesday! 🙂

Bit StressedDon't Judge Me

Day Pants

Naps PausesNormal

Conceal With Humor

CakeStart Baking

Cupcake Muffin

Music TasteMovie Quotes

Dear Math

Chill Out

Duck Dog