A Matter of Resolution



In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about The Power of the Will and what it can do to drive our lives in the right direction. When we make a choice about our life, or a direction we want to go, or something we want to create…if we put The Power of Our Will behind it, to guide it and convey our determination to see it through to success…we are more likely to reach our goals or success.

But…what if we do this…and it still doesn’t turn out the way we thought, wanted, or hoped?

This subject came up in several conversations with multiple people this week, so I am compelled to write about it. Because sometimes, no matter how hard we try or how completely we direct our Will…things take a different turn and move another way. And we can get disappointed or discouraged, and begin to feel helpless.


BUT…(and there always is one!)…when that happens…can we say that, what did actually happen was not for the best…even if we are disappointed? Because sometimes…we do not always know what is best for us and/or “all” in a given situation. We have a perspective…from our position…but is it always right on the mark?

I say this because it came to me that, while we do and should pray for our wishes and dreams and direction to be fruitful…there is still the chance and idea that something even better is possible, but we had not looked far enough or known what could be possible.


So…as we put our Will behind our Prayers…perhaps another way to ask is…

“For the Best Possible Resolution for Myself and for All involved”.


Many times what we “want” is not what is best for us. So if we are struggling with trying to make something happen, or praying our hearts out, or pushing our Will to make it happen…it might, but to our detriment…or it doesn’t happen, and we question why, when we wanted it so much.


Back up into an observer position and ask ourselves what it is we “really” want. And then put The Power of Our Will into asking for Creation and Resolution to/of what we desire that will be the best for ourselves and all.


We can’t control everything, but we can have control over how we use The Power of Our Will for the Best Resolution. Remember… Directing the Will from our inner Wiser Self always guides us to the right course.




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2 comments on “A Matter of Resolution

  1. Hmmmmm …. There are certain aspects of my life that no matter what I pray for or inner the outcome is not how I would like it to be. So I stopped the other day from a new perspective … perhaps this aspect is a constant for my teaching benefits to give me opportunity to grow? It’s also very very discouraging when I work so hard attempting to “heal” our fur kids yet no matter what is done, and it’s been a lot, we have yet to see a “healing”. For some symptoms and conditions yes. But for the whole personna? No. Again I ask … are these things here to teach me? Hmmmm … Great contemplation, Mar. ❤

    • I think it is all here for us to learn from. When we don’t get what we want, though, I believe there is a reason that we can’t always see and this is where faith comes in. Having faith that things are and will work out as they are meant to…which is not always the way we want. It was a hard lesson for me, surely…because I like things just so. Wink! BUT…it has released me in a way too. It takes a great deal of energy to try to keep it all up when it is working a different way. Love and Hugs to you!

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