It’s Time To Be…


…Just Me and We. The planet is in turmoil and there is a lot to be done to help and save her…but the most important thing we can do to contribute to the magnificent energy needed to sway us toward the Light and Positive Action is…To Be Our Authentic and True Selves. Don’t fall into the trap of following the “norm”…be You…Be…







Weekend Inspiration ~ Freedom of the Self


F 16

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday. For those in the U.S., it was Independence Day for us, a day we honor our Freedom. So I wanted to make that the topic of Inspiration today…but I am talking about a different kind of Freedom.  I am talking here…about the Freedom of the Self.

Some of the strongest chains are the ones we have we put around ourselves. Our Soul, our Hearts, we imprison because we fear, or because we judge ourselves, or because we have been hurt. And when we wrap those chains around us, we take a little bit more of our Freedom…our personal Freedom…away. Consider that, within those chains we limit ourselves. But if we can be brave, and cut those chains away and deal with and heal what is held within, then we give ourselves the greatest Freedom we can have…and that is…the Freedom To Be Our True Self. With no limits. Today, be Free! Blessings!

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Thoughts For The Day


TH 1

“What matters is how you feel about yourself, right here and right now, because that’s what determines how you conduct your life here. There’s no time except the present moment, so it’s important to be yourself and live your own truth.” ~ Anita Moorjani

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

There is never a better moment than this one…to seek and live in our own Truth. To be our authentic Self…to find out who we are and live by that knowledge. It is when we go within and uncover that True Self and love and accept that Self unconditionally, that our lives and purpose fall into place. This is the moment. Be Yourself!

TH 2

“If it’s not exactly like you thought it would be, you think it’s a failure. What about the spectrum of colors in between.” ~ Sara Evans

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

In this world of “instant gratification”, I believe the judgment of success or failure has become skewed. If something or someone does not hit instant, major, global, phenomenal, major success status immediately upon launching whatever endeavor is being attempted, then it is deemed a failure. And so…we have pictures and expectations in our minds about how we want our endeavors to go and how we think we should reach our goals. And if the outcome does not look the way we thought it should…then we feel we have failed. But as the quote says…what about all the colors…or levels of success in between. On the color spectrum, there is black and white on either end. One success, one failure. Now…what about all those other colors in between that count for a level of success or completion or lessons learned to do better next time. No color is wasted on that spectrum. So, no moments we spend in our endeavors are wasted either. Take the crayons of life and color your world with ALL the colors of what you have done, achieved, and struggled with…for all those colors make up the entire picture…of YOU.

TH 4

“I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going. And I have trained myself to love it. Because it is only when we are suspended in mid-air with no landing in sight, that we force our wings to unravel and alas begin our flight. And as we fly, we still may not know where we are going to. But the miracle is in the unfolding of the wings. You may not know where you’re going, but you know that so long as you spread your wings, the winds will carry you.” ~ C. JoyBell C.

MarDrag’s Thoughts:

I have written much about Direction in life here on the blog…but I just love the quote above for its simple wisdom and inspiration. I know it is difficult not to know where we are going in life, and we have our goals that we want to reach. But as the quote says…it is when we are “suspended in mid-air” that we find out who we truly are and how much creativity, strength, and courage we have…and we find out just how high we can soar. Until those wings are tested, we stay on the ground. Don’t be afraid to fly into the wind with No Direction! Your wings, and your Inner Wisdom, will know where and how to carry you. Trust! YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!


Tuesday Affirmations ~ Remember


It is Tuesday Affirmation day and, to keep our week moving with positive energy and messages to ourselves to remember who we are and that we have so much Power within ourselves to draw on throughout the day…I give you three affirmations to say today. Repeat them, repeatedly…especially if your day is difficult. Wrap yourself in the belief of these affirmations and remember that you are the commander of your thoughts, life and the space you occupy. Make it positive!

Be Yourself

I'm Possible

Abundance of Universe

If there are moments in your day when you think you can’t take it anymore, close your eyes, see yourself rise above the fray, and repeat these affirmations…reminding yourself that it is possible to change the energy around you to the positive and deflect the negative energy away from you…simply by Believing In Yourself. Imagine!

May your day be filled with Love, Peace, Harmony, and Infinite Possibilities!


Sunday Message


Happy Sunday! For all of you Wonderful, Unique, Individual, and Beautiful Souls out there, today remember…

Be Yourself

It takes courage to be our True Self in the face of a world that constantly challenges that. So, as you walk your path Being You, also know…

Monday 11

Trust your Trust…in yourself and your path. And, too, remember to take care of You and…

Be Gentle 1

And know that, when spiritual matters are made manifest, and we embrace all that we are and accept it and our path rises up to meet us, we can be…

Abundance of Universe

The Universe, Higher Powers, God…by whatever name you call it…wants you to have the Abundance of all that is good for you and your life. Believe that…and open your arms and your heart to receive.




Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts - Trust

“None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we Trust.”  ~ Paul Coelho

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

This quote really caught my attention…because most people these days have an issue with Trust (as do I). It is not an easy world to Trust in, and people have become less Trustworthy. BUT…yet, we still go forward, everyday, we forge ahead. So we must have an innate bottomless well of Trust…or most of us would not go on at all. This is profound cause for pondering because Fear would have us believe it is difficult to Trust. When really…we have been Trusting all along. It is where we put our Trust that counts, of course. But it was comforting to know that I/We do still have the ability to Trust…naturally. Think about it!

If it is true that “the only thing to Fear is Fear itself”…than would it also be true that “the only thing to Trust is Trust itself”?


Thoughts - Be Yourself

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect. You are here to be you, not to be what someone else wants you to be. Stand up for yourself, look them in the eye and say, Don’t judge me until you know me, Don’t underestimate me until you have challenged me, and Don’t talk about me until you have talked to me.”  ~ Author Unknown

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Do not let a single person, place, thing, action, thought, or word keep you from Being You. Do You…the best You can be. No matter what anyone else thinks or says…believe in who you are…Your True Self. This does not mean we do not strive to change or adjust what we need to heal or make better about ourselves…but we do it in the context of Being Our Self. Make the effort to find out who that True Self is…and live it! True Self is not perfect…it just IS…it is Real.

Thoughts - Count Blessings

“The secret to happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.” ~ Joseph Addison

MarDrags’ Thoughts:

Everyone has a mix of blessings and troubles in their life. It is relative to each individual “how much” of either they have. But Happiness does not come from having less troubles and more blessings. We may speak to someone who has more troubles than we do, yet they speak of the positive in their life and feel blessed, despite their issues. We may speak to another who focuses on their troubles and cannot see the blessings that are around them.

Which way would you choose to live? In the equation of life, what do you prefer to add up to reach the sum of Happiness?


Bits of Inspiration


This long, intense week has come to a close and now we can spend a few moments in reprieve as we look to the weekend for a much needed break. I gathered just a few bits of Inspiration for you to carry with you through your day. May it be a lovely, calm, and rejuvenating one…be good to yourself and take care of YOU! Sending waves of Love & Light!

Spirit Soar

Courage Fear

Be Proud

Be Yourself 3

And now…because every day needs some comic relief…your chuckle for the day…

Chix Cross road

Now that the chicken has crossed the road…it is safe to say…

Blessings 1

Blessings 2


Thursday Inspiration


Today I prepared a post with a few Inspirational thoughts for your Thursday. May your mind be inspired by their messages. And may your day be better for having read them.

When you live your True Life, you have to….

Dare To Be

And remember that…

Not Mistakes

No matter what, we must have the Courage to…

Confront Problems

Because, then this will happen…

Solution Comes

Never stop yourself because…

Fear of Wrong

And we can always count on…


The Truth is…

Destiny Decisions

And you always have another chance because…

Story End


Be Yourself

And remember to…