YOU Are Important ~ Don’t Forget That



In this swirling pool of negativity and waves of uncertainty, confusion, and vitriol…it is very easy to be swept away from ourselves. It pulls on our focus and emotions…and soon we are swimming away from that which is and should be important in our own lives, our own worlds. And we begin to feel helpless and ineffectual and unimportant. But that is not the truth. Never forget…


EVERYONE matters and is an important and essential cog in the wheel of life and the world. No matter what you might hear “out there”.


It is my heartfelt wish that these words sink in to your soul today and remind you…no matter how you are feeling…that You are important and have a purpose…just by being You.


We receive such negative energy and so much static feedback in our days lately…let this be the counter message that reminds you that you do not have to believe in all of that. You can believe in YOU!



When you need to hear something different, or need to refocus…come here and read these. THIS is the truth…to keep close to you.






11 comments on “YOU Are Important ~ Don’t Forget That

  1. These words were inspirational and empowering. Thank you for them! I love your blog and would love if you’d check my blog out. Thanks so much 💞

  2. I think we would all do well to heed these wonderful words dear Mar.. I do not know how those are coping within the USA at the moment.. as here in the UK all we are getting is the USA news.. lol..
    Thankfully its snowing a blizzard and that now has taken over the media.. 🙂
    I have spent most of the day focusing on a painting.. Wonderful to get so absorbed within ..
    Wonderful reminders Mar… xxx thank you
    Love and Blessings your way
    Sue ❤

      • Yes the press here in the UK has had a field day.. What with the Election news and Brexit.. What hasn’t been blamed on Brexit is unreal.. and we have not even set measures in place yet To set things in motion Too leave.. Its all a ploy by those in power to stop it happening.. and the Bankers are making a killing as always.. Which Is why I have turned off news.. do not buy newspapers and I paint.. Unfortunately the radio news often spoils my day.. but I do like some radio programs.. and watch Nature Wild life on TV.. lol..
        Concentrating on Self is important.. xxx Love and Hugs for a lovely weekend. xxx

      • I have been following your Brexit as you have followed our election. I think every country is in some form of “Change Chaos”…which could be good in the long run as we need change. But the brunt of the “catalyst” for that change is hard on us all. I feel for you and your people and all everywhere. We must hang on and keep our Souls intact. Which is why it is good to tune it out sometimes as you say. In fact, that was going to be my weekend blog…to just “turn it off” this weekend and focus on our own self and our world. You are a step ahead! I wish for you a magical and wonderful weekend! 🙂 Love and Hugs!

      • Haha.. Yes.. we all need to tune out of the media.. Its controling many of our emotions.. I see it how it affects my hubby. He talks back at the TV often, getting embroiled within the political debates.. He is a news addict which is why I often take myself away from the TV and do my own thing. Its a constant energy drainer.. We allow this negative drain within our homes.. And it is sucking all of us dry, causing us to get angry, and upset.. feeling powerless to help those hurting and helpless to those whom we know are manipulating us for their own gains..
        I look forward to your post.. I may arrive late.. as I am being stricter with my time on the internet.. LOL.. As I try to escape reality for a while LOL..
        Much love dear Mar.. xxx Hugs

      • I completely agree with all you said. I wish you a good weekend of unplugging and painting! I also have seen the reports about the incredible storm hitting you. I hope you are in no danger zone! Stay safe and warm and dry!! Blessings and Love!

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