This post continues the message that…though adversity can do its best to change us and make us sad and bitter…it cannot change the inner core of who we are if we do not let it. ALWAYS be Yourself! Stand in the truth of who you really are deep within, and the adversity does not stand a chance.

Love Yourself, Trust Yourself, and Be Yourself. Nothing else matters or wins.


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Be Yourself

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Message For A Monday


Good Monday Morning! Last week was a tough week for everyone. I heard over and over about difficulties and life issues arising. It can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Though we know that, by the Law of Polarity, nothing stays the same and there is an equal opposite to the energy going on…meaning that for every low moment there is an equal high moment coming…it is still stressful going through the low moments. So, I took to my Book of Runes by Ralph Blum this morning for some guidance on how to proceed this week. And, guess what they had to say? The Rune I pulled was…

Nauthiz Rune

Nauthiz ~ Constraint, Necessity, Pain

Message (paraphrased):  “This is a difficult Rune. The necessity of dealing with severe constraint is its lesson. Its positive aspects represent the limitations we directly cause ourselves; its negative side attracts limitations from people around us. Both are equally difficult to handle. The role of Nauthiz is to identify our “shadow” areas, places where growth was stunted, resulting in weaknesses we project negatively onto others. Try not to take this world personally, this Rune is saying. Work with the shadow, examine what inside you magnetizes misfortune into your life. When at last you can look upon those with a smile, you will recognize the troubles, denials and setbacks of life as your guides, teachers and developers.

The need for restraint is unquestionable here. This Rune puts you on notice that there are holdups, so consider your plans carefully. And remember, your dissatisfactions are not unreasonable…there is work to be done on yourself. Take it on with good will.

Mend, redress, restore. When fisherman can’t go to sea, they repair nets. Take this as time to serve you in righting your relationship to your Self. Consider the uses of adversity. Rectification comes before progress.”

Nauthiz Constraint

from The Desk of MarDrag:

Well…OK! This says it all about what has been going on, does it not? The first thing we can take from this is that, the forces around us are at work and if we are “held in restraint” or are in a holding pattern, it is for a reason and not entirely our doing. We tend to blame ourselves when we can’t make something work or change and think we are inadequate or powerless. But…sometimes…it is because of other energies at work as well. So, the dissatisfaction we feel is not unreasonable.  Allow yourself the space to feel what you feel.

BUT…and isn’t there always one!…the primary thing to know is that, while this period of constraint is upon us, it is the perfect time to take to examine ourselves and our identities and…as the Rune says…get in touch with our shadow side. That side that we do not always want to look at or that we keep hidden or in denial. There are lessons there, and things we need to work on to improve our quality of life and to straighten out things that may have become tangled up. When these things tangle, it becomes even more difficult to make choices, decisions, or see clearly. If we embrace working on these things, we will see that they are important to our growth and are actually guides and teachers. Adversity is a most profound teacher. Embrace it and be grateful for the lesson, because it will open up your life in some way. Take it on with good will.

Nauthiz Adversity

As with the fishermen…if you can’t do what you think you are supposed to be doing now or if you are in an enforced holding pattern…use the time wisely to look within, work on your issues, explore the depths of your soul and get to know your True Self. Mend and restore what has not been right with you. Progress is impeded because this necessary step needs to be taken. If you take this step, embrace it and make it work for you, then progress and moving forward will be natural, easy, and greater than you can even imagine right now.

Don’t take up this time and clog it with worry, stress or blame. If this restraint is happening anyway…how would you rather choose to spend it? Being miserable, angry or finding fault…or…connecting with your Wiser Self and cleaning up what might be holding you back. It is your choice. Do what is best…for You!

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