A Bit More About Transitions


“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else.” ~ Tom Stoppard

“In the space between chaos and shape there is another chance.”  ~ Jeanette Winterson

“A season of loneliness and isolation is when the caterpillar gets its wings. Remember that next time you feel alone.”  ~ Mandy Hale

Trans 4

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Transitions. Everyone seems to be going through them on any number of different levels, so I wanted to expound a bit on the subject and the Weekend Post. Transitions seem to be the most difficult part of change and evolving. When we are in Transition, we are smack in the middle of a Change…we have left what is changing behind and we have moved into the tunnel, the middle of the movement, we are “in transit”, and we can no longer see nor are we attached to what we left behind…but we also can not yet see where we are headed, or what the outcome will be. But as one of the quotes from Sunday’s blog says…” all Transitions are composed of an ending, a neutral zone, and a new beginning.” (Walter Bridges). It is the new beginning we sometimes forget is waiting for us.

Transitions are that time when we hold our breath in anticipation of what will come. Would we spend that time in Fear…or in our Truth and Power as we cultivate the energy that will take us where we want to go. It is in Transition that we have the most Power…because it is that moment, that space between what was created and what is to be created…so it is a chance to find clarity on what we really want to create. It can be a useful time.

Trans 2

And while we may not be certain something good is going to come, we are equally not certain that something bad is going to come either. We Fear what will happen, yet it has not happened yet, so what use is that Fear? If it happens, we already know we will deal with it. Because we always do. If something wonderful happens, then we have wasted that time spent in Fear of the unknown, when the unknown held something great for us all along.

In addition, we are contributors to our Destiny, so while outside forces play a part in what occurs in our lives, we too have our inner force, our Power, Choices, and Decisions that can be the factors that sway the direction in which the Transition takes us.

The Oxford American Dictionary tells us the definition of Transition is:

the process of changing from one state or style to another; passage from one form, state, style, or place to another; movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another

I like the part that states Transition is a Passage, so that tells us it is not a place we stay. The very root of Transition is Transit…in movement. And a Passage, a Movement, always takes us to somewhere else. It is as if being on a train ride. So, are we riding that train in Fear and Apprehension…or would we spend that time on the train reading, studying, praying, creating, dreaming, and sending our Energy and Power out to be counted in the forming of our destination. It really is all in our Perception of how we see Transition.

Trans 3

If we are in Transition, then movement has begun and we cannot stop it. But, we can certainly have Power in directing where we are going and what we choose along the way. AND…most importantly…we have a choice about how we spend our time in Transition. Which can be…taking care of ourselves, gaining clarity on where we are going, and focusing our energy in a positive direction.

Transitions can be a bumpy ride…but they can also be full of useful and empowering action, even if that action is to sit back and wait for the train to arrive at the next station. We do not have to dread Transition, it can be exciting and thrilling if we see it as the time of the caterpillar in its cocoon, just before it breaks free and morphs into a beautiful Butterfly…and begins a whole new life.

Emerging monarch


Inspiration For A Saturday


Good Morning! The weekend is upon us and visions of fun, rest and relaxation dance in our minds. I wish for you all of these and more as you embark on these two days of freedom! And to give you something to carry with you in your bag of thoughts, a bit of inspiration to light your way. May your days be full of joy, care, love and laughter! Blessings!

As “From Cocoon To Butterfly” reminded us…


And as we are tested and challenged, consider…

Wind Destination

We will always, at some time or another, be faced with obstacles. But know this…


Know that the sum of all of who you are, the Whole You, is greater than,

any obstacle before you.

And when the road becomes damp and slippery…

Carry Mistakes

Give yourself that gift, and then…

Let Go Of Past


Know this Truth with all your Mind, Heart and Soul…

Always Remember

There, too, is Magic to be had within if you…

Magic Goethe

And when you work your Unique and Purely You Magic…

About To Happen


Be Yourself

Be good to yourself and…

Be Gentle 1

My Heart Streams Love and Good Energy To You All!

May You Know The Wonder Of You!


From Cocoon To Butterfly


I was looking through a notebook of mine last night, exploring some writings from quite a few years ago. I was inspired to take this book in hand…I knew not why at the time…but I took pleasure in looking through it and recalling the events and messages that were revealed there. Some good, some not…as the notebook spanned a good deal of time. As I was thumbing through the pages, images of days and thoughts gone by drifting through my mind…I came upon a passage that caught my eye, and I was moved to share it with you.

I clearly recall the situation I was in, and it was restricting. I was diligently working with myself to find the current to rise above it so that the solution could have the space to come to me. I recall sitting on my patio, feeling a gentle breeze flowing ‘round me, the still and quiet of a warm afternoon. There was a hush, it seemed, and then a vision came to me…of a Butterfly breaking out of its’ cocoon. And I wrote this:

“This is what a Butterfly must feel like when starting to break out of the cocoon. It must start to move and attempt to spread its’ wings, causing some friction in order to crack and crumble the cocoon that will fall away, revealing the beautiful Butterfly inside…that flies away.”

Cocoon 1

Reading this, it struck me that, when we are in difficult situations or a dark place in our lives…we may feel wrapped in it, as if trapped in a cocoon of sadness or misery…and unable to see outside or around the gossamer threads that bind us. But, in that muted stillness and darkness…we are really just gestating, allowing “nature” or the energy of the Universe and Higher Powers to evolve…and allowing ourselves the space to think, form, and grow, until all of the elements gather and fall just right for the change to occur and the answer or solution…the Breakthrough…to come.

Cocoon 2

BUT…during that gestation…and in order to break through that cocoon…there must be some Friction. The Friction we feel for the want of something to change, or to grow, or to find something new…or freedom from what it is that has us bound. The Butterfly…without the Friction of wriggling and chafing against the confining walls of the cocoon…would not come to cause the eventual break through the walls that held it. If the Butterfly…and we…lay dormant, or never encounter Friction in our worlds, then we would not have reason to stretch, spread, and transform into the beauty that we truly are.

So…there must at times be Friction in our lives…to test the walls of our cocoons…and to test us…to see just how badly we want to break free…and how willing we are to risk that Friction, to embrace it, use it even…and find our way to Freedom.

Butterfly 2Butterfly 4




To find our wings…and fly!

And remember too…that every gorgeous Butterfly…started out a little caterpillar, inching its’ way across a rough road until it found its’ place to slumber and embrace the wrapping of the cocoon, and the gestation period, until it makes its’ transformation. Do you think the caterpillar knows before it enters the cocoon that it will emerge a Butterfly? I wonder.

But, even if it doesn’t…we can know that about ourselves…and it shall make the unfolding that much sweeter and more graceful to bear.

Butterfly 3