“Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


My Dear, Sweet, Lovely Readers! I must, once again, offer my apologies for being so absent lately. As the flames of time would have it, my time has been burning up with life and health issues that have not left much time to burn up on the blog or other fun things. But worry not…for I am a Warrioress and I hold my sword up to any storm and say…”today…I shall slay!”

Anyway…back to reality šŸ˜› and the fact that we have not had a good humor blog in a few weeks…and we sorely need one. So…here is this weeks funtime. There are some good ones here….so Laugh Outloud and Share the Joy! And I wish you all Love, Light, and Blessings!!


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Weekend Inspiration ~ Faith In The Future ~ Repost


Faith 1

I think we can all agreeā€¦there is a lot going on in the world, and our own worlds, and it has us thinking of how we will manage and get to ā€œour futureā€. And whatā€™s moreā€¦we are not sure what that future holds. Globally, it is not a time of peace and harmony. That makes us wary and unsure, because we have to live in these times and try to pull some happiness and success into our lives out of that lack. It can make our own lives off balance andā€¦combined with our own individual issuesā€¦it can be discouraging.

These times take our courage and strength to get through. But consider thisā€¦if we allow all these things we worry about to weigh so heavily on us that we stop having Faith in our futureā€¦then we have lost that future right there, in that moment. The one thing that will make the future betterā€¦is if we have Faith in it now. If we Believe the future will rise up to meet us and be goodā€¦then we can Make It So.Ā  We can not give up now! For ourselves, or for the world.

We are all magnificent beings with so many gifts and skills and love and compassion. Who is going to tell us we can not have the future we want to have? And certainlyā€¦we should not let that be ourselves who tell us that. Let us Believe in ourselvesā€¦in our Futureā€¦and have Faith that, for the Belief, Effort, Love, and Strength that we spend nowā€¦those are the cornerstones of what the future will hold.

Be Inspired To Have Faith In The Futureā€¦

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Weekend Inspiration ~ Take A Mental Break ~ Repost



With so much going on in the world and our own lives…there is alot to keep our minds busy and overwhelmed. So, if you are feeling like…


Then…consider this…


We reboot most everything when it powers down or short circuits. So, for this weekend…



It’s ok to stop for a moment and realize…


And, no matter what, who, when, or why…nothing is more important than taking care of the Self…


Have a Lovely, Peaceful, Mental Free weekend!




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“Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Yeah!!…I have a new humor blog this week. I am sorry I have not been up to it every week, but we definitely need some good laughs…so I am posting early. Sending every one Love, Light, and Laughs…and, of course, Blessings!

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Weekend Inspiration ~ Our Powerful Self in A Crazy World



I think we can all agreeā€¦it is a mess ā€œout thereā€. And as it spirals every day, we get caught in that whirlwind and we can find ourselves wondering if everything is going to be ok. Are we going to be ok. What does the future look like and how do we have faith in it? All these thoughts tumble around, news seeps in, and before longā€¦we are feeling down and powerless, our heads taking over our hearts, and wondering how we will get through it all. I say this, because I have had these feelings recently.


But out of those depths came this – That, no matter how we feel ā€œin our headsā€ā€¦that is, no matter how low, insecure, or defeated we can feel at timesā€¦under those emotionsā€¦we are still the Person and Soul we always areā€¦this does not change. It is only our negative feelings that take over our mindsā€¦but in our heart and soulā€¦we are still the Powerful Spirit we have grown into, that does not change just because we feel insecure or defeated.


Our lovely minds can go so many places with fear and anxietyā€¦and certainly there are many reasons now for that. But that is just the mind. It sends us in circles up thereā€¦but down in the depths of our heart, soul, and characterā€¦those things do not change just because we think or feel insecure. We are still the Powerful Being we have always been.


I turn in anguish, sometimes, at the messages spewed through our news and internetā€¦and the negativity they carry. That negative energy wants to seep in and take hold of us.


BUT, even then, it still does not change the fact that we are who we are and we have our own Power, Strength, and Purpose built in to our Being, our unique Self.

Remember all the while thatā€¦no matter what our feelings or troubles areā€¦our Core Self which holds our Power, Strength, and Purpose, and Gifts is still there, living inside us, supporting us, and waiting for us.

Truth cannot be destroyedā€¦it just is. So, the True Self will always prevail.


Never let anyone, thing, or circumstance make you feel you are less than what you are worth. Your True Self knows that worthā€¦Listen!


And donā€™t forget to do those things that cultivate, feed, and nurture your True Self and Personal Power. Whatever that may beā€¦meditation, gardening, singing, writing, prayingā€¦whatever feeds your Soulā€¦do it! Let the world stay outside your boundary for those moments and give yourself the giftā€¦of You.




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