Through The Tunnel



We have all heard the expression that “there is always a light at the end of the tunnel”. But it is sometimes difficult to remember that when we are at the beginning or middle of a tunnel.


It is dark and dank in there. It is uncomfortable…and there is a wall around everything we are used to seeing in our lives. The tunnel blocks our vision and looks impenetrable.


But remember this…as we move through the tunnel and leave the light at the entrance…we wade into the center of the issue (tunnel)…we lose a bit of light and direction…and it actually gets darker…and the darkest in that tunnel…


…Right before you get to the light at the end.


If it looks to be the darkest you have seen…know that the Light, then, is just ahead!


And then…Rejoice!




6 comments on “Through The Tunnel

  1. Once, at the lowest point in my life I was told, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.” I replied, “with my luck, it’s attached to a train that’s barreling toward me.”

    When you’re thinking about running toward that light at the end of the tunnel, first stop to consider what kind of tunnel you’re in. 🙂

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