“Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Happy Hump Day My Lovelies! I hope your week is good…but if you need a break and a little comic relief…here is our mid-week laugh fest. Take a breather…and have a good laugh before you face your day. Many Blessings and So Much Love to You All!







Ice Cream.jpg




2nd Grade.jpg

Dog Wines.jpg


5 Mins.jpg

Bad Day.jpg

Inner Peace.jpg

11 comments on ““Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor

    • I found you! I don’t know why so many of your comments are ending up in spam, but I will check on a more regular basis and pull them out. I found some others in there too I had no idea they had posted responses. I blame WP!! 😛

      • Yes, thank you, its happened to me on lots of sites, I have an idea though.. as some one may have put me into spam on purpose.. They left a nasty comment I didnt respond to, after leaving a legitimate comment for me to approve. So I closed comments to moderate in future.. But since I ignore and Trash them they have been quite for a few weeks.. Some hateful people about.. they left comments on my about me page which I since deleted..

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