Closer Than Farther



We all have “things” we are waiting for…events, plans, holidays, vacations, dreams to come true…etc. We even have negative situations that might loom or we know we are looking to come. I do, in fact, have one such very positive situation I am waiting for its conclusion to take place.  And then I can begin another wonderful adventure. And sometimes…shock!…I can get impatient.


But, something occurred to me over the weekend that caused me to look at it this way:

Every day, every moment, every thought…brings me one day, moment, or thought closer to what I am waiting for.


No matter what we are waiting for or looking forward to…impatience only makes it seem longer in coming. When we focus on the anxiety of waiting, and hoping for swiftness, and frustration that it is not happening in the time we wish it to…we are just adding to the anxiety and exasperation, making us edgy and cranky and cuts into our desire for daily inner peace.


If we can accept that everything comes in its own time when it is meant to, do our spiritual work for its conclusion, and relax into its inevitability…than we can retain that daily peace, let go of impatience and frustration, and stay balanced and focused on all the other things that need our attention.

Keeping the focus and belief on the outcome, goal, destination, or completion keeps us from getting entangled in impatience and wasting that energy…because what is coming will come whether we spend that time in irritation or peaceful belief.


So this is it: Every day, moment, breath…brings us ever closer to what we desire, dream, plan, or wait for. Spend that time in the belief and peace that it comes. And our quality of life gets ever richer.



Weekend Inspiration ~ Being Enough



We have busy, stressful, jam-packed lives these days, with many tasks and obligations. There is so much more opportunity for judgment, of ourselves and of others. We can get overwhelmed trying to keep up, and feel like we are not doing enough, accomplishing enough, we are not smart enough or “fill in the blank” enough. And certainly, we can all do “better”, strive to grow and learn and achieve more. BUT…what about this moment we occupy, and the beauty of its possibilities. AND…what about all the progress we have made in our lives, all the efforts and sacrifices and work we do to keep moving forward, or sometimes, just to keep moving.

In this world, everyone is striving for “the next best thing”…but what about now? In this moment, can we be Enough? In this moment, can we allow ourselves to be content with who we are, what we have done, and where we look to the future? Because…if we can’t see ourselves as Enough, right now just as we are, then we will never be content with where we are going.

Today…practice knowing you are Enough. Lay down those judgments and negative thoughts about what you haven’t done or accomplished…and just Be Enough. Know that you are a whole, vibrant, amazing soul…just as you are. We can all be greater than we are…but we are the greatest if we recognize that, in this moment, no matter what anyone else thinks…we are Enough. Blessings!

Enough 2

Enough 9

Enough 8

Enough 7

Enough 10

Enough 6

Enough 11

Enough 3

Enough 5

Enough 12

Enough 1

Enough 13

Weekend Inspiration ~ Faith In Your Future


I think we can all agree…there is a lot going on in the world, and our own worlds, and it has us thinking of how we will manage and get to “our future”. And what’s more…we are not sure what that future holds. Globally, it is not a time of peace and harmony. That makes us wary and unsure, because we have to live in these times and try to pull some happiness and success into our lives out of that lack. It can make our own lives off balance and…combined with our own individual issues…it can be discouraging.

These times take our courage and strength to get through. But consider this…if we allow all these things we worry about to weigh so heavily on us that we stop having Faith in our future…then we have lost that future right there, in that moment. The one thing that will make the future better…is if we have Faith in it now. If we Believe the future will rise up to meet us and be good…then we can Make It So.  We can not give up now! For ourselves, or for the world.

We are all magnificent beings with so many gifts and skills and love and compassion. Who is going to tell us we can not have the future we want to have? And certainly…we should not let that be ourselves who tell us that. Let us Believe in ourselves…in our Future…and have Faith that, for the Belief, Effort, Love, and Strength that we spend now…those are the cornerstones of what the future will hold.

Be Inspired To Have Faith In The Future…

FF 8

FF 7

FF 9FF 10

FF 4

FF 11FF 3FF 5

FF 6

FF 12

FF 1

FF 2




Tuesday Affirmations ~ Willpower


I have not done a “Tuesday Affirmation” post for a while and the cards were calling me this morning…so they must have a message. Since I have not used them for a bit, I took the cards in my hands and warmed them with my energy, fanned them out on my desk, and let my hand be guided to the one with our message for today. The card I pulled from the deck of “Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber is:

Will 3

Gift of Transformation:   “My Willpower Is Stronger Than My Bad Habits”

Message: “Use this gift when you feel unable to overcome long-held beliefs, habits, or compulsions. Like affirmations, our habits gain strength from constant repetition and our belief in their ability to help us cope with life in some way. They can be dealt with by using this gift and by accepting and loving yourself more and more.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

We all have long-held beliefs and habits. We learn them and adopt them as we experience life and create survival mechanisms. Some habits can be positive…and some negative that hold us back. So too, some beliefs and patterns can become negative if we have moved on in our lives but have not let go of those that no longer serves us.

Habits and survival mechanisms do help us cope with life, but can become outmoded and we can get stuck in a repetitive state and become confused as that habit starts to take on a negative aspect. We wonder, because it has been something we have counted on to help us manage our lives.

Will 1

But consider that…as we learn, grow, and change…so must our belief system. That can be a huge conundrum…and I have actually been writing a post about belief systems…when this affirmation appeared today. (I will post that blog later in the week). For now, consider the affirmation that our Willpower is stronger than anything else we can create.

We do, after all, create these habits, and beliefs…which grow stronger and stronger through the repetition of using them…and, if WE create them…then we can also uncreate them…or change them any time we choose.

We can take inventory of our habits, beliefs, and compulsions and see if there are some that have become outdated and do not serve us any longer. Using our Powerful Willpower, we can set our goals to change them into positive habits that serve us in the now. And add this to our efforts in letting go of the past so that we have a clean present to create in.

Will 2

And one more thing…the first step in overcoming a bad habit…is by Loving ourselves Unconditionally and Accepting ourselves for who we are at this moment, even with bad habits…and then allowing ourselves to Love ourselves through the changes. The more we Love ourselves, the more we can embrace the changes we might need to make. Love does conquer all!

Now, use your Willpower to Will Your Power to do what needs to be done.


Affirmation Tuesday ~ Prosperity


Good Morning! It is “Affirmation Tuesday” again…and I have my deck of affirmation cards (by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber) in front of me. I take them in hand, and feel their stiff weight as I shuffle them. I close my eyes and sense the energy they hold…from so many uses…and I send my own energy to them in the expected question…”What is our message today”? I feel the pulse and spark as they move through my hands and as I lay them out…a string of connected thoughts…on the hard cherry wood of my desk. As my hand lingers in the air, just above the line of cards, I move it…back and forth, to and fro…and then it happens…the heat from one message jumps into my palm and my hand descends to pick up that one card that means to be heard today. And that card is:

The Affirmation of Prosperity: “I Have All That I Need To Get What I Want”

Message: “Use this gift when you believe you lack the time, money, intelligence, education, connections, looks, love, strength, prestige, power, luck, support, courage, patience, or any other resources you need to accomplish your goal. Believe, instead, that the power of affirmations and positive thinking can help you as much as all these things combined.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

We all have goals for our lives…and wants, needs, desires…intentions for where we would like to see our lives move. We also have our true Life’s Purpose, whether we are yet aware of it or not…it is there. We have things we want to do, to accomplish…and things we want to be. And many times, we get discouraged because we believe we lack the tools or skills, drive or energy, support or help we need to reach them. It is often easy to get caught up in those disheartening thoughts and put off those things we would most like to pursue. We put our focus on looking at the things we think we “do not” have and forget to look at the things we “do” have that will help us achieve what we desire.

The thing is…the affirmation above is so correct in telling us that Positive Thinking and the Power of Affirmations are the primary tools…and what we really need…to move us forward toward accomplishment. If we believe in our dreams and ourselves, then we can call to our lives all those things in the list above that we need to get to our goal.

What we really need to do is…make the goal and the belief in ourselves BIGGER than what we think we do not possess. For all those things in the list of resources are attainable, if you believe they are. They are just “things” that are floating around out there in the world around you…waiting to be plucked and used. Anyone can attain them. They are not bigger than you are, or bigger than your goal. And they are abundant. There IS enough for everyone.

Prosperity is not just about money or things or riches. Prosperity is also about the wealth of our mind and soul, the opulence of our confidence and self-esteem, the assets of our character, and the treasure of our belief in ourselves and our abilities take command of our lives and our goals.

With Positive Thinking, there is nothing we cannot have or do. So, choose an affirmation today that tells yourself that you can do anything you put your mind and inner resources to. Write it down, post it somewhere you will see it every day. Make that affirmation bigger than your doubts about yourself. Retrain your mind to think better of yourself than you have given yourself credit for to date. You will be amazed at how effective it will be to “change your mind”…and when you believe you have it…you do!

Honor the Prosperity of your own inner resources, believe in the riches you already have, and use Positive Thinking and Affirmations…and there is nothing you can’t achieve!