“Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


My Dear, Sweet, Lovely Readers! I must, once again, offer my apologies for being so absent lately. As the flames of time would have it, my time has been burning up with life and health issues that have not left much time to burn up on the blog or other fun things. But worry not…for I am a Warrioress and I hold my sword up to any storm and say…”today…I shall slay!”

Anyway…back to reality šŸ˜› and the fact that we have not had a good humor blog in a few weeks…and we sorely need one. So…here is this weeks funtime. There are some good ones here….so Laugh Outloud and Share the Joy! And I wish you all Love, Light, and Blessings!!


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Weekend Inspiration ~ Faith In The Future ~ Repost


Faith 1

I think we can all agreeā€¦there is a lot going on in the world, and our own worlds, and it has us thinking of how we will manage and get to ā€œour futureā€. And whatā€™s moreā€¦we are not sure what that future holds. Globally, it is not a time of peace and harmony. That makes us wary and unsure, because we have to live in these times and try to pull some happiness and success into our lives out of that lack. It can make our own lives off balance andā€¦combined with our own individual issuesā€¦it can be discouraging.

These times take our courage and strength to get through. But consider thisā€¦if we allow all these things we worry about to weigh so heavily on us that we stop having Faith in our futureā€¦then we have lost that future right there, in that moment. The one thing that will make the future betterā€¦is if we have Faith in it now. If we Believe the future will rise up to meet us and be goodā€¦then we can Make It So.Ā  We can not give up now! For ourselves, or for the world.

We are all magnificent beings with so many gifts and skills and love and compassion. Who is going to tell us we can not have the future we want to have? And certainlyā€¦we should not let that be ourselves who tell us that. Let us Believe in ourselvesā€¦in our Futureā€¦and have Faith that, for the Belief, Effort, Love, and Strength that we spend nowā€¦those are the cornerstones of what the future will hold.

Be Inspired To Have Faith In The Futureā€¦

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About This Energy ~ Help! ~Repost



The current energy flow is knocking us aroundā€¦tossing us like leaves on a windy day. We get up in the morning and try to be ā€œnormalā€ā€¦but this energy that is permeating our world seeps in and begins to take over, and we are affected by it. With all that is going on around the worldā€¦this flow of energy is dastardly. Everyone is feeling it. And having a rough time managing through it. World events, weather, and personal woes have accelerated with this energy, and it ā€œlooksā€ like no matter what we do, it is difficult to rise above it. In my work these recent weeks, I find myself repeating and reinforcing the same message, reminding people of a few things that will help with this process, and encouraging everyone to stick to these things, to not allow the rampant forces to overwhelm us. I share those things here too, in hopes it will help in some small way.


The most important thing isā€¦we do not have to allow this energy to take over our lives. Even though it is rampant and strong and permeatingā€¦we still have command over our Personal and Sacred Spacesā€¦and we must not let this energy lead us to believe anything else. It would have us believe that we have no choice but to succumb to itā€¦but that is not the Truth. And does not have to be ā€œourā€ truth. Once we take this in and believe it, we can do something to reinforce our energy and personal power.


So, the first thing to do isā€¦Cleanse and Get Grounded. Whatever your spiritual or religious beliefs, there are processes, prayers, meditations, and rituals for Cleansing and Grounding. Do them. Often. I have just such a process I teach, and do myself, and it helps so much. Just yesterday morning, I did my Cleansing process and felt and saw the sludge of negative energy cleanse from my system and auraā€¦and I felt so much better for having done it. I then Grounded my energy with the Earth Mother, reset my Boundaries, and declared my Sacred Space clean and clear. I was able to go on the rest of the day Balanced and Centered. Even though ā€œthat energyā€ was still near, I was better able to keep it outside my Boundary and not allow it to overtake my day and mood or affect how I felt and related to others.


Much of the angst we are all feeling is not connected to anything in our own lives. Certainly, we all have issues in our lives to deal withā€¦but with the enhancement of this negative energy, those things seem bigger and harder to manage. But, the real issue isā€¦much of the negativity we are feeling is because of the global negative energy that is rounding this planet. If we can remember thatā€¦and Cleanse ourselves of it as often as possibleā€¦it will make our own issues easier to handle. Andā€¦it will press back on the global negative and help to change the flow.


Each time one person Cleanses, Grounds, and gets their Light shining againā€¦.it connects with another who does the sameā€¦and that gets the Light flowing again. It is so imperative that we do not let this dastardly energy win by allowing it to take residence in our lives. Yes, we must deal with it and the worldā€™s problems and find solutions, etcā€¦.but we do not and must not allow it to become the norm. We must fight itā€¦and fight it by using our Light and the tools we have to keep our own space, our own lives, our own hearts and souls clear. By doing thisā€¦we contribute to the collective Balance and Peace we all wish to see become reality. That reality begins with our own livesā€¦and from there spreads and flows into the world energy.


So, let us each consider and focus on what we can do to keep our own energy Clear and Grounded, which helps us to operate and be in our lives in a better way, which helps the collective. It is a ripple that begins with each individual. This is how we can make a difference right now, in our own lives and in the overall energy.


Stand in the center of the circle of our life as the Spiritual Warriors that we are, raise our swords, and declare that we shall vanquish this dastardly foeā€¦one moment at a timeā€¦one day at a timeā€¦one Light circle at a timeā€¦and as each of those connectā€¦we begin to build a circle of a far different natureā€¦and Balance and Peace become possible.

(If anyone wants to know about the Cleansing and Grounding processes I teach, please feel free to contact me at the email address on the contact page. There are two blogs about Boundaries posted last week if you would like to reference that process.)


Go out in your life today and be that True Self that you are no matter what is happening around you. Rememberā€¦our Core Self never changesā€¦it is always there to support and guide usā€¦even when we feel everything else has overwhelmed us. Be the Light Force that you already are. Be Brave and Compassionate and Steady. We WILL get through thisā€¦and we WILL get to a better place. Believe!

And, from my Heart and Soul to yours, I send you Love, Light, and Support! May each of you be filled with Love and Peace this day!




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What To Believe In ~ Repost



That is a question I have heard a great many people sounding out lately. Everywhere, in all corners of our lovely Mother Earthā€¦ā€stuffā€ is happening. Unsettling things, events we never imagined, people and governments doing wild and erratic thingsā€¦and it feels like the energy is only ramping upā€¦and we wonder how to deal with it all, how we will continue to forge our own paths. In the midst of our confusion lies an impossible conundrumā€¦

What To Believe Inā€¦Anymore.


I read a headline this week that said we have lost hope and have nothing more to Believe in. And I want to challenge that headline here. Because we absolutely DO have something left to Believe in. Even in the face of such things we appear to have no control overā€¦we still have something solid, steady, and powerful to Believe in. And that isā€¦Ourselves!


We may feel we are at a low point, and when we look out into the world, there is precious little to stake our hope and belief in the future on. And Soā€¦if we cannot find Belief out thereā€¦the most profound and sacred choice would be toā€¦Believe in Ourselves.


Believe that we can still retain our Inner Light, our Inner Peace, and our Inner True Soul and Selfā€¦because nothing and no one can ever take those from us. And with those, we can still forge our lives in the best way we can to follow our pathsā€¦which we still canā€¦and mustā€¦do.


By Believing in ourselves even in the face of all this confusion, it keeps the concept, the energy of Believe alive and real and resonates in the air and energy around us.


We cannot allow Belief and Hope to die. We must keep it alive, within ourselves, so thatā€¦no matter whatā€¦we still have US, our lives, and the Love and Light that we shine. It can and will make a difference. We must not stop Believing in that.





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You Are Important ~ Don’t Forget That ~ Repost



In this swirling pool of negativity and waves of uncertainty, confusion, and vitriol…it is very easy to be swept away from ourselves. It pulls on our focus and emotions…and soon we are swimming away from that which is and should be important in our own lives, our own worlds. And we begin to feel helpless and ineffectual and unimportant. But that is not the truth. Never forget…


EVERYONE matters and is an important and essential cog in the wheel of life and the world. No matter what you might hear “out there”.


It is my heartfelt wish that these words sink in to your soul today and remind you…no matter how you are feeling…that You are important and have a purpose…just by being You.


We receive such negative energy and so much static feedback in our days lately…let this be the counter message that reminds you that you do not have to believe in all of that. You can believe in YOU!



When you need to hear something different, or need to refocus…come here and read these. THIS is the truth…to keep close to you.






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Do You Believe In Magic? ~ Repost



ā€œAnd above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.ā€Ā  ~ Ronald Dahl

ā€œThe world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.ā€Ā  ~ W.B. Yeats

ā€œHope can be a powerful force. Maybe there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic.ā€Ā  ~ Laini Taylor

ā€œMagic exists. Who can doubt it, when there are rainbows and wildflowers, the music of the wind and the silence of the stars? Anyone who has loved has been touched by magic. It is such a simple and such an extraordinary part of the lives we live.ā€Ā  ~ Nora Roberts

ā€œMagic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.ā€ ~ Goethe

ā€œI do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we’re alone.ā€Ā  ~ Charles de Lint


from the Desk of MarDrag:

Do you believe in Magic? Do you believe there is energy around us, pulsing and moving and creating? Do you believe in the Magic of Belief? Or the Magic of Loveā€¦or the Magic of the Heart and the Mind?

I think, that in this chaotic and sometimes distressing world, we can lose sight of the Magic that exists, that Magic we believed in and saw in the world around us, as a child. That Magic that we created our dreams with. A child sees with unclouded eyes, with innocence that what it sees is undoubtedly true and real, even in their imagination. That is how dreams are born and manifest. Ā As we grow and experience more of the world, and its harshness, we lose so much of that innocence and ability to believe that there IS Magic all around us and that we can have it in our lives. If we just recognize it as we look at the Magic of Nature. Or listen to the Magic of Music. Or feel the Magic of falling in love.


But, there is also the Magic of Will, of Belief, of the Heart and of the Glowing Light within us that helps us create the life that we so desire. Or Will a solution to a problem to manifest. Or have the conviction that something we desire will come to us. Or even just the Magic of a Smile, to lighten someoneā€™s day.


Today, if even just for a moment, look around you and see if you can spot a bit of Magic and focus on that, draw it to you, feel the tingle of that something that is outside all practical thought. Just for a bit, open that part of yourself that dares to see past the severity of life to the enchantment and charm of possibilities when you tap into the Magic of Life. It is there. That glittering sense that there is so much more to what we see than what we see.


Magic is everywhereā€¦donā€™t forget to look. And when you lookā€¦Believe in what you see. And when you Believeā€¦amazing things will happen.




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“Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


It’s Hump Day! So here is your mid-week comic relief. I hope it brightens your day and brings laughter to your lips. Blessings and Love!!

















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“Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


It is that time again…so I hope you find a bit of comic relief here today and it makes you Smile and Laugh!! Thank you so much for stopping by. My Love and Blessings to you All!
















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