Monday Bucket List!



A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about doing a “Daily Bucket List” to help keep our focus on our own lives, worlds, possibilities, and actions to help us through this difficult time. So today…I am posting my “Monday Bucket List”. What is on your “Daily Bucket List” today? Whatever it is, I hope it makes you happy and positive because that will help the world too. Blessings!


#1 ~ Repeat my mantra when negative or worrying thoughts take over my mind: “No more fight, Peace, Love, and Light” over and over until I have Peace of Mind.


#2 ~ Focus my thoughts to send out Positive Energy to the everyone and the world instead of angry, negative energy.


#3 ~ Tell a joke to make people laugh and feel good.

Wishing you all a wonderful, Peaceful Monday full of Love and good thoughts!


A Focus To Help in The New Year



We have ushered in the New Year…now we need to find ways to navigate and manage the uncertainty, confusion, and apprehension that 2016 left behind. As expected, the New Year began with a great deal of negativity and terrible happenings. And no matter where you stand on world or political matters, it will be a bumpy ride through the next few weeks and beyond. So…what can we do to keep from feeling hopeless, despondent, or uncertain about our own lives and future?

I have a suggestion…and I hope it helps. My daughter and I have done this and work it every day. It makes a difference that keeps growing into wonderful things day by day. So, here it is…


We have all heard of and probably have written a “Bucket List”. That list of things we have always wanted to do, like sky diving or mountain climbing or traveling…that we put on the list to remind us to take a risk and do cool and crazy stuff before we die.

But…what about while we are living…day to day?

How about a “Daily Bucket List”? On this list are smaller, easier goals or things we want to do that are much more attainable in the moment…but that we forget to do when we are overwhelmed and buried in the muck of life. My daughter and I sat down and wrote a list of 5 things we really need to do for ourselves or we really want to do but haven’t made time or effort to accomplish.


One of my top 3 is to meditate more. When I keep up with my spiritual work I am better.  And for me, meditation is so important to keeping me balanced and to keep my boundaries set so I am not bothered and overwhelmed by all the “junk” floating around. It helps to keep my mind and heart clear. Another thing on my “Daily Bucket List” is to make time to visit a place I have wanted to for a long time, but never take the time. It is on my “Daily Bucket List” now, and begs to be crossed off.

This “Daily Bucket List” is posted on the wall in my living room so I/we see it every day. It reminds me to focus on my own life and what I need/want to do to make myself happy, fulfilled, and feeling accomplished. Anything can go on this list…little things like cleaning out a drawer or taking a walk or reading a book you have wanted to get to. But things like…say something to make someone smile, or spend more time with a child, or give back to the community in some way…can also go on the list. Save the big things like write that book, or go to Italy, or zipline for the “Big Bucket List”.


The everyday list is attainable, soul warming, heart filling things to do for yourself or another. And I can tell you…it feels darn good to cross one of those off and add another. Or, for some things, I put a check mark for the day and do it again the next day and check it off again. This really does let us feel that we are focusing on our own life and making it better…one little step at a time…one day at a time. And as you do it, it gains momentum and good feelings emerge and grow day to day as you feel better about yourself and your life.


It is now…more than ever…so important that we not stop living the life we want and deserve because of the negativity “out there”. Yes…we have to deal with it and will no doubt have to make some adjustments to navigate any changes coming…but that is for “out there”.

“In here”…in our Hearts, Souls, Minds, and Lives…WE still have control over how we live, think, feel, and do. We must never forget this, and in fact, we need now to Focus even more on being our True and Authentic Self and living accordingly and shining our beautiful, healing Light into the world. In order to do that…we need to be taking care of ourselves and our Spirit.


So give the list a try…and keep that Focus on your Life and Happiness and Light. Share it and Shine it and keep yourself fulfilled so that your Light will Grow and Shine and make a difference in the darkness.


Take care of yourselves…Love and Be Loved, Be Happy, Hope…and Shine!