Weekend Inspiration ~ Change


Change 11

Change…it is the one thing in life we can count on, it is the one constant that will…never Change. Whether we ask for it or not, Change will always be present in our lives. Sometimes it comes unexpected, and we must rally with strength to manage it. Or, at times, Change comes and it is good and we welcome it. We also, many times, ask and plead for Change, but we forget to consider the road to the Change we ask for, and we are surprised by circumstances and ask, why is this happening? Sometimes Change is confusing, and we do not understand it. The thing is…Change is always good because it leads us further on our path, it challenges us to look close at how we live our lives and if we are living our Truth. The only way to get to the other side of a Change…is to go through it. So, embrace Change…and flow through it with Grace…and see where it leads you. Blessings!

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