Friday Poetry ~ Absentminded Me


Am 3


Sometimes I forget
Where I put my glasses
Or what I was going to say
Just walking from one room to another
Sometimes I forget
What your schedule is
This week
Or that last hard to find item
On the grocery list
And sometimes I’ll bring something up
That’s better left forgotten
I may not be my best
All the time

But, I will remember that
Birthdays are important to you
What size shoe you wear
Or that your back was hurting today
And you need a massage
I will remember not to tease you
And just how you like your shirts folded
Your way
And I will remember to tell you
I love you even more
For listening to me ramble
And for your gift of loving
Absentminded Me

~ MarDrag ~

Thought For The Day ~ UPDATED


I decided to leave this post up, because it is actually perfect for Valentine’s Day. So I add a little bling to the post…as I wish you a wonderful day…and remind you again that…YOU ARE BE-YOU-TIFUL! Love the most important person in your life today…YOU! Blessings!


“You are beautiful. Know this. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying. You are beautiful.”  ~ Steve Maraboli

“In your own life it’s important to know how spectacular you are.”  ~ Steve Maraboli

“Did your mom ever tell you, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything’? She was right–and talking nicely also applies when you’re talking to yourself, even inside your head.”
~ Victoria Moran

“I am my own biggest critic. Before anyone else has criticized me, I have already criticized myself. But for the rest of my life, I am going to be with me and I don’t want to spend my life with someone who is always critical. So I am going to stop being my own critic. It’s high time that I accept all the great things about me.”  ~ C. JoyBell C.

“You can be the most beautiful person in the world and everybody sees light and rainbows when they look at you, but if you yourself don’t know it, all of that doesn’t even matter. Every second that you spend on doubting your worth, every moment that you use to criticize yourself; is a second of your life wasted, is a moment of your life thrown away. It’s not like you have forever, so don’t waste any of your seconds, don’t throw even one of your moments away.”  ~ C. JoyBell C.

“Allow yourself to enjoy each happy moment in your life.”  ~ Steve Maraboli

Beauty 4

from The Desk of MarDrag:

While the Great Tapestry of Life is being woven with our threads and the threads of all those around us, our own smaller Tapestries are being woven to fit into that bigger picture. The threads of our individual pictures are made up of our experiences, our actions and our energy…but the most important component that makes up those threads…are our thoughts about ourselves. Those thoughts and impressions that we hold about ourselves weave the very fibers of our threads together and then those threads weave into our pictures, and those pictures are woven into the bigger picture…and our place in the world is made.

So each and every fiber of thought is important. They are essential to the kind of picture we would like to have recorded in our own Tapestries, and then, in the Great Tapestry.

Beauty 1

We think many thoughts about ourselves throughout the day. How many of them are good thoughts? How many are thoughts that acknowledge our wisdom and celebrate our innate beauty? How many of them are about how much we love ourselves? For what we think of ourselves is what will be woven into our threads and recorded.

The definition of Beautiful is this: a) having qualities that delight the senses; of a very high standard; excellent; wonderful; generally pleasing; having qualities of aesthetic beauty. And we ALL…every one of us…have these qualities. It is just that, sometimes they get buried under stress and worry or we forget to let them shine for one reason or another. Most importantly, we forget to remind ourselves that we possess them. We inundate ourselves with frequent chatter about all that we feel is wrong about us…but we forget that we all have this innate beauty that deserves to shine. We deserve to Feel our beauty…as well as show it. - Timeline Cover

I love the quote above by C. JoyBell C. that says, “I am my own worst critic, but I do not want to spend my life with someone who is always critical, so it is high time I accept all the great things about me.” It is so profound in that…we seem to easily accept the things we think are wrong with us and criticize…but we have such a hard time accepting the wonderful, spectacular, beautiful things about ourselves and acknowledge them, Be them. And then to weave all of those fine and lovely fibers into our threads so that our Tapestries can be the pictures that we so much want them to be, that they actually truly are, if we can but see them that way. See ourselves for who we truly, and beautifully, are.

You are beautiful! You are magnificent! You have qualities and gifts that no one has exactly like you. Know this. Remind yourself of it daily. Write it down and post it somewhere you will see it every day. Because it is the truth. Believe it…and watch the beauty of your threads weave a glorious picture of a brilliant life for you. And it will be all because…YOU thought it!

Beauty 3


Monday Message ~ Joy and A Burst of Energy


Happy Monday! It is that time again, for our Monday message post to take us into the week. And an auspicious week it is…with the New Year arriving. So today’s message is not only for what the week will bring, but for what the start of the New Year will be about. For this, I looked to the power and wisdom of the animal kingdom to guide us with this important message. So, I took to my deck, “Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jami Sams and David Carson…and the card I pulled for us is:

Hummer 2

Hummingbird:   “Embrace What Makes You Happy; Be Joyful; Count Your Blessings; Open Yourself To Pleasure”

Message (paraphrased): “The song of Hummingbird awakens the flowers. Hummer sings a vibration of pure joy. Flowers love Hummingbird because nectar-sucking brings about the reproduction of their families. Plants flower and live because of Hummingbird.

It is said that Hummingbird conjures love like no other medicine does, and that Hummingbird feathers open the heart. Without an open, loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. To Hummingbird, life is a wonderland of delight – darting from one beautiful flower to another, tasting the essences, and radiating the colors.

If Hummingbird has flown into your cards today, get ready to laugh musically and enjoy Creator’s many gifts. Drop your judgmental attitude and relax. Hummingbird will no doubt give you a flash of the spirit, darting here, there and everywhere. Get ready for a strange new burst of energy which may send your senses reeling.

Hummingbird hears celestial music and is in harmony with it. Hummingbird energetically embraces the highest aesthetics. Beauty is the target, and its mission is to spread Joy. Follow Hummingbird and you will be filled with paroxysms of Joy, and experience a renewal of the magic of living.”

Hummer 3

from The Desk of MarDrag:

What an absolutely surprising and splendid message for this week! It is interesting too, as last Monday’s message was also about Openness, but Hummingbird takes it so much further.

As we all acknowledge…there is a great deal of difficulty in the world, in our lives, and our minds and hearts. BUT…Hummingbird is here to tell us that, just because that is true, it does not mean that Joy and Beauty are not to be found there too. When things are hard, we tend to shut down, close our energy and our hearts, and lock ourselves away because we think it will be easier to deal with things. But, this is not true. Because when we lock ourselves to negative and difficult, we also lock ourselves to positive and joy. As Hummingbird says… Without an open, loving heart, you can never taste the nectar and pure bliss of life. As scary or challenging as it is to open up, it is what we must do to allow life to come to us. And, if we open our hearts with Love instead of fear…we will inevitably see the Beauty of life instead of the dread. Look through the eyes of Love…because all the other “stuff” is just that…and Love is the most important thing to live for.

Hummer 5

Hummingbird lives Love and Joy. Its entire vibration is of Pure Joy…darting from one blossom to the next, fulfilling its destiny of bringing Life and Joy to the world. Its entire existence is about Beauty. And though we, as humans, cannot live our life entirely as the Hummingbird…we can certainly take a valuable lesson from her and seek to be as much like she as we can be. By seeing the Love and Beauty in all things…we bring it about to Be. We make it so. We bring it to Life. We feed it the nectar of our sight and our enchantment…and we cause Beauty to Live.

Hummer 4

And with that…Hummingbird also tells us to get ready for a new burst of energy this week. YES! She tells us to get ready to laugh and embrace gifts that are to come. How wonderful that she appears to lead us into the New Year…giving us a taste of the blooming of Spring…of new energy rushing in…and of good things to come.

This message could not have come at a better time for many of us…and I am Grateful for its appearance today. I hope it brings you comfort and delightful anticipation, and gives you courage and hope for the New Year.

Hummer 7

Opening our hearts is a risk…but a risk well taken when Beauty, Joy, and Love are the gifts to be had for the Opening. I open my heart to all of you…and wish you all these things for the week and the New Year.

Open Heart


Monday Message ~ Grace


This weeks  “Monday Message” comes to us from the animal kingdom. I took to my “Medicine Cards ~ The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson…and this is the message that was sent to us:

Swan 1

Swan: “Grace”

Message (paraphrased): “Little Swan flew through Dreamtime, looking for the future. As Swan looked high above Sacred Mountain, she saw the biggest swirling black hole she had ever seen. Dragonfly flew by and Swan stopped him to ask about the black hole. Dragonfly said, “Swan, that is the doorway to other planes of imagination. I have been guardian of the illusion for many moons. If you want to enter there, you would have to earn the right.”

Swan was not so sure she wanted to enter the black hole. She asked Dragonfly what was necessary for her to earn entry. Dragonfly replied, “You must be willing to accept whatever the future holds as it is presented.” Swan looked at her little ugly duckling body and answered, “I won’t fight the currents of the black hole. I will surrender to the flow and trust what I am shown.” Dragonfly was happy with Swan’s answer and began to spin the magic to break the illusion.

Swan reappeared many days later, but now she was graceful, white, and long-necked. Dragonfly was stunned! Swan smiled and said, “I learned to surrender to the power of the Universe and Great Spirit and was taken to where the future lives. Because of my faith and my acceptance, I have been changed. I have learned to accept the state of Grace.”

So it is that we learn to surrender to the Grace of the rhythm of the Universe, and slip into Dreamtime. Swan medicine teaches us to be at one with all planes of consciousness, and to trust in the Universe and Great Spirit’s protection.

Swan ushers in a time of altered states of awareness and of development of your intuitive abilities. And a time of accepting the healing and transformation of your life.

The Swan card is telling you to accept your ability to know what lies ahead. If you are resisting your self-transformation, Relax…it will be easier if you go with the flow. Pay attention to your hunches and your gut knowledge, and honor your female intuitive side.”

stone of grace

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Well, yesterday’s inspiration post was about Acceptance…and here today we have another message about it…and the state of Grace acquired through that Acceptance.

We all face certain “Black Holes” in our lives. Things can happen and the future can “look” uncertain. We can be facing a huge void that frightens us because we do not know what will be presented there. And we resist entering it.

The thing is…is that, within that void can be wonderful things to fill our life up with. In there can be the very things we are looking for, pursuing, or don’t even know we want yet. And we will never find out unless we Relax….go with the flow…and enter the future trusting what we will be shown. We must go into the quiet and discern the rhythm of the Universe…as well as the unique rhythm of our own life…and surrender to it, to the flow. This does not mean we allow “anything” to happen to us…but that we focus on our Intuition to tell us what is right or not right for us.

Swan 3

We all have Intuition. Accept, with Grace, the wisdom of that voice. Accept, with Grace, where your Intuition leads you. And, Accept that you have more wisdom and knowledge about what lies ahead than you think…Trust what that knowledge tells you. Honor your Intuition, your gut instinct, and your female intuitive side.

Be as the Swan and enter the black holes with Grace and Acceptance…go with the flow…and you will come out of it with more Wisdom and Beauty than you ever thought you had.


Losing Our Way


I had a dream early this morning. It was one of those incredibly vivid ones that you have after you wake up and then fall back to sleep. As soon as I woke from it, I took to my computer to share it with you, while the images and message were still sparklingly clear. The dream was this:

Dream Road

I was in my car, driving home from an event, my sister in her car behind me. We were in a rural area, with a beautiful landscape of trees and a babbling brook, and I was enjoying the drive. I was aware that I had driven this road many, many times and I knew my way well. As I was enjoying the scenery, I began to notice that it was becoming unfamiliar. The road had taken an odd turn and I no longer recognized the area. I started to think to myself, how silly I was that I had gotten off the familiar road and apparently was lost. I looked around and did not recognize anything. I started to feel very uncomfortable and decided to stop somewhere and ask directions, which was odd that I even needed to do this. I always know my way. It was daylight.

The place I ended up stopping at was a house that looked inviting. I somehow felt safe going to the door, knocking, and asking the people within if they could guide me back to my familiar road. They invited me in. I saw that it was a large family…a husband and wife, a teenage daughter and 4 smaller children ranging in ages from about 3 or 4 to 10 years old. Boys and girls. The energy in the house was very calm, even with that many people and boisterous children. It was a lived in house too, with the typical mess of strewn toys, stacked dishes, and flung clothes…but it wasn’t off putting…it was…comfortable.

Dream House

I began asking the husband if he could tell me how to get back to “my road” and he started talking to me, but not about directions. I didn’t listen very closely and began asking the wife. She was telling me just to relax, we would figure it all out. The husband then took all of us outside…for a nature walk! I am thinking, oh good, he is going to show me the road and my way out of here. Not so. We went for a long walk, admiring the countryside and picking leaves. The children were skipping and babbling about their little lives…and I was becoming more and more impatient. I kept asking, but what about my road?

When we arrived back at the house, I realized I had my cell phone with me and said to myself, again silly me, why didn’t I just call home for directions. But when I went to find my contact list or home numbers, they were not in the phone. I also realized that, even though I was many hours late to have arrived home….no one had called my cell looking for me or wondering why I was so late.

I began to get frantic now. The children were still playing around me, the husband and wife were in their room getting ready for “date night”, and it was now getting dark out. I was in a real panic by this time thinking, if I couldn’t find my way in the light of day, how was I going to find my way in the dark. I began to really freak out, running through the house looking for the couple and asking, loudly, why can’t you just give me directions! In typical teenage fashion, the girl told me to chill out, her parents would tell me when they were ready. I was still trying to get my phone working and was wondering why my car was no longer in front of the house either. All my navigation and information devices had either disappeared or were not working like they always did or were supposed to.

Dream Navigation

In full frenzied panic now, I began to cry and lament at how nonchalant these people were about my predicament. I couldn’t understand why this family was not more concerned about me finding my way home. The mother finally came out of the bedroom from getting ready, looking marvelous. The children and their dog were clamoring around me asking me to play with them. I was so confused!

When the husband came out, in his maddeningly calm way, he told me why didn’t I just stay there that night, relax and play with the kids and we would find a map in the morning. I got really mad and went into the bathroom. (BTW – they had this awesome toilet paper with beautiful scenes of lush trees and little blue streams on it. Must find some!)

So, I was in the bathroom, sitting on the commode with the dog there with me, looking up at me with soulful eyes as tears splashed down my cheeks, frustrated and confused…and I realized something…like a flash of light bursting forth…

Sometimes, we lose our way. We think we are on the right road, but circumstances happen that change the scenery and we lose direction…even when we think we know the road so well. Especially when it becomes so familiar. At these times, our usual navigation devices…the things we know to do to get back on that road and we have always relied on before…stop working or do not work the same as they had been. We ask or pray for directions, but they do not come. We go into panic mode, frustrated at why something so important to us is not being attended to or answered in the time frame we expect or demand it to. We get frustrated and angry, upset that we can’t seem to figure it all out and we feel silly for having lost our way on a familiar road in the first place.

Dream Lost

So…when this happens…the best thing to do is…stay put, right where you are…and wait for the morning light. And, look around at what is right there in front of you, it is there for a reason.

This family kept telling me to relax, look around and notice them and their surroundings and enjoy my time with them. I was so busy looking for a way out that…until I went to the bathroom and saw the awesome toilet paper, I did not notice all the beauty, joy, love and laughter around me. I was constantly looking out the window and trying to find my road.

If you are lost…stay put until things become clear. It IS ok to pause.  Look around you at the things you DO have that are good and full, enjoy your surroundings, stop looking for the road and lamenting the things that are not working…and wait for the morning light that will show you the way. Sometimes…we have to wait for the right thing to come to us, but in waiting, we should not forget that there is so much right there, right in front of us, in which to find delight, peace and comfort. And it is when we lay down our panic, anger and frustration, which is clogging our vision, that we find the things we are meant to be tending to…and our way, our road, comes into the light and becomes clear.

Dream Beauty


Inspiration For A Monday

Monday 8

We are off, headed into another week, starting with a Happy Monday! Hopefully, this week will look better in many ways and we will all find a bit of Success, Happiness, Peace and Love within it. To get us started in the right direction, I bring you a post full of Inspiration. May it help you start a beautiful day….a beautiful Monday! Blessings!

Today, try to remember that…..

Monday 4


Monday 3

Focus on…

Monday 2

Be in command of your thoughts and know…

Monday 5

Don’t forget….

Monday 6

And strive for…

Monday 9

And because every Monday should start with a little humor….

Monday 7

Now, my message to you for today is….

Monday 1

May Love & Light find its way to you today and all week!

Many Blessings!