Tuesday Affirmations ~ Precious Moments




I find this passage to be so beautiful, I had to share it. If you have not read this author, I highly recommend him. He speaks here of the whirlpools of Infinity and Eternal Life. Those are two huge concepts, and take us a lifetime to understand them. And within the huge vastness of the Universe, and the wide expanse of ideas, concepts, and visions about our Universe, how big it is and what it contains…are we Travelers, seeking our paths and trying to fit in somewhere in these cosmos.

When we look from that perspective, it shows us that, while this moment may be a small blip on the vast clock of time…it is an important moment. Make it count. Love, Live, Share these Precious Moments with all those around you. Do good in the face of so much darkness. Make your parenthesis in Eternity Precious.


Tuesday Affirmation ~ You Are Unique



Unique 1




Tuesday Affirmation ~ Believe In Your Self ~ Re-Post


B 1

I have been writing about other things lately and have not done an “Affirmation Tuesday” post in a while. The cards called for me this morning…and so, as always, I answer the summons. The card that came to hand with today’s message is:

Affirmation of Perseverance: “I Believe In Myself Now, Always, And In All Ways”

Message: Use this gift when you feel like a failure or others seem to doubt your abilities. Your strengths and weaknesses are yours to experience and learn from in your own time. Accept yourself just as you are now, knowing that the mistakes you have made helped guide the direction of your personal growth. It is never too late to change.”

B 5

from The Desk of MarDrag:

It is always easier to accept ourselves and recognize our abilities when things are going well and working in our lives. We can see the benefit of our fine qualities and skills and feel some pride for having accomplished something good and worthy.

But, let us fail a time or two, and the story we tell ourselves is profoundly different. Often at these times, the story we hear from others is negative also, and we chastise and flog ourselves with disdain and disappointment for having failed, or for not being able to fix what is not working. And then…we doubt those same qualities we were once proud of.

But, if we could remember that we all, each and every one of us, have strengths as well as weaknesses, then we could know that success and failure are all just part of life…and if we live life to the fullest…we will all have a helping of both that fills our plate.

B 2

The affirmation is so true…mistakes help guide us to knowledge and personal growth. A mistake or misjudgment is what lets us know we need to learn more about ourselves and our circumstances. We always have the option to learn and grow…so we are never truly stuck in one state or another.

No matter what anyone else thinks…and in spite of what you may tell yourself…Believe in your Personal Power and the Power to Change. Nothing ever stays the same. It is the one fact we can count on…change.

So, accept yourself, in all your glorious imperfectness…embrace your strengths and weaknesses…and follow the direction that your inner voice of experience guides you to. And too, if something is not working, do not clog your self-worth with words of chastisement. Instead, tell yourself you Believe in the Gift of Perseverance…and coupled with the constant of change…you can be sure that you will, indeed, grow and move forward.

B 4


Tuesday Affirmations~Transformation (repost)


It is Tuesday again…already, and time for Tuesday Affirmations! I have my deck “The Gift of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber here…and am shuffling the cards as I ask for our weekly message. The card that comes to my hand for us today is:


The Gift of Transformation: “I Have The Power To Transform My Life”

Message: “Use this gift when you notice resistance, either in yourself or others, to the idea of being able to change your life. Profound change usually comes in small increments over time. Keep a positive attitude and you will be able to undo years of negative affirmations in record time.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Life is full of many different types of events and circumstances. We experience an array of them every day…and handle them in many different ways as well. Some of those events and circumstances are difficult, painful or we do not have a good understanding of them…and so we resist them and resist taking action or dealing with them. When we do this, it stalls the momentum of our lives and jams a cog in the ever turning wheel that our life paths are on.

I think what this affirmation is telling us is that, if we would believe in ourselves, we have the power to transform our lives…to transform that which we resist, if we look at it with a positive eye. With resistance, we are usually looking with a negative eye, wanting to deny or avoid what is affecting us or a problem we do not see an answer for. If we can remember that we have the power to change whatever it is that we resist…there would be no need to avoid it. In those moments of resistance…we forget the gifts, abilities and power that we have to be used in the situation.


If we make our gifts, abilities and power bigger than that which we resist…then we have what we need to transform our lives. If we make that which we resist bigger than our gifts, abilities and power…then it wins over.

Believe in yourself…and that you have an innate power in a positive attitude that can transform anything in your life, and your life, anytime you choose to use it. Make yourself and all your wonderful qualities bigger than anything life can throw at you…and you will Transform!



Tuesday Affirmations ~ Willpower


I have not done a “Tuesday Affirmation” post for a while and the cards were calling me this morning…so they must have a message. Since I have not used them for a bit, I took the cards in my hands and warmed them with my energy, fanned them out on my desk, and let my hand be guided to the one with our message for today. The card I pulled from the deck of “Gifts of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber is:

Will 3

Gift of Transformation:   “My Willpower Is Stronger Than My Bad Habits”

Message: “Use this gift when you feel unable to overcome long-held beliefs, habits, or compulsions. Like affirmations, our habits gain strength from constant repetition and our belief in their ability to help us cope with life in some way. They can be dealt with by using this gift and by accepting and loving yourself more and more.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

We all have long-held beliefs and habits. We learn them and adopt them as we experience life and create survival mechanisms. Some habits can be positive…and some negative that hold us back. So too, some beliefs and patterns can become negative if we have moved on in our lives but have not let go of those that no longer serves us.

Habits and survival mechanisms do help us cope with life, but can become outmoded and we can get stuck in a repetitive state and become confused as that habit starts to take on a negative aspect. We wonder, because it has been something we have counted on to help us manage our lives.

Will 1

But consider that…as we learn, grow, and change…so must our belief system. That can be a huge conundrum…and I have actually been writing a post about belief systems…when this affirmation appeared today. (I will post that blog later in the week). For now, consider the affirmation that our Willpower is stronger than anything else we can create.

We do, after all, create these habits, and beliefs…which grow stronger and stronger through the repetition of using them…and, if WE create them…then we can also uncreate them…or change them any time we choose.

We can take inventory of our habits, beliefs, and compulsions and see if there are some that have become outdated and do not serve us any longer. Using our Powerful Willpower, we can set our goals to change them into positive habits that serve us in the now. And add this to our efforts in letting go of the past so that we have a clean present to create in.

Will 2

And one more thing…the first step in overcoming a bad habit…is by Loving ourselves Unconditionally and Accepting ourselves for who we are at this moment, even with bad habits…and then allowing ourselves to Love ourselves through the changes. The more we Love ourselves, the more we can embrace the changes we might need to make. Love does conquer all!

Now, use your Willpower to Will Your Power to do what needs to be done.


Tuesday Affirmation ~ Illumination & The Past


I seem to be saying this a great deal lately…but a week has passed again…already. Perhaps it is just me, but time seems to be marching rapidly these days. So…we find ourselves here for “Affirmation Tuesday” and the card that skittered out of the deck of “The Gift of Affirmations” by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber for us today is:

Illumination 3

The Gift of Illumination: “I Learn Valuable Lessons From Studying The Past”

Message: “Use this gift when you are dissatisfied with your life or feel tormented by how different you believe things could or should have been. The present moment is your only point of power. Taking action now in harmony with what you know you have to do while using the past to guide your actions is the best way to change your future”.

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Could have…should have…would have. These are familiar quotes, are they not? We all…at some time in our lives…have used these. I know I have, and for a while in my past, it was difficult to move beyond them. In my early adult years, I had a great deal of angst about my childhood and circumstances that were beyond my control. I recall thinking…”If this was just this way, or that way…everything would be perfect”. In our formative years, we make decisions about…and have pictures in our mind about…how our lives will look when we “grow up”. Some of those dreams come true and the pictures match up. But then, there are those pictures that do not make it into the tapestry…and that can result in feelings of failure, dissatisfaction, frustration…and then blame.

But, a defining moment came for me when I “woke up” one day and realized that all the things I was lamenting from my past…had passedand they could only continue to affect me if I allowed them to. I had “grown up” and it was my choice what I did with my life, what I created, what I allowed into my psyche, my heart, my soul. I realized that…while I did need to process the past and any lingering emotions that held me blocked from my future…my past was really no longer holding me back…I was.

You see, the tighter we hold onto something, the bigger and stronger it grows because we are feeding our energy into it…and it is taking that energy. If we are holding on, then there is a reason and we need to uncover that reason and sort it out. And then…we need to Let Go of it. It is no longer part of our present life, or our future, and should be regaled to the past…where it belongs.

As the affirmation says…we should use the past as a guideline for what we want our life to look like in the present and the future…but it does not belong in a front row seat of our “life play”. The past can be stepping stones…or a hedge running along the sides of the pavement we take our life steps on…to steer us, to reflect for us, or to nudge us…but, if we allow it to tangle in our steps…then it can trip us.

I love the affirmations’ quote above; “the present moment is your only point of power”. I believe in this completely. Dragging the past along with us…or projecting too far into the future…will only confuse the decisions and choices we have to make today. Using the past and the future as a kind of mirror…for reflections sake…will aid us…but the real Power for us comes in being completely aware of what is happening in this moment, what we a re feeling, what we are seeing, then looking even deeper…and Illuminating the truth of who we are and where we are…at this moment.

Illumination 4

Harmony. Since the past, present and future of ourselves is wrapped together inside us…resting on the Power of this moment…then it is best to strive that they all reside in Harmony within us. And those battles with the self will be over.


Affirmation Tuesday ~ Prosperity


Good Morning! It is “Affirmation Tuesday” again…and I have my deck of affirmation cards (by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber) in front of me. I take them in hand, and feel their stiff weight as I shuffle them. I close my eyes and sense the energy they hold…from so many uses…and I send my own energy to them in the expected question…”What is our message today”? I feel the pulse and spark as they move through my hands and as I lay them out…a string of connected thoughts…on the hard cherry wood of my desk. As my hand lingers in the air, just above the line of cards, I move it…back and forth, to and fro…and then it happens…the heat from one message jumps into my palm and my hand descends to pick up that one card that means to be heard today. And that card is:

The Affirmation of Prosperity: “I Have All That I Need To Get What I Want”

Message: “Use this gift when you believe you lack the time, money, intelligence, education, connections, looks, love, strength, prestige, power, luck, support, courage, patience, or any other resources you need to accomplish your goal. Believe, instead, that the power of affirmations and positive thinking can help you as much as all these things combined.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

We all have goals for our lives…and wants, needs, desires…intentions for where we would like to see our lives move. We also have our true Life’s Purpose, whether we are yet aware of it or not…it is there. We have things we want to do, to accomplish…and things we want to be. And many times, we get discouraged because we believe we lack the tools or skills, drive or energy, support or help we need to reach them. It is often easy to get caught up in those disheartening thoughts and put off those things we would most like to pursue. We put our focus on looking at the things we think we “do not” have and forget to look at the things we “do” have that will help us achieve what we desire.

The thing is…the affirmation above is so correct in telling us that Positive Thinking and the Power of Affirmations are the primary tools…and what we really need…to move us forward toward accomplishment. If we believe in our dreams and ourselves, then we can call to our lives all those things in the list above that we need to get to our goal.

What we really need to do is…make the goal and the belief in ourselves BIGGER than what we think we do not possess. For all those things in the list of resources are attainable, if you believe they are. They are just “things” that are floating around out there in the world around you…waiting to be plucked and used. Anyone can attain them. They are not bigger than you are, or bigger than your goal. And they are abundant. There IS enough for everyone.

Prosperity is not just about money or things or riches. Prosperity is also about the wealth of our mind and soul, the opulence of our confidence and self-esteem, the assets of our character, and the treasure of our belief in ourselves and our abilities take command of our lives and our goals.

With Positive Thinking, there is nothing we cannot have or do. So, choose an affirmation today that tells yourself that you can do anything you put your mind and inner resources to. Write it down, post it somewhere you will see it every day. Make that affirmation bigger than your doubts about yourself. Retrain your mind to think better of yourself than you have given yourself credit for to date. You will be amazed at how effective it will be to “change your mind”…and when you believe you have it…you do!

Honor the Prosperity of your own inner resources, believe in the riches you already have, and use Positive Thinking and Affirmations…and there is nothing you can’t achieve!


Tuesday Affirmations ~ Rejuvenation


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”…and the card I pulled is perfect as it relates to something I wrote in yesterday’s post. I mentioned the importance of cleansing, grounding and balancing and how a simple daily…or as often as possible…practice can make such a difference in our perspective, mood and attitude, and tolerance of life. As it happens, the card that flew into my hand this morning, from the “Gifts of Affirmations” deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber is:

The Gift of Transformation: I Take My Time To Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate

Message: Use this gift when you are hurried, pressured, overworked, or cannot take time for yourself. No matter what your situation, you will handle any challenge better if you are well rested, fit, healthy, and take time to do the job correctly. Do not let exhaustion and self-reliance turn into an accident, injury or illness. Enjoy life more.

from the Desk of MarDrag:

This is an affirmation with a message that is close to my heart, body and soul. Because, you see, I only learned the importance of its message in, of course, the hard way. I went through a period of my life where I did not give the importance of Rejuvenation enough attention, and it had repercussions on my life and health.

Those events did force me to take a good look at myself and how I was living my life and I completely understood that it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I learned that “spending” myself taking care of and working for everyone else, without taking care of myself, was not the quality of life I needed or deserved. So I set about changing that dynamic.

That was a long and hard lesson about tending to my mind, body and spirit. I would save you all from any similar lesson by telling you…Don’t Forget To Tend To Yourself. Don’t put it off, or use up every last minute of your day so there is none left for you. For what are our lives for if not to live them as we are meant to, and find some happiness, pleasure and peace in that? Make yourself important enough to consider your own needs. It does not mean you take away anything from anyone else…it means you include yourself as an essential part of that list.

There are many different ways these days to center, ground and balance…so seek what works for you. I have my own process…which I also teach others in my work…and it is a wonderful way to get balanced and does not take long. If any of you would like to hear about it, let me know.

But my main concern…is that you find a way to take even 15 minutes out of your day and Breathe Deeply, close your eyes, release the build up of tension, cleanse of negative energy, ground to the physical, and then seek the calm and balance that is always within you…it just gets buried by everything else in your day.

You will be amazed at how great you feel…how much more energy you have…how your mood lifts, and your attitude changes. You will find you function so much better than you could have imagined. You will have more compassion and tolerance for yourself and those around you. And we ALL need that, this world needs more of it…so if you can contribute to that simply by taking care of yourself…well then…you are a true Spiritual Warrior, helping to save even a tiny piece of the world.

Start with yourself! You really do deserve it!


Tuesday Affirmations ~ Decisions


It is “Affirmation Tuesday” again! Last Tuesday my internet company had a 6 hour outage, so I did not get to post an affirmation. Today, we are back on track. I have been shuffling through the cards (by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber), asking for the message I am to bring you today, and, as I spread the cards out, I feel their heat, and their desire to lend their wisdom so that we may learn. Here is the card I pulled today:

The Affirmation of Illumination: “I Control My Life With The Decisions I Make”

Message: “Use this gift when you believe your life has spun out of control. The root of most problems is poor decision making. Take responsibility for your present situation. It is the result of your past decisions. You can get to where you want to be by making better decisions. Use the tools you learn that can help you develop your decision-making ability.”

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Once again, we seem to have a theme developing this week in the posts. Yesterday’s was about Problems and how to deal with them, and today’s Affirmation is about Decision Making, which the card says is the root of our problems. I am not sure I believe this in its entirety…because I have seen problems arise from good decisions as well…but I understand the concept the card is speaking of.

I do believe that our lives can spin out of control when we make bad decisions, especially those that follow each other. Or, if we keep making the same type of decisions and actions, but expect a different result. A chain reaction can take hold so that every time we make a move or decision, it reacts based on the previous decision, and pretty soon we have a domino effect. The thing to do at that moment…is just stop altogether. Stop making ANY choices or decisions until you have made time to examine THE truth of the matter as well as YOUR truth, and reconciled them or come to a better understanding at the very least. We cannot make good decisions without all the information. We also cannot make good decisions if we are not completely truthful with ourselves and our intentions and reasons for making them.

If we come from our truth…no matter how difficult it is…then the decision will be the right one and will be of benefit to us. If we make a decision for the wrong reasons, or expect something that, deep down, we know is wrong to expect…then the decision cannot support us and will fail us. Often we try to justify a wrong decision by talking ourselves into believing something only for the sake that we want to believe it…when deep in our core, our Wiser Voice is telling us the truth, but we choose not to listen.

In a previous post I wrote this: “Remember, you are living the present that you created from your past, and you are creating your future, right now, with what you are doing in the present.” This is so important. Because it is the decisions of the past that have crafted the present we are in, and it is the decisions we make now, in the current phase of our lives, that will create how our future is shaped. Think about that. How would you make the present better by crafting decisions from the truth of your past…and how would you like your future to look by the crafting of those same decisions.

Be honest with yourself, and take Responsibility for ALL your decisions, good or bad. Then take the time to examine them while listening to your Wiser Voice, and choose what is truly best for you…not what you would LIKE to be best for you. Practice this tool of decision-making, and you will get ever better at it and be far more pleased with the results.

We will feel better about ourselves, and be far happier, if we use our Courage and Wisdom to look at our life and Decisions for what they truly are, and grow from that knowledge and acceptance. If we choose to fool ourselves, it is only ourselves that suffer the fool.

Be Mindful, and Wise, and Truthful! It leads to a different kind of Happiness we should all be fortunate enough to know.


Tuesday Affirmations ~ Illumination


It is “Affirmation Tuesday”, and this week, we get to hear another sound piece of information to take us through the week. As I take the deck of cards by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber in my hands, I feel the warm energy from my palms infuse them. And as I spread them across the glowing dark wood of my desk, they fan out, and I can feel their heat as I ask the question, “What is the message for us today”?  My hand scans over the cards, back and forth from left to right, and then stops, hovering over one in particular. My fingers tingle as they scoop up the card that would give our piece of wisdom in the form of today’s affirmation. The card that comes to us is:

Affirmation of Illumination: “I Am Flexible And Can Adapt to The Challenges Of Our Modern Age”

Message: “Use this gift when information overload, constant change, and other aspects of the rapid pace of modern life threaten to overwhelm you. Modern “conveniences” have eliminated the cushion of time necessary to properly absorb and consider information and concepts. To achieve true knowledge and wisdom, you must take time each day for quiet reflection”.

from The Desk of MarDrag:

“Rapid pace of modern life”! I like that…it is such an understatement in this day and age. Time has accelerated so much these recent years with technology, social media, and world events ramping up into a whirlwind. I am old enough to remember the days where we had one phone with one line and we spoke to one person at a time. Shocking, I know! I am a dinosaur! But it is interesting because I have seen first hand the evolution of technology and the increase in the pace of life as the next new invention takes us over. Part of me is wistful for the “kinder, gentler, slower” times…when we had the time to read, talk and think.

Today, people clamber over each other, always in a hurry to get somewhere or do something before anyone else. Or to create something first, or to get their 15 minutes of fame somehow. It doesn’t really matter how anymore…just get there, just do it. And in my humble opinion, this lifestyle has left us lacking in some very important ways. Like the affirmation says, “the cushion of time necessary to absorb and consider information and concepts” has diminished. We move faster, think faster, and talk faster. And most importantly, we make choices and decisions faster, and sometimes, that can be to our detriment. And, this is all because we no longer take the time to think things through, to consider their impact on our lives, or to listen to that Wiser Voice inside us that is trying to guide us in the right direction.

It is interesting to consider the times of some of the great philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Confucius, or Descartes in which they took the time to contemplate and gather their thoughts, sometimes spending hours just thinking, and then writing…and some of the most profound life lessons and messages came from these minds. Not to say that there are not brilliant minds today that offer profound lessons and messages just as important…but I wonder how today’s social climate would have supported the evolution of these philosophers. And how our lives would be changed because of it.

So, now, I am waxing philosophical and perhaps wavering from the point of today’s affirmation. But, I believe what it is trying to tell us…is that if we want to gain true knowledge, vision and wisdom in our lives…we must slow down, and give ourselves some time in each day for reflection. Time to ponder and consider the meaning of our lives and the things that happen to us. We rush to judge the events of our lives without giving them time to integrate and tell us what they mean and what their purpose is, so that we can understand ourselves better…and thus make better choices and decisions.

Our conscious minds, and our ego voice, do not always know best. Yet, we spontaneously believe all they say and proceed with that information…when some quiet reflection might bring thoughts and ideas to the front of our minds that we would not otherwise have…but for some time to think.

So give yourself a gift…a gift of time…for even 15 minutes a day. Turn the phone off, turn the music off, turn the television off, close the email and put the computer on stand by…and find a peaceful place, even amid the chaos, to sit and contemplate, reflect, consider and think…or even to empty your mind of everything…and allow the thoughts to come to you. Don’t try to think…think to try. That is, allow those voices within you some space to have their say. You would be amazed at the wisdom, clarity and knowledge they have to share…and it may change your perspective for the better. It is all in a thought. Take the time to think it.