Saturday Inspiration


The day in my neck of the woods had dawned cloudy and wet…and I am grateful for the rain. As the weather cleanses nature and my soul, I put together an inspiration post for you all to take with you into the weekend. May your days off be full of Love, Laughter, and Quiet Repose. May Magic fill your days and Blessings fill your heart!

Hilight Inspire

When you would doubt yourself, and wonder how it is that everyone else’s life looks so much better than yours…Remember…

Hilight Reel

So the thing to strive for is…

Hilight Better Person

And when things do not seem to go our way, or we take a few steps backward…know that this is True…

Hilight Arrow


Hilight Faith

Just when we think it will never get better, or that things will never change…think about this…

Hilight Washing Machine

We are not perfect and we do not have perfect lives. But…that is how it is supposed to be. Seek to live a Real Life, as Your True Self…and consider that…

Hilight LifeYou are Unique, Magnificent, and an Individual like no other. Whether you can see it right now or not, you have a distinct road to follow…a path that is yours and only yours…and no one else can fill your footsteps on that path. You are Needed, Wanted, and Valued…know that! So take your Wonderful Self and…

Hilight Go Out

Take your Light into the world and Shine it as Bright as you can muster. As with moths to a flame…good things will be attracted to that Light…and you will Thrive!

Hilight Light

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Arrow


“If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it; every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth.”  ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling backward. If life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it is going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.”  ~ Author Unknown

“You want me to use my instincts.” My laugh was shaky as I placed the arrow in the bow. The target was in front of me, but rather than focus on it, I closed my eyes. As soon as I did, the weight of the air distracted me. It pressed on my arms, my thighs, and settled like a heavy cloak on my shoulders. The air held the tip of the arrow up too. I adjusted my stance, shoulders widening as they pushed the air aside. A breeze, a caress of movement, pulled a few strands of hair away from my ear in response. “What do you want?” I asked the breeze crossly. “Your trust”, it whispered in reply.

My lips parted in astonishment, my mind’s eye opened, and I saw the tip of the arrow burning gold with the heat and pressure that had been beaten into it at the forge. The fire that was trapped there wanted to fly free again, but it would stay where it was unless I let go of my fear. I puffed out a soft exhalation, making room for faith. My breath passed along the arrow’s shaft and I released the bowstring. Held aloft on my breath, the arrow flew. I did not have to open my eyes to know it reached its target.”  ~ Deborah Harkness, Shadow of Night

Arrow 1

from The Desk of MarDrag:

The heat here had been oppressive this past weekend, to the point of needing to stay indoors with the air conditioning full on…so I spent a good deal of the time with one of my favorite pastimes…reading. I have not had enough time lately to spend with this beloved pleasure, so it was delightful to take the well needed break in another land…far, far away…that can only be reached by the rich written words between the bindings of a good book.

As with most books, I always find gems of wisdom that speak out louder than the text…and I take note. One such gem came in the form of the excerpt above from the book “Shadow of Night” by Deborah Harkness. (I will leave you to look it up if so desired). The piece spoke about arrows, and aiming, and inner sight…and it came to me that…there was a great lesson in those words.

When we take aim in life…that is, when we point our “Arrows” toward a goal or need or desire, we look toward our target with eyes that are focused on the mark, not the Arrow and how it will find the mark. It occurred to me that…if we only eye the mark, we are sending the Arrow toward it with no intelligent or wise guidance…we just expect it to hit the target because we wish it to.

Arrow 3

So…what if we closed our limited vision, and opened our eyes of Faith and Wisdom…breathed our intention into the Arrow…and then aimed it toward the point we want it to reach. That is…we let go of all expectation about “how” it should happen and where it will land…and embrace the Trust that, with a clear and expanded vision…it will hit the target it is meant to hit.

That would take a fair amount of Faith and Trust in ourselves…but…we are the bows, pulled taut and strong, that the Arrow is set forth from…and we have the Power to harness the flame that is trapped within us and burn the fear away with it.

Arrow 4

I love how the excerpt speaks of “changing stance” when the Power of Faith and Wisdom is embraced. How, in letting go of Fear we make room for Faith…and how changing our stance can push the Fear and the air around it aside and open a completely different space for our Arrows to fly through. There is so much Power and Wisdom in that.

So…close your eyes…see your target…and then put your attention on that Flaming Arrow you wish to release. Open your inner vision, the eyes of your inner Wiser Self…and breathe in the Faith that your inner voice of Wisdom will always guide your Arrow in the right direction. Trust your Power and Intention…adjust your stance to accommodate it…and let your Arrow fly.

Arrow 2